My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 448

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 448 – Thor

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Lucy was stunned by the incident, and quickly ran back to century city while the zombies were distracted by the helicopter.

Ling Mo couldn’t wait to check the supplies right now.

Although he had faced multiple setbacks, the reward that was sent was exactly as promised.

“Based on this, we can assume that those humans made this decision by themselves, right?” Dark Shana sneered and said.

Nana nodded and said, “Yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have prepared these supplies in the first place.”

“These humans… always think that they can take advantage of things.” Ya Lin snorted, clearly dissatisfied.

“Just like how zombies love chasing prey, many humans love to chase benefits.” Nana said, “Isn’t that normal? Most humans think that their dreams can come true as they never suffered from a setback.”

“Sure enough, the words that Nana said sounded very reasonable due to her human emotions…”

A few minutes later, Lucy pushed open the roof door panting, and ran out with a pale face.

Seeing her appear, Nana quickly retreated into Dark Shana’s shadow and became Shana.

But such a strange scene was completely invisible to Lucy.

And even after seeing it several times, Ling Mo still couldn’t help but rub his eyebrows and cough dryly.

Whenever he saw them combine, his mind would always think of weird things….

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She gasped heavily, resting her hands on her knees, staring at Ling Mo, “Wh…. What’s going on…?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Ling Mo spread his hands and said.

“This….” Lucy looked towards the direction of the helicopter explosion. The building was on fire, and like a huge chimney, it was continuously emitting thick black smoke.

“I can’t believe they actually tried to do this… Could it be that… they thought they were able to kill you? After all, they were safe inside the helicopter. Among your group only one or two people seem strong and you guys don’t look like you’re able to fight in long-range battles…”

Lucy gasped, staring at the fire, and said with a complicated expression, “You’re so powerful. Don’t tell me they weren’t surprised, even I was shocked. You really keep surprising me….”

“Haha… I sure am.” Ling Mo couldn’t help but feel a little smug. In any case, the troubles have been eliminated…

“But…” Lucy’s tone suddenly changed, turning her head to look at Ling Mo, her eyes became strange, “How am I supposed to go back now that you blew up the helicopter?”

“Uhhh…” Ling Mo’s expression suddenly became awkward, and the corner of his eyes twitched involuntarily.

Ten minutes later—

“They actually gave you a sniper rifle…”

Lucy drew out a sniper rifle from the backpack, took it apart and looked at it again, then sneered and threw it back, “This… is purely a perfunctory item. It’s complete trash. If you don’t use it for a long time, I can’t even guarantee that it will still fire properly.”

“So, it’s similar to having an erectile dysfunction, right?”

“Uhh… you could put it that way, but… that sounds very weird….”

Lucy turned her gaze to Ling Mo’s feet, and suddenly her eyes lit up and asked, “Is this the sniper rifle you just seized? Is it from that sniper?”

As she said this, she picked up the gun, took a closer look, and pretended to take a shot.

“Although I have never been in contact with guns before the apocalypse, my abilities were rather useless. After working with the Air Force Regiment, I started practicing with guns. Although I selected a machine gun in the end, I still know how to use sniper rifles. This gun should be One-eyes’. This person is called Brother One-eye. He is a very famous guy in the Air Force regiment. He often provokes disputes and has had several conflicts with people in our base. Simply put…. He’s a bully. But, it seems that he wasn’t just a bully, but also very vicious….”

Lucy held the gun and said, “The Air Force regiment probably sent him because they were unhappy with the results. They probably allowed him to act accordingly depending on the situation. If you guys were easy to bully, they would just let him get rid of you guys…”

“Unfortunately for them, I’m not easily bullied.” Ling Mo sneered.

“This gun is good stuff. It used to sell for nearly 300,000 yuan, but it is now even more rare. It was independently developed by our country and has a precision range of 1000 meters and is very powerful.”

She took out a pack of bullets from her backpack, inspected it, and said, “Fortunately, the caliber of the bullets is the same, otherwise such a good gun would be wasted. There are 50 bullets in it, which will last a long time.”

“A gun worth 300,000 yuan….” Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, then immediately took the sniper rifle and rubbed it, “Good stuff!”

“He finally exposed his nature of being a money grubber…” Shana said from the side.

Ling Mo held the gun carefully, and listened to Lucy’s introduction, “Oh that’s right, I heard that this gun was named Thor.”

“This isn’t a hammer…” Ling Mo rolled his eyes, “Such incompetent naming. This should be…”

“Are you in any position to say this?” Ya Lin asked.

Ling Mo naturally ignored these words and handed “Thor” to Ye Lian, “This gun is for you. Lulu, can you teach her how to use it? Including how to disassemble and reassemble the gun…”


Lucy looked embarrassed, “Even if you’re learning it now, not everyone can use a sniper rifle… I practiced for a long time, but…”

A good sniper is not so easy to cultivate. With accurate shooting and precise judgement, a sniper will play a key role in determining the outcome in certain battles.

If One-eyed had hidden a kilometer away, his ambush might have resulted in something different.

No matter how strong Ye Lian’s combat ability is, it is impossible for her to become a sharpshooter the first time she touches a sniper rifle, right?

However, after teaching her, Lucy was horrified to discover that although this girl looked like a ditz, she had an amazing memory!

With the zombie’s ability to remember anything they saw, Ye Lian learned how to use this sniper rifle after just watching it once, and how to completely disassemble and reassemble the gun in a short amount of time.

“Champion! If you participated in a gun disassembling competition, with your speed, you would definitely be the champion!”

Lucy exclaimed.

“Le… let me try first…”

Ye Lian raised the muzzle, then aimed at the front.

“Although your speed at assembling is fast, suddenly wanting to also shoot is a bit…. Not to mention this recoil…”


A muffled noise sounded, at the same time, a billboard in the distance suddenly shook, and then fell.

The sound of billboard smashing down covered the sound of the gunshot, and the zombies who were about to rush over, immediately turned towards the direction in which the billboard fell from.

“Holy shit… that was at least a few hundred meters…. And that huge rooftop advertisement was shot off in one shot, your accuracy is terrifying…”

Ling Mo widened his eyes and looked into the distance, exclaiming.

Lucy was dumbfounded. After a while she turned her head slowly and looked at Ye Lian as if she was looking at a monster, “It must be because I didn’t sleep well last night…”

Ye Lian smiled slightly and tilted her head, “This is my first time, I’m still not used to it…”

“I feel so relieved hearing you say this….” Ling Mo hammered his chest and said.

“But why does it look like you’re extremely shocked?” Shana laughed.

“In the future, this gun will be handed over to Ye Lian. Ye Lian’s talent is long-range sniping. It would be a shame if we didn’t make use of it. In addition, Ye Lian also has an advantage when it comes to sneaking around…”

Ling Mo stretched out his hand and patted Ye Lian’s shoulder, laughing.

“So, this can be explained with talent?” Lucy still hadn’t recovered from her shock.

In addition to the sniper rifle, there were also a lot of other items. Although some of these items were of poor quality, it was still enough for Ling Mo to solve his urgent needs.

“It’s getting harder and harder to collect supplies, especially for food…” Ling Mo sighed and turned to look at Lucy. “Although I knocked down the helicopter… But I still have things to do in X-City. So….”

Lucy took a step forward silently and approached Ling Mo.

Although she didn’t speak, her meaning was already obvious.

“What I’m going to do is dangerous…”

“We might die…”

“Hey, at least give me some kind of reaction…”

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