My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 452

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 452 – Showing up in an eerie way

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

A few minutes later, Ye Lian and the others had collected all the virus gels from the mutant snakes.

Looking at their bulging pockets, one could tell that they had a fruitful harvest this time.

Ling Mo coughed, stretched his arms, and helplessly said, “Lulu, um… don’t you think you should let go of me now?”

“Snake… snake….”

Lucy, who always wore a cold expression on her face, desperately hung on to Ling Mo, and was trembling at this moment.

It’s just that her shaking not only added a greater burden on Ling Mo, but also made some parts of her body stick closer to him.

“Relax, the snakes are gone. We’ve killed them all.” Ling Mo said.

Lucy lay on Ling Mo’s shoulder, listened carefully for a while, and then nervously opened her eyes a little.

When she saw all the snake corpses littered on the ground, she clasped Ling Mo’s neck tightly and yelled.

After a few seconds, she slowly recovered from her panic, opened one eye again, and took a peek.

“Really… They’re really dead….”

After getting off Ling Mo’s body, Lucy looked around before finally feeling relieved.

As soon as her heart began to relax, her body immediately became soft, and she fell back into Ling Mo’s arms.

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The two looked at each other awkwardly, ending when Lucy quickly pushed Ling Mo away.

“Haha… I didn’t expect you to be so scared of snakes. Could it be that a snake drilled into your bed when you were a child?” Ling Mo teased.

Lucy glared at him, “Whose bed was drilled by a snake!? I just… Don’t know why I’m afraid of this creature… Speaking of which…” She stroked her hair before resentfully complained. “This was all your fault! You’re the one that recklessly decided to run in here and we ended up running into a snake’s nest. I still don’t understand why you would want to do such a thing….”


Ling Mo pondered for a moment.

He had deliberately come here to find the snakes and scared Lucy in the process. It was too difficult to convince her that he came here just to visit.

As for his real purpose, he could never tell her.

He couldn’t tell her that the people around him were all zombies and that they needed to swallow the brain gels of these terrible creatures….

No matter how accepting a person is, they wouldn’t be able to accept this!

Even if they were able to accept this, could they have no worries?

It’s not that Ling Mo didn’t understand Lucy’s sincere and expectant gaze, but he really couldn’t tell the truth.

“Haha, just think of it as clearing their nest. Otherwise, if they’re allowed to multiply like this, I’m afraid that this area will be completely occupied by them soon.” Ling Mo showed a strange smile and said grimly, “Think about it this way. This place isn’t far away from Century City. Who knows what might happen after you guys establish yourselves in Century City? The whole building could be full of mutant snakes one night…”

“AHH! Don’t say anymore!”

Lucy’s imagination seemed to be quite good. Ling Mo’s poor description actually constructed a vivid picture in her mind.

She screamed, and the image that she had just created was completely shattered again.

The doubts in her mind were dispelled by fear.

“You…you’re deliberately teasing me!”

Seeing Ling Mo look at her with an amused expression, Lucy recovered from her fear and angrily exclaimed.

“This smell really stinks….” Ling Mo turned around casually, stared at the snake corpses on the ground, and covered his nose.

“Yeah.” Shana said, “Let’s get out here now.”

Her proposal immediately got a unanimous agreement. The stench here was enough to make one faint.

“However, this is only the first half of the zoo…”

In the entire X-City, the only place where a large number of mutant beasts could reside was this zoo.

Although Ling Mo felt that there wouldn’t be any other creatures here, it would be a pity if he didn’t finish searching the entire zoo….

“Hey, why does it sound like you’re not planning to leave yet?!” Lucy said in surprise.

Suddenly, a large cloud of mist exploded out from the sparkling lake.

Several jets of water shot into the sky, as if a bomb was detonated in the water.

The calmness of the water surface was suddenly destroyed, and among the water droplets that scattered all over the sky, a pair of blood-red eyes was staring in the direction of the zoo…

“Huh? I think I just heard a fart sound.” Ling Mo said, turning his gaze to the rear in surprise.

He turned looked at Lucy with an inquiring look—

There was only one way to stop Ling Mo….

Lucy bit her lip, looked at the direction of the lake, and then at Ling Mo.

After hesitating for a full five or six seconds, she finally gritted her teeth and said, “It has nothing to do with me, it’s probably the movement from over there!”

Seeing Ling Mo’s successful smile, Lucy clenched her fists and said in heart, “You’re a jerk! Even if there are snakes over there, I would still say it came from them. There’s no way I would tell him that this “fart sound” came from me!”.

“That sound was quite loud. I don’t think it belongs to an ordinary mutant beast. Could it be an existence similar to a snake king?”

Ling Mo said thoughtfully.

“Ah… That wasn’t a fart sound?” Ye Lian suddenly showed a look of realization and then gave Lucy a somewhat sorry look.

“Why are you looking at me with that look?! Could it be that you all thought that it was me just now?”

Lucy was stunned and glanced around. Sure enough, she saw Shana and Ya Lin quickly turning their heads, acting like nothing was wrong. But Yu Shi Ran looked at her for two seconds before suddenly turning her head and avoiding her gaze.

“I swear to god I’ll fight you all…”

Ling Mo felt the strength of his current spiritual power, and then eagerly said, “If it really is a snake king, then that would be great!”

“How is that great!?” Lucy glared.

“However, the large mutant python was already troublesome. If it really is a snake king, then it will probably be bigger than this and I don’t think it will be so easy to deal with. I think it would be best to wait here and rely on the complex environment to restrain it. With so many snake corpses here, there isn’t a need to worry about it not coming.”

Ling Mo snorted coldly and said.

They found a place nearby to make an ambush and stared closely at the direction where the loud noise came from.

The stench and bloody smell in the area were enough to cover up the smell on them.

For them, a few minutes seemed like hours.

Suddenly, the trees started to shake. The branches and leaves rocked, and a sound was heard very clearly in the silence.

This shaking wasn’t due to being blown by the wind as the sound was quickly approaching them.

It was as if some big guy was walking through the woods, gradually approaching Ling Mo and his group from a distance.

Ling Mo immediately felt a chill down his spine. Lucy clenched her fists involuntarily, and cold sweat began to flow from her smooth forehead.

“It’s coming…”

The snake king’s manner of entrance was really unique. At first, you could hear his movements without seeing his shadow. Next, you would be able to feel the wind caused by a moving shadow, but you still wouldn’t be able to see its true body.

But this kind of entrance brought a stronger sense of psychological oppression to them.

After staring at the woods for a few seconds, Ling Mo already felt cold sweat in his palms.

He didn’t rashly stretch out his tentacles to probe, lest he alerted the snake.

“Could it be an overlord? I have never seen an overlord level mutant snake. If it really is the size of a train, how big is the virus hive inside….”

Ling Mo touched the mutant python virus hive in his arms. This piece was already the size of a chicken egg, and it felt quite heavy.

They had a lot of virus gels and a virus hive of mutant pythons. It was enough to make the virus in Ya Lin’s body completely aligned towards mutant snakes.

But if they could start with a stronger virus hive, maybe it could stimulate Ya Lin to improve even further!

“Even if Senior Sister doesn’t eat it, I can still give it to Hei Si… But in Hei Si’s current situation, no matter how far it evolves, it’s difficult to judge what kind of level it has reached…”

Ling Mo thought as he stared closely at the bush while hiding in the grass.

“Shua~ Shua~”

After a moment, the trees and weeds in front of them suddenly separated, and a pair of scary blood-red eyes appeared in the darkness…

It was like two red light bulbs suddenly appeared late at night, and everyone who saw them couldn’t help but swallow their saliva.

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