My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 447

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 447 – The truth is that you just can’t aim

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“Wait a second… no way…”

One-eyed suddenly felt that something was wrong and shouted, “Dodge… DODGE!”

With that said, he aimed at Ling Mo again, and squeezed his finger on the trigger, “It doesn’t matter what you’re planning, I’ll get rid of you first!”

Spiritual type psychics generally have a fast reaction speed when it comes to their brain, however their physical reaction speed was much slower.

Ling Mo was currently using his abilities, making it impossible for him to block the bullet a second time.

However, just as One-eyed was about to shoot, he heard a “swish” sound.

An extremely fast airflow visible to the naked eye, came flying towards the helicopter, as if it was splitting space.

Although it was shot like a slingshot, the speed of this bullet seemed to be exactly the same as a real bullet being shot from a gun!

“Quick! Quickly move away!” One-eyed didn’t even have time to shoot. His eyes widened in horror as he watched the airflow approach, “What the fuck does he think spiritual power is to utilise it like that?!”

Ling Mo drew the bow and then shot the bullet out.

A sharp sound echoed through the sky, as if a meteor was coming down!

This airflow seemed as if it would go right through this helicopter!

“Ah! Ahhhh!”

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The timid soldier holding the binoculars couldn’t help but yell, “Quick, find cover, and avoid it!”

When the airflow was not far in front of him, not only him, but even the soldier carrying the submachine gun couldn’t help but close his eyes, misery drowning his heart.

“It’s over, we’re dead… it’s so fast, so powerful….”


There was a loud noise, but it came from behind them….

The soldier carrying the submachine gun slowly opened one eye, then glanced at the window on the other side.

Dust was flying, and a huge hole was faintly visible on the tall building behind them….

After the loud sound, there was a long silence….


“… HAHAHA! He missed; he didn’t hit us!”

“… What poor aiming ability….”

Ling Mo’s bullet unexpectedly missed even though the helicopter was such a big target….

In the eyes of these soldiers who had undergone professional shooting training, this scene made them feel a little dumbfounded…

On one hand, they naturally wanted to laugh at Ling Mo, but on the other hand, they had almost shit themselves, which was a bit too embarrassing.

They had originally thought that they were going to die, but in a blink of an eye, although the other party seemed fierce, they discovered that he was just a weak piece of trash that had no combat ability at all.

“FUCK! He actually tried to scare us! Kill him!”

“Just shoot him now!”

The two soldiers became angry and shouted.

One-eyed was also greatly relieved. He was a sniper himself, best at shooting a headshot from a distance.

If even this advantage was offset by Ling Mo…

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! Now isn’t the time to laugh!”

One-eyed had been happy for less than two seconds, when he discovered that there was no one in sight through his scope.

The rooftop was completely empty….

“Did they take this chance to escape? Could this bullet have been a distraction?”

One-eyed crouched by the hatch and looked around.

The soldier with the submachine gun slowly poked his head out and looked down.

But as soon as he leaned out with his upper body, he suddenly dropped the submachine gun and grabbed his neck with both hands, as if something was choking his neck.


There was a strange noise coming from his throat. He stretched out his hand in vain as he tried to grab on to the soldier with the binoculars, but he suddenly slid forward and was inexplicably pulled out of the hatch.


The submachine gun soldier was thrown down from a high altitude. Even if he didn’t turn into meat paste after smashing to the ground, he would definitely be swallowed by the countless zombies…

The soldier with the binoculars screamed, and immediately retreated, “What… What’s going on?”

The enemy had vanished, so why did such a strange thing still occur?

The screams of the submachine gun soldier went from near to far, and then stopped abruptly, which caused a great psychological impact to the soldier carrying the binoculars.

“Boss…. It seems that… they didn’t run away…”

The soldier with the binoculars hid in the cabin with a pale face and said.

“No shit! Do I need you to state the fucking obvious?!”

The one-eyed man’s face also turned ugly. Originally, he thought that Ling Mo was another trash and didn’t expect that after paying attention to the bullet that missed, he had lost track of him in a blink of an eye.

Without a target, no matter how good of a sniper he is, he wouldn’t be able to show it.

The tragic end of the submachine gun soldier also told them that Ling Mo didn’t choose to escape….

“We….” As soon as the soldier with binoculars was about to say something, he suddenly felt like his ankle was entangled by something, “Ahh, it can move around, it’s able to move around!”

As soon as he shouted, he was dragged out of the cabin and thrown out in front of the one-eyed man.

One-eyed was stunned for a while, and then felt a coolness rush from the soles of his feet.

It’s able to move around….

“That man is obviously a spiritual psychic, but what kind of superpower is this?! I’ve never heard of it!”

“It’s all Liu Bao Dong’s fault, he only said that this man was a powerful spiritual psychic… Motherfucker, this is powerful? He’s more than fucking powerful! No…. He’s definitely not a spiritual psychic…”

One-eyed had turned pale, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Ever since Ling Mo shot the bullet, the helicopter had already begun to shake constantly.

But now Ling Mo was nowhere to be seen, yet he could constantly use this weird method…

“Fly… fly away!”

After recovering from his shock, One-eyed quickly yelled.

But when he looked at the roof where Lucy was, he suddenly thought, “I originally made this decision by myself. If I had kept the supplies and brought it back, it would have already been considered a meritorious service. If I had brought back those women, the leader would have been so happy that he might have even promoted me. But now that two people are dead, even if I were able to keep the supplies, I’ll still be reprimanded… with the leader’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t reward me. If that’s the case….”

He aimed at Lucy, who was staring in shock, and whispered, “Bury her, and then push the responsibility to those survivors. There’s no evidence, even if the leader wanted to blame someone, he could only push his anger at that dumbass Liu Bao Dong….”

His finger buckled slowly, and as long as he pushed down the trigger, Lucy would die on the spot…


A figure suddenly jumped up from below and appeared directly in front of the hatch.

The figure was obviously the man who was in the scope just now!

One-eyed was startled and was about to shoot, but he suddenly felt that the gun in his hand was taken away by an invisible force.

This force nearly made him almost fall through the hatch and he quickly reached out to grab the edges.

“You can’t be…. You can’t even aim…”

One-eyed stared at Ling Mo, whose mind was in shock, and his heart racing, “This person can even fly!”

“Who told you I couldn’t aim! I just didn’t want to ruin my supplies!”

Ling Mo caught the sniper rifle that was thrown in the air and his tentacle grabbed the large backpack inside at the same time. He also pulled the trigger without hesitation.

“Since you said that I can’t aim, I’ll definitely make sure to hit you at such a close distance.”

“Don’t… Don’t….”

In the mist of One-eye’s screams, the helicopter in front of Ling Mo, who was in midair, suddenly burst into flames and then slammed towards the building on the side.

“Huh? Where did I shoot at?”

Ling Mo froze for a moment, and then coughed dryly, “It doesn’t matter, I got the result I wanted. I killed both the man and the helicopter in one shot…”


An explosion sounded and flames burst out!

And Ling Mo, together with the materials, fell on the roof below as if he was swinging on a swing.

The fragments of the explosion were blocked a few meters away from him, almost as if they bounced off an invisible protective cover.

“I diverted their attention by shooting the bullet. At the same time, I moved closer, and used my tentacles to hang myself under the helicopter. With this, I would be able to kill them quickly and also save my supplies, killing two birds with one stone…”

Ling Mo thought aloud to himself, while glancing at the backpack under his feet with satisfaction.

Behind the iron door on the rooftop, Shana who was about to open the door silently let go of her hand and turned to look at Ye Lian and the others, “Uh… I think it’s better if we don’t go out now.”

“What’s the matter? Did Brother Ling get hurt?” Ye Lian asked, her eyes widening.

“No… he’s just trying to brainwash himself, trying to erase certain memories.” Nana walked out from the shadows and said.

“Oh… you mean the fact that he missed?” Yu Shi Ran asked suddenly.

Dark Shana and Nana raised their fingers at the same, “Shhh….”

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