My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 45


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 45 – The most unfortunate zombie in the history

The zombie brawl soon ended, but the sole winner was not the middle-aged female zombie, but a male zombie that looked very thin.

It seemed that physical strength is no longer useful after turning into a zombie, middle-aged female zombie obviously belong to the brute type, but after she was cornered by a few zombies, her strength also could no longer follow up. Even though she had no intention of withdraw, her attack power was not enough to fight back. On the other hand that thin male zombie relied on his nimble movements, he eventually had the last laugh.

Dozens of mutilated corpses were sprawled over on the wet pavement as the male zombie began to feast.

Even though this process is disgusting, but to figure out exactly how zombies evolve, Ling Mo still paid full attention to watch his movements.

In the beginning there was nothing special, he was eating flesh like any other zombies….but when he ate that middle-aged female zombies’ head, he suddenly frantically started to roll on the ground.

“What the hell?”

After all the lighting at night is very bad, the distance is also far away, even though Ling Mo’s mental strength and vision are very advanced, but to be able to clearly see that male zombie’s every movement is not very easy.

Fortunately this zombie soon returned to normal, but after standing up, he no longer has interest towards any of the other corpses.

“Full?” Ling Mo stared curiously at this zombie. He’d like to immediately let Shana or Ye Lain to capture this zombie and to observe it, but the zombie got up and made a frantic dash back into a building.

Ling Mo immediately looked in that direction, even though it was difficult to identify clear, but he did vaguely see some pitch-black shadows…

“So there are zombies attracted over.” Ling Mo suddenly showed a hint of sneer.

Night thoroughly belongs to zombies, and in this totally dead city, perhaps things like this happens everywhere. Zombie evolution will happen even if there were no survivors there to see it happen…

Another group of zombies’ fight broke in the other corner of the square, even though he could not see from this far away distance, but fortunately he still has two mutated zombies at his side.

Taking into account that Shana’s situation is not very stable, therefore Ling Mo manipulated Ye Lian to go open the door downstairs, then turned around to lock the door, then flew towards the brawl, eager to see first hand what is happening.

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Under the night, Ye Lian’s agile figure is like a strange shadow that shot across the square, and stood quietly under the eaves of a shop, looked toward the “battlefield” not far away.

This distance is the limit of Ling Mo’s manipulation, but with Ye Lian’s vision that is not limited to light, she could already be able to clearly see where everything happened.

That male zombie came back again after the brawling zombies started to die down, and again he did not eat these corpses completely, but only targeting their heads, precisely, it is the back of the brain….

Through Ye Lian’s perspective, Ling Mo is watching all while frowning. It seems that normal zombies’ back of the brain also have the presence of the virus gel. However to Ye Lian’s kind of mutated zombie, she is no longer interested in the gel inside normal zombies, she needs mutated zombies’ brain gel.

And Ling Mo could see it clearly; this male zombie did not pull out the gel using his hand, but instead stuffed their brain into the mouth.

This scene immediately reminded Ling Mo when he first found Ye Lian, those zombie corpses inside the bus. He did not look carefully at that time, but thinking now, those zombies’ brain were indeed being hollowed out, and not like Ye Lian’s technique in which she only take brain gel. With such thought, Ling Mo’s heart suddenly felt a hint of weirdness, but he soon dispelled this feeling.

So what of eating human brains! He is going to take Ye Lian for sure! Besides these zombies, they are no longer people…..

After pulling out these zombies’ brains, this male zombie seemed to feel as if not enough, he even went back and dug out the remaining zombies’ brain.

Even with zombie appetite, he has more than enough to eat, to continue to eat his stomach will most likely burst.

But after eating, he actually turned his head and uttered a quiet, but menacing growl, making Ling Mo’s heart suddenly skip a beat.

This zombie, is he actually going to mutate? Even though at a relatively far distance, but Ling Mo clearly see that the redness in his eyes is even brighter, and when he gave the low growl, the bones of the body seemed to be crackling. Although this is only a feeling, but Ling Mo feel that he is really seeing! His body suddenly stretched a little, bloodthirsty eyes light up even more hotness.

Mutated zombie! Although slightly weaker than the mutated zombies he have seen, but it is really a mutated zombie that born under his eyes!

Ling Mo is suddenly very excited, he knew that the smell of blood will soon attract other zombies, therefore while this newborn mutated zombie is still growling, he manipulated Ye Lian and rushed at the back of this zombie!

The mutating zombie stood no chance against Ye Lian and promptly received a dagger down his neck.

When zombies attack, they only focus on dealing as much damage as possible, not on self-preservation. As this zombie was scrunched over and beginning to mutate, he had absolutely no chance to evade the blade.

Satisfied with the kill, Ling Mo commanded Ye Lian to bring the zombie back to him.

Ye Lian appeared to be very relaxed while dragging an adult male zombie with his frail body, no struggling at all. At this point there are no more zombies in the shop downstairs, therefore Ling Mo did not take caution, ran down personally and opened door for Ye Lian, then locked the Iron Gate.

“Research zombie ah….”

After going back upstairs, Ling Mo immediately sit in front of this zombie with excitement, involuntarily rubbed his hands.

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