My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 445

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 445 – Reinforcement

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung


The sky was darkening as the loud sounds from a helicopter approached from a distance, breaking the silence around the area.

Countless zombies looked up to the sky, changing from rigid puppets to violent beasts.

Hundreds of zombies chased after the helicopter, moving like agile monkeys as they passed one obstacle after another, staring at the sky the entire time.

As the helicopter got closer and closer to Century City, more and more zombies rushed over and surrounded it from the ground.

Standing on the rooftop of Century City, Lucy’s face turned a bit ugly after seeing the swarm of zombies below.

“In this kind of city district, even if all the zombies were gathered in one place, it would still be very difficult to get rid of them all….”

With a cold expression, Lucy stepped on the edge of the roof and stared at the ground, “When we finally decide to enter X city, who knows how much energy it’ll take and how many people will have to die before we can actually get a foothold here. Fortunately, after investigating, this area is full of various large shopping malls and there’s also an industrial park along the way, both with an abundance of supplies.”

She looked back at Ling Mo and whispered after hesitating for a while, “We’ll have to say our goodbyes soon. I was troubling you all the way until last night. No matter how I look at it, I feel as if I was taking advantage of you with the small reward I gave you. So how about this, as long as you’re still in X-City in the future, if you need my help, you can come here to find me. Century City will probably be our headquarters by then, so just come here and find me.”

Although Lucy’s tone was cold, the look in her eyes seemed to be carrying a bit of expectation…

“Thanks Lulu….”

Ling Mo casually replied.

If there were free benefits, he would obviously take it. However, the zombie from last night was actually attracted by Ye Lian…

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The helicopter did not directly fly over to Century City, but hovered nearby, observing the surroundings.

As the cabin door opened, an Air Force soldier carrying a submachine gun, aimed at the zombies who were trying to get close to the helicopter.

However, the zombies were too far. Although he was wary, he never fired.

Some zombies had already run to the roofs of the nearby buildings. But as the collective evolved, the behavior patterns and instincts of these zombies were gradually changing.

When realizing that the distance between them and the helicopter was too far, they would no longer blindly jump for it.

But when the helicopter skimmed over some roofs, the restless zombies would suddenly jump up and try to grip on the helicopter.

They almost succeeded on two occasions. Fortunately, the soldier with the submachine gun was very calm. After a series of gunshots, the zombies were shot down from the air.

“Those monsters can only be arrogant on the ground. For people like us in the sky, they can only watch, unable to do anything to us.”

The soldier who shot the gun said with a smile.

Looking at the zombies on the ground raising their heads to look up at him, the soldier’s expression seemed very proud.

But after a few glances, the soldier’s expression became somewhat troubled.

Those zombies with those blood-red eyes had no emotions at all. They were cold, icy, and violent….

In addition, although they were restless at first, as the helicopter’s hovering time increased, they seemed to gradually quiet down.

But the quietness made the soldier feel very uncomfortable.

“Damn these monsters!”

The soldier cursed in a flustered manner, then aimed at the roof below and pulled the trigger.

A series of bullets showered down, but only one of the zombies was hit.

The zombie’s shoulder was injured, and it shook slightly. However, it didn’t go crazy like a normal zombie would, and instead continued to stare at him coldly.

Blood spattered out, and several zombies that were on the side slowly turned their eyes to the injured zombie, and immediately surrounded it.

Chewing and tearing noises immediately sounded, but other than that, there were no other sounds….

The soldier frowned as he watched the residual limbs scatter, “They’re really fucking monsters, these things… Sooner or later we’ll wipe them out!”

“I see them; they are on the roof over there! That should be Century City!”

The other soldier had been looking around with binoculars. When he found Ling Mo and his group, he immediately turned around and shouted.

At this time, inside the helicopter cabin, a tall sturdy man was sitting, wearing casual clothes, and a leather jacket that looked quite old.

He had a crew cut, and a scar stretched out from the top of his head and passed through his closed left eye.

The open right eye was turbid, making him look very decadent.

The one-eyed man had a cigarette in his mouth, even if his tone was normal, he still seemed quite daunting, “Are these the people that Liu Bao Dong mentioned?”

“Yes. One man, three women, and a child. It seems that the strongest one should be that man. But among the three women, one of them is holding a… scythe, perhaps she’s also strong.” The soldier turned his head and stared at Ling Mo and the others for a while and said.

“Hehe, is she the bodyguard that Liu Bao Dong had mentioned? She’s holding a scythe… Does she think she’s cutting grass when she’s cutting zombies?”

The one-eyed man showed a trace of sarcasm and smiled disdainfully, “Liu Bao Dong is really an idiot. We sent several men with him, but in the end, he still had to rely on other people to escort him… Our men died. We already lost face for our Air Force Regiment and he still dares to make an agreement on his own, promising a reward. It really makes me sick!”

“Give me the gun!”

One-eyed took the sniper rifle, crouched down to the cabin door, and aimed at Ling Mo and his group.

His gaze drifted over to Shana first, and then locked on to Ling Mo’s body, “A Spiritual psychic… Even if he is powerful, he can’t withstand bullets.”

Ling Mo, who was looking at the helicopter on the rooftop, suddenly frowned, and a feeling of being stared at by a poisonous snake emerged spontaneously.

He gazed at the helicopter suspiciously, his eyes turning cold.

“Sure enough, he really is a spiritual psychic, and his sensing ability is as good as a dog’s nose.”

Through the scope, the eyes of One-eyed and Ling Mo met, “Oh, he’s actually killed people before. Those eyes of his are ruthless enough, but it doesn’t really match with his appearance. The women around him are also really beautiful.”

“Huh? Do you like them, boss?”

The soldier was holding his binoculars and swallowed a gulp of saliva in his mouth.

“What do you think? There aren’t many women alive, and there are even fewer women that are beautiful. That Liu Bao Dong is a fucking weakling. He only told us that he was giving them a reward and that the leader was a spiritual psychic but didn’t tell us whether or not these women were beautiful.” One-eyed stared at them for a while, and then sneered, slowly lowering the muzzle, “When the head of the group promised to pay the reward, only Liu Bao Dong didn’t understand that expression on his face.”

He suddenly looked back at the two soldiers and asked, “Did you guys understand?”

“Yea….” The soldier with the binoculars hesitated and said, “But… the leader didn’t say anything, right?”

“Hehe, what does it matter if he didn’t say anything? The point is that he will be happy after I do it. Don’t worry, I won’t mess up.”

One-eyed waved his hand and said, “Send word to the woman from FIRE and tell her to find a way to go to the next building alone.”

“Brother eye…” The soldier hesitated.

“Just send the fucking message or do you not fucking understand?!” One-eyed turned his head and glanced at the soldier.

Seeing the coldness in his eyes, the soldier immediately felt a chill burst from the heels of his feet.

“What… What’s the matter?” Ye Lian glanced at Ling Mo beside her and asked with concern.

Ling Mo slowly turned his gaze back, and shook his head, “It’s nothing, I just felt a little uncomfortable just now. By the way, why haven’t they….”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly heard the loud sound from a speaker.

“Ahem… umm… Miss Lucy from the FIRE base, please go up to the roof of the building in the back behind the street. Once we finish our transaction, we can lead the zombies away so as not leave them in danger here.” A man’s cry came.

“It’s actually a loudspeaker!”

Ling Mo had a feeling of déjà vu for a moment. When he lived in the suburbs, the megaphone made a huge impression on him since he was forced to listen for several hours when a store owner put one in front of his store on repeat mode….

“It’s a pity that the sound of the helicopter is too noisy. Otherwise, you could have just hung this loudspeaker somewhere and you would have been able to draw those zombies away….”

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