My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 446

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 446 – The Stopped Bullet

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Lucy turned to look at Ling Mo and said, “The Air Force’s proposal…. What do you think?”

“Just do as they said.” Ling Mo said after brooding for a while.

“Then… That means we’re going on our separate ways now.” Lucy’s eyes became a bit complicated. “Do you still have any last words to say?”

She seemed to be in a trance, but Ling Mo had a pondering expression on his face, as if he hadn’t noticed at all.

“Huh?” Ling Mo thought for a while, and said, “Uh… then, Lulu… if you keep your face so tight all the time, you’ll age faster…”

“Ahh! Why are you stepping on me!?”

After glaring at Ling Mo uncomfortably, Lucy turned her head and walked towards the iron gate of the rooftop. Ling Mo smiled bitterly as he raised his feet, jumped twice, and shouted, “I haven’t even finished speaking! My next sentence was asking you to smile more! You stomped really hard! This woman is so ruthless….”

Lucy, who was holding the doorknob, stopped, but after two seconds of silence, she still hadn’t looked back.

As she stepped through the door, for a moment, Lucy’s mouth seemed to have a faint smile…

“Brother Ling, on the helicopter just now…” Shana said thoughtfully while staring at the helicopter.

“You also felt it too?”

Ling Mo said, “Their proposal sounds very thoughtful at first. They want to trade with us first, then help us lead the zombies away, and then go back to pick up Lulu…”

“Isn’t that good?” Ya Lin tilted her head and smiled, “Although we don’t have to worry about our kind, you would be able to get out effortlessly.”

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“But these two things can obviously be done at the same time…” Ling Mo turned around and said, “Lucy can jump on the plane and they can complete the transaction with us at the same time. As long as they are quick, they can take off before the zombies come up. Why make it so troublesome?”

He took out a bottle of water from his backpack and gulped it down.

“If even Brother Ling can think of this, it’s impossible for them to not think of it….”

Shana’s expression changed, her eyes suddenly turned sharp, and she had already swapped to Dark Shanas.

And out from her shadow, Nana’s spiritual body slowly walked out and said, “But, why do they want to do this? Brother Ling, why did you agree?”

“If even Brother Ling can think of this… what the hell’s that suppose to mean?”

Ling Mo was depressed, and explained, “If they are doing something extra, it must be for something. As for why I agreed…”

He turned his gaze to the helicopter, “The muzzle is aimed at the center of my eyebrows, which is clearly warning me…”

“Then you shouldn’t have agreed.” Nana said. She turned to look at the helicopter and frowned, “A gun was pointed at you…”

“If they do something unusual, we can still take Lulu as a hostage….” Dark Shana smiled and said.

“What the hell, you’re already thinking about keeping hostages!”

Ling Mo shook his head and said, “If they really cared about Lucy’s life, they wouldn’t have made this kind of decision so fast.”

The F group needs the Air Force regiment, and Lucy also stated that in the cooperation with the Air Force regiment, they were the ones at a disadvantage.

You could easily tell by the people they sent to escort Lucy….

If Lucy had died during the investigation, no matter how upset the F group was, they would still need to ask the Air Force regiment for help in sending people over to investigate the route.

The more the F group asked for help, the more benefits the Air Force regiment would be able to receive.

Although Ling Mo doesn’t like to participate in these types of struggles, he could still understand such a simple truth.

“Rather than confronting them now, it’s better to wait patiently to see what they want to do. Speaking of which, I didn’t ask for that many supplies, and I even thought about it carefully when I made the list. Even if the Air Force regiment wasn’t happy, they still wouldn’t…. Do they really think it’s that easy to kill me? So, does that mean they aren’t even willing to give that little amount of supplies?”

He glanced at the helicopter warily, which was hovering not far away, waiting for Lucy to reach the designated location.

Lucy’s speed was still very fast, and the nearby zombies have now been attracted to the area under the helicopter, making the other areas very safe.

She soon appeared on the top floor of a building behind Century City, and then waved to the sky.

“The woman from FIRE has already reached the place as instructed.” The soldier with the binoculars confirmed and said, “I thought they would resist… Either they’re too stupid to notice anything, or they don’t dare provoke us. Captain Liu and the others are really stupid….”

Another soldier with a submachine gun looked up and said, “Brother Eye, it really isn’t worth giving them the rewards, but we can go pick up the woman right now. As soon as we move, those monsters will follow us. They wouldn’t dare try and follow us with the monsters behind us. Plus, even if we took the woman away without giving them the rewards, they wouldn’t dare try to make trouble with our Air Force regiment. The head would definitely praise you for this, boss.”


The one-eyed man’s gaze was still locked on to Ling Mo, and then slowly moved to Ye Lian and the girls, “Not giving them the rewards can only be regarded as recovering some of our reputation. But when that woman tells everyone what happened, it will still be very embarrassing. Besides, if we just let those ‘trophies’ go, wouldn’t that be a pity?”


The soldier carrying the binoculars was still somewhat hesitating, but the submachine gun soldier was already showing a look of eagerness, “Heehee, that’s not a bad idea… It’s already rare for us to come out and being able to have some fun is good. In any case, we’re in the sky, what can they possibly do from the ground? They can only get beaten by us without being able to fight back.”

He turned his head and exchanged a look with One-eyed, and the two looked at each other and smiled…

“That… That’s true.” The soldier with the binoculars also nodded. The sense of security in the air made him feel stronger…

As the helicopter moved towards them, Ling Mo took a step forward calmly, protecting Ye Lian and the girls behind him.

At the same time, countless spiritual tentacles formed a large net in front of him.

Using Ye Lian’s sharp eyesight, Ling Mo had already seen the sniper.

Although he couldn’t use firearms, he knows how powerful a sniper bullet was.

This is why Ling Mo didn’t act rashly just now. He made a big net instead, waiting for them to bite the hook…”

“What if they took Lucy and flew away?” Nana asked suddenly.

“Well, they would need to be able to fly away first. They want to cheat and not pay me? Hehehe….”

Ling Mo’s obsession with supplies was exposed yet again.

As the amount of edible food that could be collected in X-city decreased, the importance of it increased.

If they really wanted to fly away directly, Ling Mo would actually feel relieved.

This would show that dealing with them was much simpler than Ling Mo had imagined.

But the look from them gave Ling Mo a bad feeling…

“Whop! Whop! Whop”

As the helicopter got closer, Ling Mo’s eyes became more and more vigilant.

Would the other party just directly fly over, or will they…?


Even before the gunshot sounded, Ling Mo had already felt a huge pressure come toward him.

But he was prepared. As a layer of spiritual tentacles got penetrated, more spiritual tentacles immediately came to stop it.

“WTF, they actually just did it…”

Ling Mo’s face turned pale, thinking that this group of people were really ruthless. They simply struck without warning.

It seems that they have reached a consensus, not only do they not wish to pay, but they also want to destroy the bridge after crossing it.

“So, there’s not a single group that is reliable. The moment they see that we are just ordinary survivors, they feel that we can be bullied!”

The bullet stopped less than half-a-meter away from Ling Mo’s head, as if time stopped. It suspended mid-air, then lost all momentum, and fell, and was picked up by Ling Mo.

“They really wanted to kill me….”

Ling Mo squeezed the bullet, revealing a sneer.

He stared at the helicopter closely, slowly taking a step back.

In front of him, an extra-thick spiritual tentacle suddenly appeared, like a bowstring.

Materialized spiritual tentacles could be pulled by Ling Mo also formed.

He put the bullet on to the tentacle, then pulled the tentacle, and slowly backed away.

“He actually blocked it…. But what is this person doing?”

After looking through the scope, One-eyed shouted in shock, and then revealed a confused look, “Even if you are facing me like this with a bullet, you can’t do anything to me….”

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