My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 439

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 439 – After Pushing You Down

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The results of the sudden turn of the battle was far beyond Lucy’s expectations, and when she recovered from her senses, the monster was already dead.


As soon as she was about to shout, she saw Ling Mo move towards Ye Lian in a hurry.

“Girl, are you okay?”

Ling Mo grasped Ye Lian’s extended hand, and then pulled her into his embrace.

Under the light of the tactical flashlight, Ling Mo’s expression looked like he was trying to catch a precious treasure that was about to fall to the ground….

While Ye Lian lay on Ling Mo’s shoulder, she slowly stretched out her hand, and touched Ling Mo’s hair, “I’m… fine…”

Lucy stared blankly for a while, before suddenly feeling the blood on her forehead flow down and cover her eyes.

She closed her eyes and wiped it off, but the memory of Ling Mo protecting her with his body to block the debris couldn’t help but appear in her mind…

“What the hell am I thinking about!” Lucy shook her head vigorously, “No, No, don’t think about it, Lulu! You are not a nympho! It’s impossible to have that kind of feelings for someone like him… no, no, no….”

“Lulu, are you okay?”

Ling Mo walked up to her, and was curiously staring at Lucy, who was shaking her head vigorously, 

“What are you doing?”

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Lucy stiffened and slowly opened her eyes, looking at Ling Mo from the gap between her fingers, and after two seconds of silence, she replied, “I’m fine… It’s probably just a minor concussion. I can’t seem to suppress some of my stupid thoughts….”

“A concussion…. If you were having a mental disorder, I could probably help you, but if it is a concussion, that should be a problem with the brain, which has nothing to do with the spiritual ball of light, right? Ugh, I’m not even sure myself, let me just take a look….” Ling Mo leaned forward as he said this, holding Lucy’s head with both hands, and leaned his forward slowly, “Don’t move, let me try and sense it.”

The direct contact between the spiritual balls was more sensitive than the touch of the tentacle.

Since he was trying to help Lucy check her injuries, it was natural that he would use this method.

Staring wide-eyed, Lucy watched as Ling Mo approached her slowly. She suddenly felt numb all over, as if she had lost all her strength and couldn’t move….

Her breathing suddenly quickened, and the warmth in her body seemed to be concentrated on her cheeks.

Seeing that Ling Mo’s forehead was about to touch hers, Lucy, whose heartbeat instantly accelerated, finally reached her endurance limit. 

At the moment when she felt her cheeks were about to burn, Lucy pushed away Ling Mo, “You… What are you doing!?”

Ling Mo stepped back two steps and bumped into the remains of a chair.

Then his eyes, which were unusually bright, suddenly became dull, and his body shook, “I… I got cut off….”

His connection was interrupted, causing Ling Mo to also enter a chaotic state at the same time.

The dizziness after consuming a lot of spiritual energy doubled. Ling Mo only felt that the Lucy in front of him seemed to have suddenly become many, and everything around him began to rotate….

Two seconds later, Ling Mo’s eyes suddenly rolled up, and his body fell softly.

With a flash, Ya Lin’s figure appeared behind Ling Mo and caught him, “He’s okay, he just fainted.”

“I… this….” Lucy opened her mouth and tried to explain….

“Brother Ling wasn’t in the right state just now.” Shana helped Ye Lian and walked over to check Ling Mo, and said, “It’s like… he concentrated all his energy and let it explode. I was just thinking about when he would faint suddenly, but I didn’t expect for it to be in such a situation…”

“When… when will he…” Ye Lian asked

Shana stared at Ling Mo for a while, then suddenly leaned down, and pressed her cold lips onto Ling Mo’s slightly opened mouth.

After a few seconds, Shana raised her head, licked the corner of her mouth, and said, “With this… he should be okay after resting…”

“…That works?”

Lucy looked anxious, but seeing Ye Lian and girls nod at her at the same time…

“I don’t have any right to say anything…” Lucy sighed and said.

But no one noticed that when Ling Mo, who was in a coma, receiving that sweet liquid, had moved his eyebrows slightly…

“This… What is going on….”

It was as if he suddenly saw a soft red light appear in a completely dark environment. Under the stimulation of the sweet liquid, Ling Mo felt that he had “awakened”.

Unlike the usual sense of being “awake”, Ling Mo was a little surprised to find that he couldn’t feel his body, nor the outside world… He was like a pure consciousness….

“So this is the legendary out-of-body-experience? That red light in front of me can’t be the river of death could it…? hahaha that’s impossible. I’m not some kind of weak trash that would die after being pushed. I just fainted at best…”

Ling Mo thought in his heart, as he slowly “walked” towards the red light.

After “walking” a few steps, he suddenly discovered that the place he was originally in was inside a black circular sphere.

And under his feet, there was a faint red-light fluctuating.

After jumping twice, he found that in his current situation, the possibility of breaking the “floor” wasn’t too big.

So, he decisively gave up this plan and turned his attention to the other directions.

Around the sphere, there were red lights that extended outwards, but the colors were in various shades, and the brightest was the one he saw upon “awakening”.

“The river of death wouldn’t have multiple streams would it…?”

Despite the strange situation, Ling Mo was still very calm.

He didn’t know why. If he had to guess, it would probably be due to his current state. He didn’t feel scared, nor did he feel that facing such a bizarre phenomenon. He seemed to have accepted the situation quite quickly…

It’s like when people are dreaming, they can accept a lot of strange and terrifying things, but when they think about it after waking up from the dream, they would feel terrified and find it hard to accept.

He walked towards one of the dim red lights, but just when he was about to touch the red light, he felt a resistance.

“It’s a dead end….”

After trying a few times, Ling Mo sighed and walked to the brightest red light

“It seems that this is the only way for me. Regardless of being the road that leads to life or to death, it seems I’m required to go in, otherwise I’ll be trapped here.”

As soon as he stepped into the red light, a strange feeling emerged in Ling Mo’s heart, “It’s as… as if I’m piercing through something….”

This red light was like a passage, laid out in the endless darkness, unable to know where it leads.

Ling Mo kept moving forward along the red light, and finally stopped at the “end”.

“Umm… Am I supposed to jump into that… This light sure led me to a mind-blowing place…”

Ling Mo looked at the scene in front of him and said to himself.

At the end of the red light, a huge ball of light suddenly appeared under his feet.

This ball of light was completely red, and it stirred slowly like a washing machine at work.

Within the ball of light, there were countless black light spots rolling up and down, large and small.

“Should I jump? Or don’t jump?”

Ling Mo stood there for two seconds, then looked back.


It was this turn that made him suddenly resolve a very important issue.

“So that’s what it is… I know where I am now…” Ling Mo smiled suddenly, then turned his gaze to the huge ball of light, “Then this place must lead to…. I really didn’t expect for such a form to exist… But… it is more likely that this is the result of my subconscious imagination, who knows….”

He took a step forward and jumped into the ball of light.

At the moment of contact with the ball of light, Ling Mo felt as if he jumped into a working movie projector. Countless pictures flashed in front of his eyes, and each scene was as if he was there.

The rapid changes in the light and the shadows made it impossible for him to take a closer look or even think about it…

Those rolling black spots were like scratches on a disc causing the original pictures to vanish. The moment he touched them, only darkness and static could be seen.

The feeling of being thrown into a washing machine wasn’t a very good feeling, and that brief moment felt like forever.

When Ling Mo finally crashed into a more chaotic area inside the ball of light, he was almost overwhelmed by countless fragments…

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