My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 451

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 451 – Don’t drill a hole randomly

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung


The mutant python’s mouth was ripped open, and the spiritual tentacles immediately drove straight in.

Very soon, the mutant python had gotten extremely frustrated and rolled around frantically.

Once that huge body moved, the scene in front of them became quite shocking.

The weeds were completely crushed, the rockery was swept to pieces, and even the big rocks were fanned away.

“It’s like a large train is rolling around!”

Ling Mo was stunned by this scene, but he had to concentrate at this time.

The struggling from this mutant python made his control and attack extremely difficult, and a slight distraction from his concentration might lead to the collapse of his spiritual power, which would then cause him to lose.

“You’re still struggling so hard. It seems that you still have a lot of spirit…”

Ling Mo sneered, and suddenly his pupils shrank, “Let’s see whether I can absorb it!”

The tips of materialized spiritual tentacles that were originally stuck in the throat of the mutant python’s body, instantly dematerialized the moment Ling Mo’s mind took action.

After escaping the restrictions of the materialized tentacles, it extended silently and directly into the flat head of this mutant python.

Although mutant pythons weren’t intelligent creatures and their spiritual strength was limited, it was still an extremely difficult task to find a way to successfully absorb their spiritual power in this chaotic state.

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The animal instincts of this mutant python made it aware of the danger, and it struggled more frantically. It opened its mouth wide and rammed itself directly towards Ling Mo like a derailed train.

“AHHH! Run! The snake is coming!”

Lucy’s face was pale as she yelled. Her arms were wrapped around Ling Mo’s neck while her legs were wrapped around his waist.

“I… I’m trying…”

Ling Mo flushed red as he rolled over with such a heavy object. Fortunately, his body was pretty fit.

During the process of rolling, Lucy remained in her original position without letting go even once.

Being able to do this could also be counted as skill.

It could be seen that this snake’s existence to her was more than just scary…

Lucy’s whole body was tightly attached to Ling Mo, and she was wearing a tight leather jacket, which felt very unusual…

But at this moment, the situation was so chaotic and critical that Ling Mo couldn’t feel anything other than “heaviness”.

Even when he accidentally used Lucy’s chest as a cushion while rolling, Ling Mo didn’t realize it at all.


The mutant python’s head went past Ling Mo’s side and directly smashed into the wall behind him.

After a loud noise, dust rose, and a large hole appeared in the wall.

Before the mutant python had time to pull his head out, Ling Mo immediately controlled his spiritual tentacle and began to devour its spirit.

‘Devour’ can only be regarded as an auxiliary ability extended by the tentacles.

It could only be done by using the tentacles as a medium, and the speed at which it devoured would definitely also be limited.

It’s like using a straw. Isn’t the process of liquid passing through a straw the same concept?

And once the devouring begins, the recipient will feel as if something in his head was about to come out from his ears.

A huge sense of panic will make an opponent resist more fiercely. And this kind of resistance would also make Ling Mo’s devouring ability more difficult to use.

This snake was no exception. Its body and tail swayed vigorously, smashing the surrounding area into pieces.

Loud noises echoed continuously in Ling Mo’s ear, and gusts of winds swept across his face that were so strong that even his skin felt pain.

In such a situation, Ling Mo really had no spare energy left to maintain the rest of his spiritual tentacles.

“Who the fuck said it was easy to multitask!?”

Ling Mo closed his eyes and shouted in his heart while the debris was constantly hitting him.

Fortunately, the more the mutant python struggled, the more unable it became in pulling its head out.

Not to mention Ling Mo’s tentacles were currently also holding it in place….

“It’s easy to go in a hole but hard to get out. Did you really think I’ll let you out that easily!” A blue vein throbbed in Ling Mo’s forehead as he cursed.


The head of the mutant python was stuck on the other side of the wall, and no matter how much it thrashed about, it could only smash the surrounding wall next to it and couldn’t cause the wall trapping it to collapse.

“Fortunately, this zoo was well-built and not made from tofu….”

Ling Mo’s eyes had become bloodshot. He not only had to avoid the smaller mutant python, he also had to guard against this crazy snake and at the same time concentrate on devouring its spirit…

In this state, the consumption rate of spiritual power was much more than before.

Fortunately, the spiritual power gained from his devouring was continuously being integrated into Ling Mo’s spiritual ball of light and since it was a snake, it didn’t have many memories that could interfere with Ling Mo.

Only a few weird memory fragments would occasionally float through Ling Mo’s mind, making him involuntarily shudder.

However, this also made him understand how this nest of snakes came to be.

“It turns out that they are the offspring of the previous mutant python… That snake actually gave birth when it died! No wonder this litter seems to recognize me even when I didn’t recognize you! Your father and mother weren’t from the same breed, were they? I have no idea what kind of pattern this is…. The scales are so unique …”

Although their appearances seemed different, judging from one of the memories, this nest of snakes was indeed left by that mutant python.

After they were born, the first smell they remembered was Ling Mo’s, which was why they didn’t leave this place.

A mutant snake’s instinct for revenge was very strong and Ling Mo knew this from experience.

If it wasn’t because he had left so soon and didn’t show up nearby, this nest of snakes would probably have gone looking for him for revenge.

After they were born, the corpse of their mother became their first food.

Because the mother was a high-level mutant beast, their evolutionary speed and strength were much stronger than the first-generation mutant snake.

After swallowing the mutant beasts that hadn’t left the zoo, they began to feed on the nearby zombies.

The amusement park that had a large number of zombies became their dedicated hunting ground.

When they were hungry, they would run out to hunt, and when they wanted to rest, they would come back to the nest.

As mutant snakes, they no longer had the habit of hibernating.

But just like zombies, one meal could support them for quite a while, so their demand for food was little.

However, their reproduction speed was obviously very fast. They were able to reproduce into such a large number in such a short time…

“You guys are probably all busy giving birth when you’re not hunting!” Ling Mo couldn’t help crying.

Ten minutes later, Ye Lian and the girls had almost killed off all the small mutant pythons.

Except for a small number of pythons that were still moving, the rest of the pythons had either been decapitated or chopped into pieces.

Snake corpses were everywhere, and the stench filled the surroundings.

Ya Lin was beheading snakes while searching the corpses for mutant beast gels and digging them out.

Under the constant devouring of Ling Mo, the struggling from the bucket mutant python also began to slow down.

It slowly turned into an idiot, and its movements naturally became more headless.

Even if Ling Mo stopped holding its head, it probably wouldn’t be able to pull itself out from the wall.

In fact, it tried to push itself in even further. Seeing it squirm forward, Ling Mo couldn’t help but sneer.

“Hmph, you can’t just randomly drill into some holes.”

Ling Mo accelerated his devouring speed, and these spiritual powers quickly supplemented most of his consumption.

Seeing the mutant python begin to gradually slow down, Ling Mo’s eyes showed a joyful expression.

“I wonder how big the virus hive will be….”

From his spiritual sense, Ling Mo was sure that this high-level mutant beast had transformed its virus gel to a virus hive.

But like zombies, the strength of mutant beasts can’t be judged by the so-called “levels”.

At the same level of evolution, there are many different types of combat strengths.

This was true for zombies, let alone mutant beasts.

Ling Mo and his party’s battle with the mutant pythons seemed to be coming to an end.

At this time, in the artificial lake that connected the amusement park and the zoo, a ripple suddenly appeared on the calm lake.

This ripple quickly approached in the direction of the zoo. Under the sunlight, it seemed to hide a frightening red shadow under the water…

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