My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 453

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 453 – Acting cute is obviously what you’re born to do.

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung


It was another shake, and the owner of the red eyes suddenly jumped out while everyone was watching nervously!


The landing sound and tremor that came from the ground was so heavy that it caused one to feel fear.

Ling Mo took a deep breath, pushed aside the weeds in front of him, and got a better look at it….

“… Wasn’t… Wasn’t this supposed to be a snake king…?”

“Even if it’s not the Snake King… it shouldn’t be this different!”

It wasn’t a “king”, let alone even a snake!

Ling Mo wasn’t the only one that was dumbfounded on the spot. Even Ye Lian and the others were shocked.

It was obvious that this place was a huge snake nest and was filled with the stench of snake corpses.

So why is such a creature in a place like this!

It was impossible for snakes to coexist peacefully with it…. They had no reason to live together here!

After a few seconds, Ling Mo slowly recovered from his shock, then pushed aside the weeds again, and silently looked forward.

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However, as soon as he poked his head out, a big head suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and those blood-red eyes happened to be facing him.


A paw slammed towards his head. Ling Mo pulled Ye Lian next to him and immediately backed away.


A big tree that was next to him was smashed down. After the tree fell, Ling Mo and others had retreated to another hiding spot behind a big rock.

As the tree fell, it knocked down two smaller trees and destroyed a good portion of weeds.

Ling Mo had originally thought that this terrifying monster would have been crushed underneath, but he didn’t expect it to be so agile.


With a very strange cry, a huge body jumped out of the scattered branches and leaves and landed accurately on a trunk.

It raised its front paws on its chest, maintaining a standing posture, staring closely at Ling Mo and the others before letting out another cry


“Isn’t… Isn’t this…”

Lucy asked, staring at the monster with widened eyes, completely flabbergasted.

Ling Mo had a serious look on his face and whispered, “Ah… Indeed, this is….”

This monster had a chubby body, and was about three to four meters tall. It had fluffy fur that was about half a foot long, and an overall appearance that was white.

However, the hair on the limbs, ears, under the neck, and around the eyes was a gorgeous bloody red color.

The contrast between the two colors made it look more outstanding.

White as snow, red as blood!

Its cheeks were very round, and its blood-red eyes seemed hidden within the same-colored hair, giving the feeling that it was looking at people with its eyes narrowed.

And its chubby body was shaking involuntarily while standing in a pigeon-toed pose…

“You guessed it; this is… a mutant panda!” Ling Mo said firmly.

Under the sunlight, they could still see some drops of water hanging on the panda’s body…

“This is the first time I’ve seen a panda swim! Moreover, it has a very unique roar… It really deserves to be a national treasure, being able to evolve into this way, and even survive next to a snake nest….”

At first glance, this panda’s stance seemed similar to a boxer, and after failing its ambush, it no longer rushed to attack, choosing to confront Ling Mo and the others from a distance standing up.

The front paws swayed slightly, as if it could attack at any time.


The mutant panda’s stomach shook as it let out a cry that might have sounded like a threat.

“Is it not ashamed to stand with that pose…. Does it really think it’s a Kung Fu Panda…?”

It was Ling Mo’s first time in seeing this type of mutant beast. Although the national treasure that he had previously seen at the zoo seemed naïve and was a professional at acting cute, who knew how far this mutated national treasure has evolved?!

At least one thing was certain, being able to survive next to a snake nest meant that it definitely wasn’t weak!

“When I came to the zoo last time, I was chased by that mutant python and I don’t know if there was this mutant panda…”

“Although the black hair has become red, it is indeed a giant panda…” Lucy was already staring at it in awe. “Why did it mutate when it is a creature that eats bamboo?!” she complained in a low voice. “I really can’t process this! How can this kind of creature also mutate…?”

“You’re extremely afraid of snakes, yet you love pandas a lot?” Ling Mo glanced at her and said in surprise. “This is animal discrimination…”

Shana seriously said, “It obviously ate meat, and its body size is enough to withstand the mutation. Although it is a panda, it is still a type of bear after all. Just think about how terrifying its relatives are…. It covers itself with cuteness, but hidden underneath that lovely appearance is nothing more than violence and cruelty. A single paw swipe that could fan you away is already considered light…”

“Quickly apologize to the panda lover…”

After seeing Ling Mo and girls remain motionless, the mutant panda gradually lost patience.

It suddenly grabbed a tree trunk with the thickness of a calf, as if using no strength at all, it casually tore it off…


The extremely sturdy tree trunk was easily pulled off like dry firewood and then held by the mutant panda with its two front paws as if it was holding a stick.

It stared at Ling Mo and suddenly swung back its bucket-like waist hard. With a flick of its front paw, the tree trunk shot out from its paw and straight towards Ling Mo.


A sharp sound immediately broke through the air. A single tree trunk was able to move at similar speeds as a cannonball flying. One could simply imagine how strong this throw was!

Fortunately, the speed of Ling Mo and others weren’t any slower. Right before being hit by the trunk, they immediately scattered and avoided getting hit.

The tree trunk stuck itself into the ground, creating a big hole. The big rock nearby was knocked away and fell heavily to one side.

The ground vibrated and the sound was thunderous!

“It turns out that it isn’t a Kung Fu Panda, but a Panda Brewmaster!”

Ling Mo felt dizzy from the vibration and shouted, “Don’t fight with it head on!”

Even though a leader-level zombie was extremely powerful, a collision between both powers would definitely cause mutual destruction.

The girls definitely wouldn’t pay attention to this, but Ling Mo wouldn’t let Ye Lian and others take such risks.

In order to defend against the mutant zombie last time, Ye Lian was forced into exhaustion which left Ling Mo with regrets.

He would never allow the same thing to happen a second time.

The opponent was just a panda after all, it wasn’t necessary for them to fight to the death.

What is the biggest advantage that humans had when it came to facing mutant beasts?

It’s not strength, but wisdom!


The mutant panda leaped over suddenly towards the direction of the thrown trunk. Although its body seemed bulky, once it started moving, it became extremely agile and was faster than the wind!

It rushed directly towards Ling Mo with its limbs spread out. A whooshing sound accompanied its attack as it aimed to kill Ling Mo in one strike!

As the target, Ling Mo also felt tremendous pressure. He barely had enough time to leap to the side and send out a spiritual tentacle at the same time.

The tentacles curled up around the spiritual ball of light and then twisted hard!

Spiritual Strangulation!

The mutant panda suddenly stopped mid-air, and its huge body fell straight to the ground. Struggling to get back up, a complete panda outline could be seen on the ground.


The panda was angry! After failing three consecutive attacks, the blood-red eyes that stared at Ling Mo had really narrowed!

It stared at Ling Mo, who had already jumped away, and avoided the joint assault of Shana and Ya Lin. Moving in a zigzag motion, he quickly chased after Ling Mo.

“Why the fuck are you only staring at me! I’m not the only human here this time!”

Upon hearing a sound that sounded like a big snowball rolling from behind him, Ling Mo quickly quickened his pace.

However, this mutant panda seemed determined to catch Ling Mo and kept chasing after him.

“Oh, I totally forgot…”

Ling Mo quickly thought of the reason. He was carrying a fresh virus hive of a mutant python in his arms. It was no wonder the mutant panda kept chasing after him.

He was basically asking for it!

But if he threw out the virus hive now, even if it wasn’t swallowed by the mutant panda, Lucy would definitely see it…

“AHH! Stop fucking chasing me!”

Ling Mo’s stamina was considered very good already, but compared to this mutant panda, it was way inferior.

Ling Mo didn’t know if it was because it had eaten a lot of zombie gels, but this mutant panda was clearly much smarter than ordinary mutant beasts.

If Hei Si was still the same size as before, her strength and wisdom would probably be around the same as this mutant panda.

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