My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 444

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 444 – Another Way of Combining

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

The amount of time Ling Mo was in a coma was how long Shana had been silent for…

Although she didn’t really fall asleep, she kept leaning against Ling Mo with her eyes closed.

“I can understand why Ling Mo is in a coma, but why is Shana ….”

Li Ya Lin was a little curious, but when she was about to reach out to touch Shana, Ye Lian grabbed her wrist.

“What’s the matter?” Ya Lin asked, looking at Ye Lian suspiciously.

Ye Lian had a puzzled expression on her face but thinking about the eyes she saw from Shana just now; she slowly shook her head.


Ya Lin was still confused, but she also started to faintly feel that something was slowly changing…

It was a very subtle feeling, which only existed in their spiritual connection…

The two of them looked at each other, then looked at Ling Mo and Shana…

However, after Ling Mo woke up, he didn’t seem very energetic, and his face was still pale.

But how could he not after being busy all night in the spiritual world?

Fortunately for him, the recovery speed of his spiritual power was much faster than that of an ordinary psychic. Although it was constantly consumed in the spiritual world, it was also being continuously replenished.

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“Brother Ling… Are… are you okay?”

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Ye Lian was constantly staring at Ling Mo, and when he opened his eyes, she immediately asked him with concern.

“I’m fine…” Ling Mo replied with a smile and rubbed her hair.

“But why does it seem like you were fighting for 300 rounds in your dream….”

Ya Lin stretched out her finger, touched Ling Mo’s lips, and asked with a smile, “Did you have one of those weird dreams again?”

“It’s almost the same as fighting for three hundred rounds… and it was actually a wonderful dream….”

Ling Mo propped himself up and then looked at Shana.

His eyes were filled with eagerness and also excitement.

He had experienced many things in the spiritual world.

On one hand, he was able to help Shana solve her inner demons, resolving the issues of her being betrayed and accepting the fact that she was infected.

On the other hand, he was also able to come up with a solution for her split personality.

As for whether his solution was successful or not, he would have to see now…

As Shana’s eyes slowly opened, both Ye Lian and Ya Lin froze as she emitted an aura that felt different from usual.

Shana’s aura usually felt a bit different, almost as if she was different from ordinary zombies.

But at this moment, when she opened her eyes, although the color of her eyes was still the same as an ordinary person’s, she was emitting a very violent aura.

The corners of her mouth were slightly raised. She looked like she was smiling, but in that smile, there was a coldness, similar to a beast looking at its prey.

“This feeling… is from a true leader rank zombie…”

Ling Mo cast his gaze behind Shana. In the place that seemed to be empty, there was actually a person standing…

In Ling Mo’s eyes, Shana’s spiritual body was no different from a real person.

Although her appearance was exactly the same as Shana’s real body, her eyes were red and white respectively.

The clothes she wore were also different in color from Shana’s real body.

Her real body was wearing a school uniform that consisted of a black shirt, a black jacket, and a black skirt.

While Silly Shana was in a white and red dress. Although she was just a spiritual body, she looked very feminine.

The scythe carried by her real body had a dazzling white blade that flashed a cold light. However, the scythe held by her spiritual body was purely composed of spiritual power. The whole scythe was bloody red and could bring a great sense of spiritual pressure just by lifting it up.

“They” seemed to be identical but were actually completely opposite.

When the eyes from Shana’s body turned red and white, the eyes from Shana’s spiritual body gradually turned into black and white.

“Dark Shana will control the main body, and Silly Shana will control the spiritual body. When you guys aren’t fighting you can stay in your two in one form….”

If Shana’s spiritual strength wasn’t strong enough, and if she didn’t receive any help from Ling Mo, it wouldn’t have been possible for her spiritual body to form successfully.

This spiritual body possessed most of Shana’s spiritual power and it had the same memories as Dark Shana, but the difference was that this spiritual body would have Silly Shana’s own thoughts and also human emotions.

Together, “they” would form a complete Shana. When separated, they could fight and think separately.

This arrangement could be regarded as a relief for Shana.

In every action, there would always be some differences between instincts and human thought.

If things had been left unchanged, it would have been very detrimental to her development.

However, there was at least one thing that wouldn’t change no matter what.

Whether she was human or a zombie, her feelings for Ling Mo were the same.

In addition, after just forming the spiritual body, there were some limitations, such as not being able to be too far away from the main body…

Although their personality was separated, in the end they were still the same person, and this limitation is actually quite reasonable.

“What are you looking at?”

Ye Lian and Ya Lin turned their heads one after another in the direction that Ling Mo was looking at.

Because of the spiritual connection between them, they could also vaguely feel something, however, they were unable to see anything.

Silly Shana took a step forward. Her eyes had become something similar to a spinning pattern as she stared at Ye Lian and Ya Lin.

The two of them were in a daze, and suddenly they were taken aback.

“There… There’s another one….” Ye Lian’s eyes widened as Silly Shana suddenly appeared.

“Is this…”

Ya Lin stared at Silly Shana for a while, looking up and down at her, then suddenly turned to look at Ling Mo and asked, “Is this you and Shana’s child?!”


Ling Mo almost choked on his saliva, “Have you ever seen a child who looks the same age as her mother?!”

Ye Lian also looked at Ya Lin, shaking her head, and said, “This… this is obviously… a twin sister…”

“At least Sister Ye Lian’s words sound reasonable…”

Silly Shana’s voice directly sounded in their minds, and Ling Mo could hear her voice very clearly.

“Sure enough, your spiritual power is strong….” Ling Mo nodded with satisfaction, “In addition, your eyes are able to also produce hallucinogenic effects similar to that long-haired youth. You’re able to control who is able to see you.”

“But if we were to be a bit more specific…”

Dark Shana walked over and said in the exact same tone and accent as Silly Shana, “We can both be regarded as the same person.”

No matter how much Ling Mo listened, it was very difficult to distinguish the difference between the two…

Not even twins have such good chemistry with each other.

“But… But…” Ya Lin was still carrying an expression of disbelief on her face.

“Uh… this is Dark Shana, and this….” Ling Mo thought for a while and started to introduce them.

“You’re the silly one!” Silly Shana interrupted him in advance and said.

“Okay….” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said, “This is Dark Shana, and you are White Shana. How does ‘Black and White’ twins sound?”

“That fucking sounds horrible…”

“I’m not good at naming things….”

Ye Lian looked at Ling Mo and shook her head.

Even Hei Si, who had been silent the whole time, laughed in Ling Mo’s mind.

In the end, Shana decided to come up with one by herself. One was named Dark Shana and the other one was named Nana.

“Before I got infected and mutated, I was Shana. But after the mutation, the zombie instincts began to gradually take shape inside me, and finally Dark Shana was born….”

The two Shana’s said in unison, “However, it would be wrong to directly call this part of me with only human emotions Shana. No matter what, we both are a part of Shana. Only when we’re together, are we the real Shana.”

Having said that, Nana walked behind Dark Shana, and disappeared in the middle of her shadow.

“They could also combine like this…?” Ling Mo showed a hint of surprise.

When she had previously appeared, she had also come out from the shadow.

At this time, Lucy, who was sleeping, suddenly woke up.

She opened her eyes suddenly and looked at Ling Mo and the others who were surrounding her. Surprise flashed in her eyes immediately, “You’re awake?”

“But why do you still look weak after sleeping a whole night?” Lucy asked worriedly.

But as soon as she finished speaking, she seemed to have realized something. She quickly coughed and her expression became tense again, “I’m just randomly asking.”

“Spiritual power… is a bit hard to recover after using it.” Ling Mo replied casually.

“You consumed a lot in the past, but you seemed fine…” Lucy muttered in her heart, and then asked, “Then what about the wounds on your body…”

“It’s just some small scratches…”

Ling Mo stretched his waist, felt his back, and thought to himself that with his recovery capabilities, maybe the wounds on his body have already formed into scabs…

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