My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 440

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 440 – The Strange Outlook

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“What is this….”

The feeling of being inside a projector and entering a movie in a blink of an eye made Ling Mo feel uncomfortable.

It took him a few seconds to slowly recover his senses.

At a glance, the sky seemed to be covered with a layer of blood, and the road under his “feet” was cracked at many places.

The buildings on both sides were dilapidated and the windows would make creaking noises as they swayed back and forth.

A gust of wind passed, causing newspaper fragments and dirty white plastic bags to be dragged along by the current.

There were corpses, abandoned vehicles, and ruined buildings that were burning….

This scene was like the beginning of the apocalypse which was similar to the current one.

“This… should be at the center of X-City, right? And it feels a bit familiar…” Ling Mo looked at it twice and walked slowly forward.

Ling Mo already had an idea of where this place was.

But why did it take him here? What was the purpose?

The answers to these questions could only be found by Ling Mo himself.

This place seemed like a “real” world, but if one took a closer look, one would see that there was nothing else besides this street.

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In this spiritual ball of light, only this street existed….

“I wonder where this road leads to?”

About a hundred meters later, Ling Mo suddenly saw a gate.

“Third Middle School…”

It was a middle school that Ling Mo was really familiar with.

After all, he had been here before…

“Sure enough, this really is… Shana’s spiritual world…”

The black spiritual ball of light he was in when he “woke up” was obviously his own conscious world.

As for why it was black, it may be because his body was in a coma.

Those red lights were the spiritual connection between him and the female zombies.

Ling Mo’s consciousness was actually approaching their spiritual ball of light when he was going through the red light.

However, it was difficult to determine whether the pictures formed were conveyed to him by Shana, or did it exist in Ling Mo’s own sub consciousness.

But in any case, he entered Shana’s spiritual world the moment he jumped into that huge ball of light.

Those black spots should be part of Shana’s memories back when she was a human, which hadn’t been completely “unlocked” in the spiritual world.

“I had thought that Shana’s memories were completely restored. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case… does this mean that Shana’s spiritual power still has room for growth?”

While thinking about this, Ling Mo had already stepped into the entrance of Third Middle School.

This was Third Middle School that existed in Shana’s consciousness. Because of her subjective thoughts, there were still some differences from the real Third Middle School from Ling Mo’s memory.

And this difference was mainly the bloody hell-like color….

“Why the hell is there so much blood… The ground is splattered with blood. I can at least convince myself that there used to be zombies crawling back and forth here. But the exterior wall of the building is actually full of blood. What kind of worldview is this…” Ling Mo sighed and walked slowly along the path.

“The wall is also bleeding….”

Ling Mo leaned close to the wall and took a look. The blood on the wall seemed to be alive and was constantly squirming…

“When I wake up, I must really guide Shana well. I can’t let her have such a twisted memory in her spiritual world…”

For some reason, despite the terrifying background, there were neither humans nor zombies here.

When Ling Mo walked outside of a building full of dark red blood, he suddenly saw a figure.

The figure flashed and disappeared at the entrance of a dark corridor.

“Uh… that can’t be Shana, right?” Ling Mo followed the figure suspiciously.

As soon as he entered the corridor, Ling Mo was shocked again.

The stairs were just like a squirming small intestine, and the corridors were like an esophagus….

“Shana, what the hell are you always thinking about…”

Fortunately, he was just a spiritual body, and was inside an illusory spiritual world, so he didn’t feel sick.

Ling Mo followed, trying to catch up with the figure.

Whether it was to understand Shana’s intentions or to find a way to leave this place, Ling Mo couldn’t let go of this clue.

“With Shana’s spiritual strength, she shouldn’t be able to do this kind of thing. Let me think about this…”

Ling Mo chased the figure while thinking, “After entering a violent state, my spiritual strength becomes more concentrated than ever. But when I went into a coma, I also became more fragile than ever. Maybe it was during this transition that I received a call from Shana’s subconscious mind? But is it Silly Shana or Dark Shana that is calling me?”

At this moment, he suddenly heard something move on the stairs.

When he rushed over, he happened to see a figure that was gradually disappearing.

“Huh? Liu Yu Hao? Shana’s classmate?”

Ling Mo quickly hurried over but found that he couldn’t touch this figure at all.

And this figure seemed to be unable to see Ling Mo and soon disappeared.

“It’s just a mirage in her memory… since he is here….”

Ling Mo quickly realized that what was happening in this building was exactly the scene where Shana was ambushed!

He recalled the location of where he found Shana previously, and quickly rushed over.

Ten seconds later, Ling Mo appeared outside the dormitory where he found Shana last time.

But when he pushed open the door, he found that Lu Xin, the person who attacked her, had tied Shana by the bed while she was unconscious.

At this time, he was squeezing his fist, aiming at the wound on Shana’s hand, and squeezing out his own blood so that it would drip onto Shana’s hand.

Seeing that the blood was just about to drip down, Ling Mo quickly rushed over.


Unexpectedly, with Ling Mo’s collision, the “Lu Xin” was actually sent flying and hit the wall hard.


Originally, Ling Mo had already thought of two possibilities. Either he wouldn’t be able to touch Lu Xin, nor could he change and participate in this memory that had already happened, or “Lu Xin” would be knocked away by him…

But no matter what, this shouldn’t have happened….

Lu Xin wiped his rotten face, and slowly got up with a grin.

“WTF, the memory was rewritten so easily!”

Ling Mo glanced down at Shana and found that she had regained consciousness, and was looking at herself with a puzzled expression, “I… what happened to me….”

“How the fuck should I know?! I’m still confused as for what the hell is going on with you….”

Ling Mo yelled silently in his heart; his eyes turned to “Lu Xin” again.

In the bottom of his heart, he knew the other party was just a spiritual phantom, so that exaggerated grin on his face was a bit awkward no matter how he looked at it.

“His mouth wasn’t that big at the time! Although he was indeed a dumbass, the one in front of me is an enhanced version… She must really hate him!”

As if to confirm Ling Mo’s guess, “Lu Xin” who was laughing wildly suddenly opened his mouth wide.

In Ling Mo’s surprised gaze, “Lu Xin” slowly changed from a human form to a huge monster with a strange shape.

Except for the head, which had Lu Xin’s face, the body had completely changed into a combination of countless hands, feet, and torso.

“Holy shit! I’ve never seen such a monster before….”

Not waiting for Ling Mo to recover from his surprise, the monster suddenly charged towards Ling Mo.


Ling Mo stood calmly at first, but soon he felt a pressure, “Fuck, it’s real!”

With such a strange creature rushing towards him, Ling Mo’s spiritual body instantly became deformed. It seems that this creature could hurt him directly.

He suddenly raised his head with an expression of fear…


After shouting loudly, Ling Mo immediately turned around and ran. At the same time, he dragged Shana, who was still dazed.

“Ling Mo, what…. What is that?!”

Shana asked while turning her head.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you about this?!”

Ling Mo wanted to say this, but thinking about the Shana in front of him, she was probably just a memory fragment in this spiritual world… She was probably innocent and had no clue…

“I don’t know, let’s run first, I’m weak right now…”

He was very vulnerable right now. If he was full of energy, he wouldn’t have been forced to enter Shana’s spiritual world. 

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