My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 450

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 450 – Old things are the best

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung


Lucy’s screams were never ending, and Ling Mo being the closest to her, bore the brunt of her screams. His eardrums were almost ruptured.

He didn’t expect that she would be so afraid of snakes. After all, this woman was always wearing a poker face!

“Most girls are afraid of snakes…. I’ve spent too much time with these female zombies that I’ve forgotten how a normal girl is like. If I had known earlier, I would have definitely left her outside…”

Ling Mo said regretfully. With Lucy’s state of mind, no matter what you say to her, she probably wouldn’t be able to hear it…

At this time, mutant pythons large and small were emerging from the gaps.

The scene in front of Ling Mo was very scary and even he started to feel his scalp tingling.

Ye Lian and the others had already retreated to Ling Mo’s side and surrounded him.

These mutant pythons weren’t in a hurry to attack. They were all coiled on the nearby trees or pillars, staring at Ling Mo closely with their cold blood-red eyes, and releasing endless “hissing” sounds.

“These numbers…. Something is wrong!”

Ling Mo was still having a hard time carrying Lucy. She had refused to come down after seeing so many snakes and a mutated python corpse that had been smashed until it became shapeless.

It was as if that if her feet touched the ground, she would be entangled by those terrible reptiles.

“But… you should also think about your own weight….”

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Ling Mo’s face flushed under the pressure of her weight. “So this is the so-called ‘You wouldn’t know how heavy something really is until you actually carry it’…. The weight that she’s carrying is extremely frightening!”

A machine gun, some dry food, water, bullets, and a replacement barrel….

This weight was life-threatening!

“AHHHH! Don’t make me go down! Don’t put me down!”

Lucy yelled, hugging Ling Mo’s neck.

“Fine… I won’t force you to go down…. But can you stop choking my neck….”

Ling Mo said with difficulty. He really wanted to break away from Lucy, but this woman was just too powerful.

“Weren’t you always telling me that your abilities were useless… I doubt that this kind of tigress-like strength is just my imagination….”

After several failed attempts, Ling Mo had no choice but to give up.

More mutant pythons kept appearing, and occupied most of the nearby high ground.

“Oh… that’s right! I totally forgot that they can fucking breed! But this is too much! This much in such a short time! It is as if we really entered a snake nest….”

However, although this scene was terrifying, Ling Mo was ecstatic.

He hadn’t seen any other mutant beasts so far. They must have either fled the zoo long ago or swallowed by these mutant snakes as nourishment.

There were so few zombies nearby, but no bones could be seen, so they were probably killed by them.

Next to the zoo was an amusement park. The zombies inside were enough to feed them…

In any case, every time a snake appeared, it meant that there was an extra mutant snake gel!


The snakes coiled up in high places, staring at Ling Mo with their heads raised.

The injured Bucket-sized Mutant Python also raised its head high. Its eyes were scratched by Ya Lin, and appeared bloodshot, but it didn’t go blind.

As a leader rank zombie, one can imagine how strong Ya Lin’s strength was. If someone was gently scratched by her Snake’s Kiss, their head flying off would be considered the minimum.

But this kind of power that could easily break bones, did nothing than cause those fragile eyeballs to turn bloodshot….

“Hmph, it was actually blocked by a sticky layer of eye crust.” Ya Lin snorted coldly and said.

“Are you sure that it’s just eye crust?! A very old eye crust? How the hell can eye crust be used to explain this situation!?”

Ling Mo squinted his eyes and saw that the mutant python’s eyeball seemed to be covered with a translucent white film, and Ya Lin’s Snake’s Kiss was blocked by that film.

“Is that layer of film really that tough? Even a knife couldn’t stab through it….”

The Bucket Mutant Python kept staring at Ling Mo, and the eyes of the other mutant pythons were also focused on Ling Mo…

This feeling of being surrounded and mocked by a group made Ling Mo feel extremely uncomfortable…


The Bucket Mutant Python suddenly flicked its tail, and when Ling Mo and his group was completely distracted by it, the small mutant pythons shot out like arrows from a bow.

Although they were small, each one of them was at least as thick as an arm.

There were many mutant pythons swiftly approaching them, terrifying Lucy so much that she closed her eyes and shook Ling Mo’s neck vigorously, “AHHHHHH!”

“You… You’re about to choke me to death….

Ling Mo, who was feeling dizzy from all the shaking, immediately created a circle of invisible spiritual tentacles around him.

The mutant pythons that rushed first, hit this layer of spiritual tentacles, and despite the strong impact, they were immediately repelled.

Being hit by the spiritual tentacles was equivalent to being shocked by Ling Mo’s spiritual power. Almost every one of them slithered on the ground dazed, unable to move.

Ye Lian and the others quickly advanced and struck them.

Although their movements seemed to be chaotic, with the calmness and violent instincts that zombies had, each strike was likely to hit a vital part.

For a while, red snakes kept flying, and several female zombies shuttled between them, moving fast, and puffs of blood bloomed out between the flickering cold lights.

Nana walked out of Shana’s shadow. After separating, Dark Shana gripped scythe and moved much quicker and vigorously.

A cold light flashed forward and as soon as she killed a mutant python, she immediately turned around with her scythe, and the blade followed her turning movement, drawing a dazzling crescent moon, directly chopping the mutant python that had jumped behind into two.

Nana, who was holding her blood-red scythe, was not any slower.

Although her spiritual power wasn’t able to materialize and it was impossible for her to physically harm these mutant pythons, she was still able to make the spiritual power of these mutant pythons fluctuate, causing them to instantly lose control of their bodies.

Together with Dark Shana, they were simply a meat grinder, which was very scary.

Yu Shi Ran and Hei Si cooperated and struck together. In any case, Lucy’s eyes were tightly shut, so she didn’t notice those silver wires that flew past her.

Once the silver threads entangled with a mutant python, Yu Shi Ran would rush over.

However, although she looked like a little girl, she had the essence of a wild zombie, which meant that her attacks were very brutal.

She would first grab the mutant python’s head, using one foot to step on the mutant python’s tail, uttering a “Uh!”. Her brows furrowed as her little hands pulled hard.


After an eerie sound, a badly mangled corpse would fly out from her hands, and cheers from the loli could be heard as it landed.

The skin of these mutant pythons was thick and tough, and the scales were extremely hard. Even the female zombies that had high combat power could not kill them right away.

As for Ling Mo, he stared at the bucket mutant python….

For some reason, this bucket mutant python gave him a feeling of déjà vu.

And the way this mutant python looked at him didn’t seem to be cold at all.

“Snakes are cold-blooded animals. No matter how much they evolved, they shouldn’t be able to develop emotions… Could it be that they ate too many gels from the zombies?”

Ling Mo was shocked by this thought, but he did feel that the expression given to him by the snake was as if he was trying to say, “Hey, I finally found you.”

“But I don’t remember it… Even if I did know it, it was probably because I had let it go…”

Ling Mo felt his back turn numb while being stared at by it, and he started to feel that something was wrong.

This python hasn’t attacked for a long time, but its body was always squirming, and it had sent so many small mutant pythons as cannon fodder.

“It is definitely up to something!”

Noticing that Nana’s spiritual power attack seemed to be quite effective, Ling Mo also lashed out with two giant spiritual tentacles.

One of the two tentacles shot forward first and attracted the attention of the bucket mutant python.

It was a beast after all, and after evolving, it had become quite sensitive to its surroundings.

As soon as this tentacle appeared, although it couldn’t see or smell it, it was still able respond appropriately by sensing the terrifying force.

The snake immediately shrank down and opened its mouth wide, as if it was about to spray poison.

“Sure enough, he has a trump card!”

Although Ling Mo was horrified, he still shot out his other tentacle at this moment, aiming for the snake’s mouth!

The bucket mutant python wasn’t able to respond at all since he was in the middle of releasing his venom after dodging the first tentacle.

As soon as the tentacle entered the mouth, the snake wanted to immediately close it, but the other tentacle had already rolled back, directly hooking onto its upper jaw, forcefully pulling it open.

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