My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 442

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 442 – The girl who came out of the blood

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“I’ll strike first then!”

Seeing that the giant-shaped Ultraman hadn’t fully formed yet, Ling Mo pulled Shana back while shooting out his spiritual tentacles.

A dozen spiritual tentacles pierced deep into the two blood-colored cavities, and started stirring vigorously.

Ultraman immediately felt dizzy. While his feet became unstable, the rest of Ling Mo’s tentacles wrapped around his ankles and pulled hard.



After letting out a scream, Ultraman lost his balance and fell heavily on his back.

A big black hole was immediately smashed into the ground, and half of Ultraman’s body sunk in.

He grabbed the telephone pole on the side of the road with one hand, struggling to get up.

But at this moment, dozens of spiritual tentacles shot out from Ling Mo’s direction. The tentacles wrapped around Ultraman’s arms and neck before pulling him forward.

Due to Ultraman using its own strength to get back up, Ling Mo spent almost no spiritual energy to allow Ultraman experience two falling methods, ‘falling forward’ and ‘tripping backwards’ continuously.

Every time he fell, some of the spiritual energy that was trying to condense inside Ultraman’s body would dissipate.

“It is not over yet!”

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Seeing Ultraman’s shark fin head land in front of him and half of it sunk in a hole, Ling Mo walked over slowly, and two extremely thick tentacles suddenly appeared behind him.

These two tentacles quickly floated into the air, rising up like a vigorous viper.

Ultraman struggled to lift his face from the hole, and the red light in his eyes slowly condensed together.


“You really want me to say it twice… Go BI– your sister!”

The two vipers burst forward, piercing Ultraman’s eyes again.

But this time, it wasn’t going to cause a spiritual disturbance, but instead… it was going to devour!

It was almost as if this huge version of Ultraman was being deflated. It quickly dwindled at a rapid rate.


Shana’s eyes widened in surprise as she pointed towards the shrinking Ultraman, unable to speak.

“Why are you so surprised? The demon inside your heart looks exactly like an inflatable doll. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for that….”

Ling Mo gave a dry cough and thought, “No matter how huge this Ultraman is, its only composed of spiritual power after all. He’s like the long-haired youth I met before. A phantom will only be just a phantom and will be gone the moment I absorb it…”

Ultraman was gradually dissipating, and Ling Mo also began to feel as if he was full. A sense of bloated was coming from inside his “body”.

This was because his current “body” was actually made up of spiritual power.

But in terms of spiritual endurance, Ling Mo could be considered as well-trained.

In this game of tug-of-war between endurances, Ultraman quickly lost the battle, and exploded, almost as if it couldn’t bear the suction.

“In the end, it even self-destructed itself…. This is the kind of dark thoughts only a terrorist would think of!”

From this Ultraman, Shana revealed a lot of things that Ling Mo didn’t know much about before….

“When I get out of here, I must definitely teach you to be a good girl…. Ahh!”

A large chunk of red light rolled around for a while, before suddenly rushing towards Ling Mo violently, like a high tide.

He let out a yell and released his tentacles in front of him just in time.

The two groups of spiritual energy collided, causing such a huge shockwave, that even the road in front of Ling Mo was divided into two.

A deep black ravine was created in the middle and a red light surged from inside, making the hole extremely bright to look at! 

And the spiritual power that Ling Mo had just absorbed was completely scattered upon the impact. It turned into pure spiritual energy and returned to Shana’s spiritual world.


Shana suddenly touched Ling Mo’s arm lightly, and then pointed to the opposite side.

Ling Mo looked closely and saw a figure faintly visible in the red light…

“Holy shit! Are you seriously fucking with me?! You must be fucking with me! It’s impossible for Ultraman to turn back into that little monster! That’s just not scientific!”

After yelling a few words in his heart, Ling Mo slowly calmed down.

If they were to talk about things being unscientific… Being able to use a spiritual body to enter someone else’s spiritual world, was something unheard of…

Without the spiritual connection between him and Shana, even if he had fainted a dozen times, it probably still wouldn’t have happened.

“Since I accepted this spiritual world, I guess I can accept this unbeatable Ultraman…. HOLY SHIT! That’s not Ultraman!”

Originally, Ling Mo was ready to beat Ultraman again, but when the figure walked out slowly from the red light, he didn’t expect to feel a sense of familiarity!

“Not good….”

A slender figure, with a straight back, and a cold light that appeared above the head, looming in the bloody light…

When a foot covered with leather shoes stepped out of the bloody light, Ling Mo’s mouth gradually widened.

She had straight black hair, bloody red pupils, and skin that looked extremely pale. She was carrying a long scythe in her hand that leaned on her back.

The school uniform she wore also seemed to be dyed red with blood but seemed much darker than the normal color.

The girl who walked out of the bloody light had a strange smile on her mouth, looking at Ling Mo and Shana across the ravine, “Humph.”

Ling Mo stared at the girl for a while, and then suddenly asked weakly after several seconds, “Why did you humph? Aren’t you going to explain the situation to me? Silly Shana here knows nothing about this memory, but you’re Dark Shana, so you should know everything else…”

The girl who appeared after Ultraman exploded was Shana’s other personality – Dark Shana, who had a zombie’s mindset!

Originally, she shouldn’t have even existed in this piece of memory….

But since Dark Shana was here, it could mean that….

“Did you drag me in here?” Ling Mo asked tentatively.

“Not ‘you’, it’s ‘both of you’.”

Although Dark Shana and Silly Shana looked exactly the same, they had completely different temperaments.

Especially in this kind of situation where the spiritual body was devoted to sensing, this feeling was obvious.

Silly Shana was basically an innocent human girl. Unlike her, Dark Shana had cold and dark eyes. Even if she was doing nothing, she could still make people feel a terrifying aura emanating from her. 

She was like a humanoid combat weapon, and a very strong one at that…

“I never noticed it before. It turns out that Shana’s spiritual strength is actually very powerful. The strength that she’s giving off in the spiritual world is much more powerful than what she gives off in the physical world. If I were able to guide it…”

Ling Mo thought, then asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do this alone. Brother Ling, you have such a strong spiritual power. If I wanted to establish this deep level of communication with you, I would have to do it with Silly Shana as well.”

Dark Shana looked at Silly Shana and smiled, “Although we reached a compromise before, it’s only temporarily after all. Silly Shana has too many regrets as a human, and hasn’t been able to truly accept the fact that she is now a zombie. As for me, I can’t accept her human emotions. In fact, there’s one thing that you probably misunderstood. This memory fragment isn’t just Silly Shana’s, it belongs to both of us.”

“It’s just that, although it’s the same memory, we both have different understandings and experiences. Silly Shana is unable to accept this memory, so I force her to accept it. As long as she keeps reliving this memory, one day she’ll accept reality.”

“However, no matter how many times I repeated this memory, Silly Shana is so stubborn. She always forcibly stops remembering the moment she got infected. You saw for yourself how strong our spiritual energy is. But do you know why we still can’t exert this level of strength?”

Ling Mo listened quietly, revealing a trace of thought.

He had discovered some clues before, but he never thought that the original problem had already unknowingly developed to a serious level.

This incident was always a hidden danger. Ling Mo had originally hoped to find a solution when Shana advanced to the Overlord Rank, but too many changes happened so quickly…

“With such a chaotic spiritual world, how could she possibly use her full power?”

Ling Mo sighed and asked, “So… how do I help you?”

“Originally, I had planned on letting you come help us untie this knot, but it currently seems to be ineffective…”

Dark Shana pondered for a moment and suddenly smiled, “It’s so simple, either separate us completely, or let one of us swallow the other…”

“How the fuck is that simple?!”

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