My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 44


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 44 – Murder in a dark and stormy night

This night, Ling Mo is in a very good mood!

He even opened a can of beer to treat himself. A long-unopened gift given to him from Liu Yu Hao when they parted for good.

And in front of him, there sit Ye Lian and Shana these two mutated female zombies. In Ling Mo’s perspective, Shana also counted as a mutated zombie, and seemed to be in some sort of evolution process. It’s just that her evolution direction compared to Ye Lian’s is totally opposite.

Ye Lian herself already have great strength, among her evolution process, even though her rational recovery clearly very slow, but the strengthen of the flesh can be clearly seen the result after each evolution. It’s clear that she’s becoming a better and better zombie with every gel she consumes.

But Shana is different, she was originally affected through secondary sources, and did not completely fell down among the mutation process, as the virus continued to absorb from the host, it did not only allow her to become a zombie completely, instead allowed her to slowly be restored to the normal side. As long as she did not feel threatened, or when she was not subjected to danger, Shana is the same as normal people, except that the brain is somewhat….less active.

But on the other hand, when her zombie instincts awakened, she would go crazy like zombies to fight madly, without any tiredness.

Although the appearance are two pretty beauties, but only Ling Mo clearly knows that no matter Ye Lian or Shana, they are both horrible humanoid killing weapons.

And Ling Mo’s wish is to let these two weapons gradually regain the sanity of human beings, it would be best to be restored back to normal people….Shana’s “spilt”, Ye Lian’s trace of changes all made Ling Mo even more determined that one day his wish can come true.

No longer have to face Ye Lian’s emotionless eyes, occasionally Shana would even speak a few sentences, this result, how could Ling Mo not be happy?

Not to mention his own speed also received great improvement, even though the strength was not as great as he would like it to be, but when facing zombies, to have a pair of running legs is also pretty good!

While drinking beer at the same time, Ling Mo turned his head and opened the corner of the curtain, looked out to the window.

The shadow that appeared on the square from time to time, are all zombies. Compared to ordinary people, they have an advantage at night, so nights like this, basically you would not see any survivors on the streets.

When those zombies don’t attack, they go into a sort of power saver mode. Slow movements, bodies shaking unconsciously, most of the zombies will remain in this state for a very long time without the disturbance from survivors.

But zombies also get hungry, even though their physical exertion is much less than the average person, but eventually, they also need a lot of food.

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This square is an open terrain, no supermarket around to scavenge food, therefore Ling Mo is certain that there haven’t any survivors appearing for days.

And people like Ling Mo right now who have the courage of hiding in a two-floor building, quietly watching these zombies are not many either.

Ling Mo’s relaxation was suddenly pierced by a bumping noise suddenly coming from the shop downstairs.

One zombie under the eyes of Ling Mo, suddenly rushed out of the shop. With the help of moonlight, Ling Mo vaguely saw her covered with blood.

“Hey, the other one was eaten by her?” This is very likely, that slight movement a moment ago sounds like wild dogs gnawing on a bone!

It really is a murder in a dark and stormy night! Hands off during the day, but had to wait during the middle of the night when there is bad light….

This is the first time when Ling Mo seeing ordinary zombies attacks their own kind, he only saw them eating the bodies of their own kind, but never seen the first step towards a real mutation, and that is to attack their own kind!

Ling Mo is suddenly very interested, his eyes are firmly fixed on that middle aged female zombie who rushed from the store, he wanted to see what she would do next.

After this female zombie got rid of her own kind, she directly rushed to another one of the nearest zombie on the square.

That zombie was still catatonic, therefore it did not even struggle and was relieved of its head privileges by the female zombie. And she is eating madly holding that head, too far across, Ling Mo did not know whether or not if she pulled out the brain and eat it.

Watching zombies eating human flesh…..even if the target object to be eaten is a zombie, but to Ling Mo, it still made his scalp somewhat tingling. Even though he has two zombies by his side, but they don’t have this kind of bloody eating habits…

These zombies, to put it bluntly they are living people who are infected by virus, different than those zombies who were revived after death in the movies. But because they attack living people, and have the kind of eating human habits, most likely no one is treating them like humans.

Originally there were not that many zombies on the square, and most of them gathered on the other side, relatively far from the location where Ling Mo is at. But this middle aged female zombie’s actions immediately attracted these zombies.

Dozens of agile figures quickly rushed over, if not seen with his own eyes, who would knew that one second ago, they were still slowly shaking?

These zombies did not come to attack the female middle-aged zombie, but to eat. Their own kind’s bodies, to them are no different than living people. When a large number of zombies move together toward one direction, inadvertently some other zombies were torn to pieces by the ravenous crowd.

Zombies also do not have it easy ah…Ling Mo suddenly thought.

However their number advantage is the most important thing. Who cares if there are zombies dying everyday? The numbers of survivors were reduced much faster than zombies!

Seeing her own kind rushing to snatch for food, middle-aged female zombies again showed her extremely vicious side, she made a dive for the nearest zombie, but to Ling Mo’s surprise, she encountered a revolt!

This zombie mostly likely is on the edge of going mad, originally he could have honestly continued to wandered slowly if he were given something to eat, but this female middle-aged zombie was the first one to attack him.

Stimulated by blood, strong sense of hunger been provoked within this diminutive zombie, it suddenly became mad.

Fight between ordinary zombies is the first time Ling Mo seeing it, he opened his eyes widely, afraid to miss any detail.

When the two of them tussled, the other dozen zombies have already eaten clean that corpse. Their speed of eating, is really a terror…

But obviously, one mere body was not enough to eat, and at this time that two zombies who were battling like beasts all have new wounds on their bodies.

When seeing those zombies turned attention to them, even Ling Mo who is watching at a far distance is aware that most likely on this square, there is an outbreak of a total brawl…..

Compared to ordinary people, zombies’ speed, stamina, strength, all are much better. Especially their kind of crazy attack, most likely normal people would be terrified if seen.

As long as there is one breath left, these zombies would not back down, and their battles are more like fights between beasts.

That middle aged female zombie is probably the one who got to eat the most; therefore her performance is the craziest. Ling Mo saw with his own eyes that he caught one zombie’s arm in the midst of the battle, then she tear it down.

This force is too horrible, even one zombie could not do that, this is why zombies usually use their mouth. Compared to the power of their hands, their bite force is much stronger.

For a time fleshes are flying on the square, zombies’ throats issued muffled roar, the bloody scene would make people vomit.

Even though Ling Mo is curious about zombies’ mutation, but only stuck for a little then did not want to see anymore, but when she turned his head, he saw that Shana stood up unknowingly, and is staring out the window.

This scene to Shana who still have some sanity remained, what kind of effect will it be on her? Ling Mo somewhat thought with curiosity.

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