My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 449

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 449 – The Power of Screaming

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Although this is the second time that he was going to the zoo, Ling Mo’s current mentality was completely different from before.

At that time, his only option was to run when he encountered a mutant python. It’s not that surprising as he wasn’t strong enough back then, but now…

“If I encounter another mutant python, I’m going to tie it into a knot…” Ling Mo thought expectantly.

“I wanted to ask before…”

Lucy walked a few steps quickly, reached Ling Mo’s side, and asked, “Why do you want to come to the zoo, even though there isn’t anything much that you can loot here? Even if you want to eat meat, their meat is inedible…”

“Have you ever seen a mutant beast before?” Ling Mo asked back.

“I have.” Lucy said, “Despite their small numbers and difficulty in finding one, they’re very powerful. It’s not that surprising though as some of them were already capable of killing humans. After mutating, they would obviously become even more powerful, and in addition, their speed of evolution seems to be much faster than the regular zombies.”

“That’s understandable. Compared to humans, who only knew how to lie down and drink milk after being born, many animals could run and shout the moment they were born. They didn’t start at the same starting line…” Shana said.

When Shana spoke of humans, her tone had become much more normal, and it no longer seemed as if she was talking about a delicacy.

When ordinary zombies speak of the word “human”, they are either full of disdain or drooling, just like the expression on certain foodies when they hear the word “braised pork”.

When they are separated, Dark Shana and Nana are very different. But when combined, she is much gentler than before.

This gentleness didn’t refer to the way she spoke or the content of her speech, but her tone.

“I haven’t seen a mutant beast yet, so I wanted to see one for myself.”

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Ling Mo touched his nose, his face expressionless as he lied through his teeth.

Lucy glanced at Ling Mo and murmured, “That kind of subconscious action… it seems that you also know that your nose might become longer!”

But since Ling Mo refused to say, Lucy of course stopped asking.

She now not only lacked ammunition, but was also suffering from an injured shoulder and a bleeding head. She was probably the most miserable looking person in the group right now.

Ling Mo was also injured very seriously that time, but after two days, he was completely healthy and full of energy. Full of envy, Lucy could only tell herself that “idiots can’t catch colds [1]” in order to make herself feel comfortable.

However, there was one thing she was at least certain of, that is, once she left Ling Mo and his group, she wouldn’t be able to return to the FIRE base alive.

The helicopter had been blown up, and it was impossible to expect the Air Force regiment to send another helicopter to pick her up.

In any case… Ling Mo and his group had always been mysterious, adding one more suspicious thing to their group wouldn’t be strange at all.

It would just change their group from a mysterious group to a very mysterious group….

“In addition to reporting the results of the investigation, I also need to report the horrible things done by the Air Force…”

Lucy clenched her fists and thought, “It was obviously a cooperation. Yet they relied on their advantage to bully people.”

“Is your injury okay?” Ling Mo suddenly turned around and asked.

“It’s okay…” Lucy replied, holding her head. “I just feel that my body is a little hot. I’ve already took my body’s temperature, and I don’t have a fever, but my hands and feet are cold.”

“It’s probably because of your injuries…” Ling Mo said, “Don’t do anything for a bit and rest, let us handle everything.”


Ling Mo’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Lucy’s symptoms seemed very similar to the early stages of mutation…

He probed her spiritual ball of light for a while. But he found nothing abnormal and he couldn’t find anything unusual from her appearance…

“She’s usually careful and I didn’t see her touch the zombie virus… Is it a mutation? No… If it was, the time would be too long. Could the virus have gotten lost in her body? No that’s impossible….”

Ling Mo was confused, and then glanced at Lucy from the corner of his eye.

“Since I can’t see anything right now, I can only secretly keep tabs…”

There weren’t many zombies near the zoo. From a distance, the place looked quite lush due to the many planted evergreen plants and the approaching spring.

But Ling Mo and his group knew that although the exterior of this place seemed quite beautiful, there was hidden danger within.

The ordinary mutant beasts that he had deliberately let escape, should now have evolved into higher levels.

“I’m here to harvest my fruits…”

Leaving mutant beasts in such a place didn’t pose a big threat to the survivors.

Moreover, Ling Mo had to do this for Ya Lin.

Thinking about it now, Ling Mo felt very thankful for his decision at that time.

He thought that Ya Lin could eat zombie gels, but he didn’t expect that she preferred to eat mutant beast gels instead….

In order to make the virus in her body as pure as possible, a large amount of mutant beast gels, especially mutant snake gels, were naturally essential.

“I remember letting off a few small snakes at that time. They should have grown up by now. If we factor in the elimination rate, two or three of them should have survived. I hope that they didn’t run off somewhere….”

With the mentality of just giving it a try, Ling Mo led his group of people into the zoo…

The zoo at this time was much quieter than before and seemed to be completely empty on the surface.

But there was a very strong stench in the air, so strong that even Hei Si started to squirm around on Yu Shi Ran’s neck. As a result, Ye Lian quickly stopped her by squeezing her.

The female zombies also wrinkled their noses one after another. Their ability to smell wasn’t as strong as Hei Si, but it was still many times greater than ordinary people.

Ling Mo and Lucy on the other hand seemed to fare much better at this moment.

Only Ya Lin was excited, like a kitten being stimulated by catnip, she grabbed Ling Mo’s arm and rubbed him twice with her towering boobs to express her excitement, “It’s a snake… this smell belongs to a snake…”

“How big does a snake have to be in order to release so much poison…” Ling Mo frowned and said.


Lucy’s body immediately became tense as she looked around.


They hadn’t walked far when they suddenly heard a loud noise not far away as a glass wall exploded.

Accompanied by numerous glass shards, a giant mutant python with the thickness of a bucket suddenly appeared.

“It appeared so quickly!”

Ling Mo was shocked and exclaimed.


Lucy screamed, jumped up in horror, and then jumped onto Ling Mo’s back in panic.

With the force from her jump, in addition to the weight on her body, Ling Mo felt his knees bend and fell to the ground with Lucy.

As soon as Ling Mo saw his prey, he shockingly fell down in front of the mutant python. One moment he was delightfully surprised and the next moment he was immediately stunned.

As he struggled to stand up, Lucy was still hanging on to him and refused to let go. Her eyes were completely closed as she cried out in horror, “SNAKE! THERE IS A SNAKE!”

“You don’t need to tell us that. That snake is so big that it’s impossible for us not to see it….”

Ling Mo was strangled to the point that even his voice had changed. A woman who was very frightened wasn’t terrifying. What was terrifying being the powerful strength and determination they had when it came to not letting go….

Before Ling Mo had time to calm Lucy down, the mutant python had already curled up its body, then suddenly opened its mouth and charged straight towards Ling Mo.

“My talent in pulling mobs is working yet again!”

The whistling wind could be heard from such a distance, and the stench that was enough to kill people also came rushing towards his face.

Ling Mo didn’t have any intentions in fighting directly with it. He took Lucy and rolled on the spot. When the snake’s head was close to him, his spiritual tentacles immediately stretched out and wrapped around the snake’s head.

But Ling Mo didn’t expect the huge strength of this mutant python. It shook its head vigorously and broke free of Ling Mo’s restraints. Causing Ling Mo’s face to turn pale.

Right then, Ya Lin appeared beside the snake’s head, and lashed her Snake’s Kiss across the snake’s eye.

Ye Lian had already retreated backwards, but she didn’t shoot rashly, but instead aimed at Ling Mo and them.


As the gunfire sounded, a mutant python with the size of a thin arm, fell from the sky and landed directly beside Ling Mo and Lucy.

“AHHHHH! There are also some over here!”

A series of high-decibel screams made by Lucy caused Ling Mo to feel his heartbeat accelerate in an instant.

Even the mutant python, who was about to go berserk after getting his eyeball gouged, paused in the air, seemingly stunned.

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