My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 443

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 443 – Copy

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“I need to solve this once and for all…”

Ling Mo frowned, pacing back and forth along the gully, “Previously, I had made their connection with each other closer…. But the root of the problem was always there.”

Shana’s previous spiritual world was in a split state. Although it has merged now, the world is still in chaos.

She clearly has very strong spiritual power, but due to this chaos, she isn’t able to display her true power.

If the power source is malfunctioning, no matter how much power one draws, it would be useless…

“Then…. Is Ultraman also because of the confusion(chaos)…?” Ling Mo asked.

“No.” Dark Shana replied without hesitation, “That was the product of my normal thinking.”

“Hahaha… I was just casually asking….”

Ling Mo looked back at Silly Shana but found that she had her eyes closed.

“The Silly Shana here is just a piece of her consciousness, but now she is coming over…” Dark Shana explained.

As soon as she finished speaking, behind Silly Shana, a black hole suddenly appeared out of thin air.

“When I first heard you say she was coming over, I thought there would be a beam of light falling from the sky…” Ling Mo breathed a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, it was just a black hole that I have already seen before.”

Although this was a spiritual world that existed in Shana’s consciousness and anything could happen, seeing Ultraman made Ling Mo feel somewhat stunned…

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A red light loomed within the black hole, and a vague figure appeared from the hole.

“Here comes another Silly Shana that’s probably going to merge with this Silly Shana….” Ling Mo couldn’t help thinking.

An arm suddenly appeared, and then grabbed the edges of the black hole, driving the owner of the arm to crawl out of the black hole with great effort.

The owner had a body made out of blue plastic, a circular head, and the fingerless “hand” suddenly popped out several long nails when they reached for the edges of the black hole. When she crawled out, those nails silently drew back.


The bell on the neck rang slightly as it landed. The cat-shaped robot [1] with an expressionless face, similar to a model, suddenly opened the pocket in front of itself, and then reached in….

“Isn’t this…”

Ling Mo was completely stunned. When the cat-shaped robot pulled out a large ball of red light from his pocket and stuffed it into Silly Shana’s head, Ling Mo felt as if something had also been stuffed into his head as well.

“Is it actually pulling her consciousness out from the 4th dimension? Where the hell does Silly Shana usually hide? What kind of things are you guys doing in this spiritual world!? Aren’t you guys afraid of breaking it?!”

Ling Mo stared at the cat-shaped robot blankly. The human-sized robot looked as if it needed to be oiled, its movements were very stiff…

Seeing Ling Mo staring at it, the cat-shaped robot actually raised its arm and waved at Ling Mo.

After a few seconds, it slowly turned around, then crawled back into the black hole…

After plunging headfirst into the darkness, the black hole disappeared, and Ling Mo finally recovered from his shock.

“You must be feeling that this is very unbelievable, right?”

Silly Shana opened a pair of black and white eyes and looked at Ling Mo.

“There are a lot of unrealistic fantasies in the human brain. Most people just think about it, and then leave it in the back of their minds. They would think that this fantasy of theirs would never become a reality, but they wouldn’t have imagined that somewhere in their subconscious, a world imagined by them would slowly form. However, for many people, the subconscious plane is like a safe. They know that it’s there, but it can never be opened. Only until after their spiritual power reaches a certain strength, would they have the ability to open it.”

“You make it sound so esoteric… when in fact it’s really just an expectation from your childhood! But most people would want to have an omnipotent robot, yet your fantasy was actually wanting to go into that four-dimensional pocket!”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but shout.

“When I was little, I used to practice with swords every day. It was so harsh it got to the point where I kept thinking about where I could escape to…”

Silly Shana sighed suddenly and said, “I’m pretty sure kids around that age all have similar ideas, right? If things don’t go well, they wish to hide in a place where no one can find them.”

Before Ling Mo could comfort her, she smiled. “But these are things from the past. Now that I think about it, I’m actually very lucky. If I didn’t practice hard before, I might have died as soon as the apocalypse happened, and I wouldn’t have met you either…”

Being able to show this sentimental side was indeed something that only Silly Shana could do.

And being in the spiritual world this time allowed Ling Mo to understand Shana a bit more.

Since Dark Shana is a zombie, she follows her instincts, and does whatever makes her happy.

Silly Shana is a bit different. She retains her human ideals, so even if she killed a person that deserved to die, she would still feel uncomfortable.

The three of them looked at each other and fell silent for a moment.

Dark Shana and Silly Shana looked at Ling Mo expectantly, while Ling Mo was thinking about a solution.

Truthfully, whether it was Dark Shana or Silly Shana, he wasn’t willing to give up either of them.

If Ling Mo really wanted them to devour each other until only one of them was left, he wouldn’t have stopped them previously.

“I used to hear guys wish that they could put their girlfriend in the soil and grow a girlfriend with a completely opposite personality…. Ai… I really don’t understand what kind of mentality a person would need to have to say those kinds of things.”

Ling Mo sighed, raised his hand, and pinched his eyebrows.

As a result, with this pinch, he felt his “head” become deformed, and after a moment of surprise, he silently retracted his hand.

Dark Shana and Silly Shana shouted at the same time, “Who the hell would say that?!”

Ling Mo stared at the both of them for a while, and suddenly his pupils shrank as he said, “The reason why you guys have conflicts is because you share the same body… but what if…”

An idea that had been in his head before, at this time, slowly formed in Ling Mo’s mind and gradually matured.

“Speaking of which, this method is very similar to the illusionist we fought previously, but there is a big difference…”

The spiritual phantom of the long-haired youth had something in common with Ling Mo’s idea.

But that phantom didn’t have its own consciousness, and it wasn’t possible to last for a long time, nor was it able to attack.

Ling Mo’s idea was completely different…

“Ahh… that way….”

Dark Shana and Silly Shana simultaneously showed a sudden realization and said.

“Isn’t this the same as being twins! At most, their personalities are different!”

Ling Mo stared at them and thought, “In fact, it’s much more powerful than being twins… The original body of Shana is a zombie, who excels in melee combat, but on the other hand, she also has a strong spiritual ability. If we could allow them to coexist at the same time without any conflicts, the combat power would be much better than just multiplying by 2.”

Preserving the instincts of a zombie allows Shana to fully display her melee abilities as a zombie.

But in terms of spiritual power, it requires one to possess human emotions to be able to fully display its powers.

“Plus, this would be a good cover for her identity….”

Although it’s impossible for ordinary survivors to figure out her true identity, if she was noticed by psychics, they would definitely treat her as a spiritual psychic….

All their problems would be solved in one fell swoop!

It’s just that this method was easier said than done…

Ling Mo looked at Shana’s spiritual world through the deep ditch, “Tell me, how much spiritual energy will it take to make a copy of all of this…”


“From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be waking up tonight.”

Lucy clutched her collar and sat next to the table, looking at Ling Mo, who was placed on the sofa, and said.

She glanced at girls and her expression looked a little awkward. Without Ling Mo, Lucy always felt nervous when she was alone with them…

“Cheer up Lulu. They’re all girls. What are you so afraid of!?”

Seeing Lucy hug her head and shake her head desperately, Yu Shi Ran glanced at her curiously, then turned her gaze towards Ling Mo.

The loli zombie’s gaze slowly moved down, and finally stopped at a special part before swallowing hard, “While he’s unconscious, I can finally look at my dessert….”

Ye Lian looked at Shana, who was next to her, and suddenly reached out, shaking her, “Hey…. What’s wrong with you?”

Shana slowly opened her eyes. Although it was only for a moment, Ye Lian was still able to see her eyes.

One pupil was red while the other was white, and both of them were just like a kaleidoscope, constantly changing…

“Ahh…” Ye Lian raised her hand to cover her mouth just as she was about to yell.

She opened her eyes wide and a bit of surprise was contained in her stunned eyes, “I saw… I saw brother Ling in Nana’s eyes….”

[1] – It’s Doraemon for those that still haven’t figured it out yet by now.

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