My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 441

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 441 – Laser Beam!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Being chased and beaten in a spiritual world… was a new experience for Ling Mo.

However, the spiritual power in his body was quickly recovering, allowing Ling Mo’s spiritual body to gradually recover its combat power.

But this was Shana’s territory after all, and the monster behind him was nothing more than a distorted product that existed in her memory.

So, it wasn’t the monster that was strong, but Shana’s spiritual power.

Seeing that it couldn’t catch up with Ling Mo and Shana, the monster’s strange torso suddenly produced a few more feet, increasing its speed, and charged towards Ling Mo.


A spiritual tentacle shot from Ling Mo’s direction, hitting the monster right on the head.

But because it was a spiritual body, even though the monster’s head exploded, it did not stop at all…

Looking at the monster with no head in awe, Ling Mo couldn’t help but yell, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?”

Even though he was shouting, his spiritual tentacles never stopped attacking the monster.

Although the output intensity of spiritual energy was much weaker than usual, in this state where he was a pure spiritual body, Ling Mo’s accuracy was greatly improved, which could be considered as making up for the little combat power he had.

Seeing that it was about to be killed, the monster suddenly started to wriggle, and its limbs slowly shrank back…

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

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Ling Mo subconsciously looked at Shana, who was next to him….

Two seconds later, in a burst of blood, a figure suddenly rushed out.

Wearing red and white tights, the figure had a head shaped like a dorsal fin, and eyes that were like two sliced salted eggs….

This figure rushed out from blood mist, wearing a pose similar to an elementary school student that rose their hand in order to speak to the class, and rushed towards Ling Mo and Shana at a very fast speed.

“Isn’t…. isn’t that Ultraman!? Why the hell would he become a monster of the second phase in your heart! He was clearly a professional hero who always took down small monsters….”

Ling Mo instinctively felt that the appearance of Ultraman wasn’t a good sign…

In the process of escaping, he had thought that although he participated in this memory and changed the direction of the event…

It still wouldn’t change the truth. The real Shana was still infected and had become an advanced zombie….

But the appearance of this monster proved one thing. It… was probably some sort of knot in Silly Shana’s heart.

If he had to give a more specific name, it would probably be a heart demon…

Silly Shana still had some human emotions, which made her think much closer to humans.

Judging from the situation in the spiritual world, the incident of infection and mutation was a nightmare for Silly Shana.

A nightmare that was constantly playing out in the spiritual world on repeat….

“I interrupted the infection process, which is equivalent to interrupting the nightmare, but if I want to completely end it and prevent it from repeating… Maybe I need to beat this Ultraman down completely.”

Suddenly, a red light shot from behind and hit directly behind Ling Mo’s feet.


This so-called laser was similar to Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles. Although Ling Mo jumped up and avoided it in time, it left a black hole on the ground constructed from the manifestation of spiritual energy.

Looking down from that hole, a red light could be seen, almost as if it was led to another world.

“You actually made a hole that leads to another world!”

But because of this, Ling Mo also knew how to leave this memory segment now…

“Don’t you know what that laser is? It’s pretty obvious that you forgot Shana!”

Along with Ultraman’s constant yelling of “Beep”, rays of light continued to be fired from behind.

The strength of this monster had indeed risen to another level after transforming into Ultraman. Although Ling Mo keenly avoided the lasers, those rays of light still riddled the ground with holes.

“What’s going on… Isn’t that my classmate… Why…?”

Shana murmured while looking dazed and sad.

Ling Mo’s heart moved and looked at Shana, “That’s right… I’ve always ignored this point. For Shana, the taste of being betrayed is painful… Although she wouldn’t feel sad anymore after mutating, Silly Shana, who retained her human emotions, has always been brooding about it… I now know the reason why she has two personalities.”

“Listen.” Ling Mo squeezed Shana’s hand and said while running, “Punishing yourself with other people’s faults is something only a dumbass would do. You just need to be yourself and have a clear conscience. Since the other party is ungrateful, then you don’t need to think of him as your classmate. Don’t even think that just because you rescued him, he wouldn’t do this to you.”

“If he’s a piece of shit, can you honestly change that?”

Ling Mo said, suddenly roared, stopped abruptly, and pulled Shana behind him.

“Ultraman… just watch how I beat you back into that little monster!”

After stalling for time, Ling Mo felt that his spiritual power had recovered a little.

While they were running and fleeing, they had already arrived outside on the street.

Standing in the middle of the cracked road, Ling Mo stared coldly at Ultraman. Hundreds of tentacles suddenly appeared behind him, ready to go.

In this spiritual world, Ling Mo’s tentacles also become visible.

The transparent red tentacles completely covered this area in an instant. From Shana’s perspective, Ling Mo seemed to have suddenly changed from a weak human to an extremely terrifying demon.

But seeing Ling Mo in front protecting her, Shana was a little dazed.

The Shana in this memory fragment was still a girl who was cold on the outside and warm on the inside, accustomed to protecting others and keeping promises.

She was always the one that pulled out her sword and stood in front of others…

But at this time, she was pulled behind and protected by Ling Mo…

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a heart demon or something, even if the Shana here is just a memory fragment, she’s still my woman!”

Ling Mo’s gaze fixed on Ultraman. With a sneer, hundreds of tentacles moved at the same time, “I’ll kill you!”

Ultraman kept jumping around, avoiding Ling Mo’s tentacles.

Although his laser beam was impressive, he only had one of them…

Whereas the number of tentacles that Ling Mo had only kept increasing.

Ultraman was soon beaten to the ground and was only a step away from completely collapsing.

In any case, they were in Shana’s spiritual world. Even if Ultraman was beaten to a pulp, it would simply turn into pure spiritual energy, and wouldn’t cause any physical harm to Shana’s spiritual world.

But it would definitely have a considerable impact on this distorted memory of hers’.



Ling Mo led Shana to the side, avoiding a red light, and then sent two tentacles directly slamming into Ultraman’s eyes.

However, what he didn’t expect was that his tentacles only felt a small resistance, before those two “salted eggs” fell off…

“Those really were salted eggs! Such an irresponsible memory and imagination…”

Although Ling Mo was a bit shocked, he still was able to control his other tentacles to move to the side.

The tentacles at the front were all fakes, and the real attack was from the back!


As a large cloud of debris and smoke rose up, a very tall shadow appeared in that fuzzy cloud…

“This should be the real Ultraman….”

The smoke gradually dissipated, and a giant Ultraman appeared.

The holes on its body slowly closed up, and the place where the salted eggs should have been were replaced by two blood-red voids…

“This heart demon really doesn’t know when to stop…”

Ling Mo frowned. This place was after all Shana’s spiritual world, and everything here is just a projection that exists in her memory.

An undefeatable monster that constantly transforms and upgrades itself would have been nonsense in the real world, but in her spiritual world, anything was possible.

“What…What do we do…?” Shana showed a hint of horror.

“Shana….” Ling Mo still stood in front of her, and said, “For the scumbag who betrayed you, just killed him, don’t be sad about it….”


Ling Mo turned his head and smiled at her, “No buts. Just watch! I will destroy him for you!”

This giant Ultraman was like a three-story building. Compared to him, Ling Mo was like an ant, and Ultraman only needed to make one step to kill Ling Mo…

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