My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 454

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 454 – Just don’t dive if you’re overweight

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Ling Mo’s physical strength was being rapidly exhausted as he was escaping from the mutant panda for a couple hundred meters.

As long as the opportunity presented itself, the national treasure would pull things up from the side of the road and hurl it towards Ling Mo, giving him no time to breathe.

Rocks, tree trunks, floor tiles…


A gust of wind blew towards him. Ling Mo looked up and found that the sky was blocked by a dark shadow.


The huge, flesh-like body looked like a belt seemed very familiar…

“Isn’t that the bucket mutant python?!”

The corpse of the bucket mutant python was actually pulled out from the wall by the mutant panda and was being used as a whip.

However, this mutant python’s corpse was much stronger than an ordinary chain whip. It was longer, durable, and was much more flexible…

The snake’s open mouth could also be used as a venomous barb [1]. Getting hit by the snake’s fang would be deadly.

The purplish-red snake tongue hung outside, and it didn’t seem like something one should touch.

“That purple color… I get a bad feeling when I look at this color. Even if it isn’t venomous, it definitely still isn’t anything good.”

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Because of the way the mutant panda was using the snake corpse, the girls who were chasing from behind were obstructed.

“I… I can’t aim…”

Ye Lian said frowning and lowered the sniper rifle.

Although this panda didn’t have an hourglass figure, it always moved in a ‘S’ like route as it chased.

Coupled with the corpse of the bucket mutant python that constantly interfered with her line of sight, even a talented sharpshooter like Ye Lian was unable to find a clear shot.

Although she found several chances to shoot, the panda would coincidentally be in front of Ling Mo at these exact moments and she wasn’t sure if the panda was doing this intentionally or unintentionally.

With a sniper rifle’s power, even if she could shoot the panda, it would probably harm Ling Mo as collateral damage.

If the panda was able to dodge the shot, then Ling Mo’s flesh, which they have longed for so long, could only be roasted and eaten by them.

“Damn it, I almost got slapped by it…”

Shana leaped abruptly, and the snake head swept past her feet.

Although Nana’s spiritual body had already separated from Dark Shana, she was also powerless against a mutant python that had no vitality.

She and Dark Shana couldn’t be too far from each other. Although her spiritual body couldn’t be harmed by the mutant python, it also didn’t seem possible for her to reach the mutant panda alone.

The mutant python was more than ten meters long, and the distance limit between Nana and Dark Shana was only ten meters.

“It just so happens to be our limit! That bastard meatball, you might as well roll instead! Maybe it’s faster!” Dark Shana narrowed her eyes and cursed.

“I can’t get through either.”

Ya Lin, who flashed and appeared beside Shana, said anxiously.

She quickly flashed several times but failed to get past the dancing snake corpse.

This snake corpse was swung around continuously by the mutant panda, and the rotations were getting faster and faster. Even as zombies, it was difficult to find a gap for them to go through.

Lucy followed behind Yu Shi Ran with great difficulty and secretly thought.

“I didn’t expect Ling Mo to be this fast… But this mutant panda is too powerful… With his current strength, can he really handle it?”

She turned her gaze to the three girls in front of her. She knew the girls were powerful, but right now, not even them could make a move.

The girls fighting strength couldn’t be exerted fully. Only Ling Mo, who was a spiritual psychic, could fight right now.

And Ling Mo wasn’t the type to fight directly.

However, can Ling Mo handle this crazy and violent panda alone?

Lucy had no idea. She was different from Ye Lian and the girls. It wasn’t possible for her to have that kind of blind trust in Ling Mo…

Although these female zombies were very anxious, they didn’t panic.

Even if they can’t break through the panda’s defense and group up with Ling Mo for the time being, they still wouldn’t panic.

However, the distance between them and Ling Mo couldn’t be shortened.

The mutant panda waved the snake corpse and kept making sharp cries, “MEIGRR!”


Ling Mo was trying his best to find obstacles to circle around so that he could somehow free himself from this dilemma.

“I thought that being chased in the zoo would be a thing of the past, but I really didn’t expect that history would repeat itself.”

“Last time it was only a snake that chased me, but this time it’s a panda chasing me with a snake.”

“It’s an animal that is supposed to be a professional at acting cute. But why is it so terrifying now?!”

There were several times that Ling Mo wanted to turn around and fight back, but a “whooshing” gust of wind from behind reminded him that once he slowed down, he might… No, he would definitely be killed on the spot by the snake corpse.

If he were cut from the waist, that would just mean that the panda wasn’t trying its best. Based on Ling Mo’s estimations, the possibility of being smashed into pieces was higher!

“Before the mutation, pandas were considered the national treasure. After mutating, they actually became so arrogant… I used to really despise your kind before. I thought that your only skill in life was to act cute. I never expected that your combat power would be so strong… I was wrong to curse that you guys for only knowing how to eat bamboo all day! You guys should have been given an ax to patrol the zoo instead!”

After running for a while, even Ling Mo himself didn’t know where he was going.

From his visual assessment, he should still be somewhere in the zoo… In any case, there were rockeries and green belts everywhere, and Ling Mo really had no time to look at the occasional signs on the road.

There was a large pond in front of him that also had a small corridor in the middle.

“You shouldn’t be able to use that chain whip anymore once we get over there….”

Ling Mo thought and stared at the corridor, listening to the gust behind him get closer and closer.

After barely blocking an attack with his spiritual tentacles, Ling Mo immediately accelerated and made a beeline towards the corridor.


However, the mutant panda seemed to know Ling Mo’s intentions and suddenly changed directions. It unexpectedly began to run along the pond instead.

Ling Mo, who had already rushed into the corridor, was shocked to find the panda waving the snake corpse at his side after running inside the corridor for more than ten meters.


If things were to continue like this, Ling Mo would eventually be caught by this mutant panda, and if he were to go back, the result would still be the same.

“I guess I got no choice…”

Although he was trapped with no way out, Ling Mo quickly calmed down.

There was an artificial island in the middle of the pond. He didn’t know if it was a habitat for monkeys or something else but it was a large open space.

There weren’t many obstacles on the island itself, but there were railings that surrounded the island, and there was also a ten-meter ground gap that could be used to his advantage.

“Fuck it, I’ll go hand-to-hand combat just this once! It’s just a panda that is a little bit taller and stronger!”

As Ling Mo rushed into the island in the middle of the pond, Ye Lian and the others had reached the edges of the pond.

Was it better for them to chase after the panda, or run after Ling Mo?

Before they could make a decision, the panda did something unexpected.

While it was still running alongside the artificial lake, its arms started accelerating.


The snake corpse spun like a propeller from a helicopter, allowing the panda to glide forward after jumping towards the lake.

“This is… a bamboo dragonfly! Was it being possessed by Doraemon at this moment?”

Ling Mo was taken aback. The IQ of this panda wasn’t low!

The difficulty of dealing with a mutant beast with such a high IQ wasn’t as simple as fighting someone twice as strong.

“But… that means it’s defenseless while it’s gliding!”

After recovering from his shock, Ling Mo was overjoyed, “I was so surprised for a moment. It turns out that although it has a high IQ, it is very unlucky….”

“You thought you were smart, but right now you’re completely defenseless!”

Not only Ling Mo, but Ye Lian too reacted immediately. She took aim at this mutant panda with her sniper rifle.

From the time the panda resolutely jumped out, it had only passed one second.

Just as Ling Mo was about to use his tentacles and Ye Lian was about to pull the trigger, the panda suddenly accelerated—-


A large body of water splashed out, as if a bomb was thrown into the lake, and a huge, deep black hole appeared in the lake…

“Uhh… Holy shit, it’s so heavy!

Ling Mo was stunned for a second before coming back to his senses.

Because of its terrifying weight, this mutant panda and the snake corpse sank directly into the water.

Although the surface of the water was still fluctuating violently, Ling Mo and the others couldn’t find their shadows at all….

[1] – No it’s not short for barbarian. The definition of this is “the sharp part of a fishhook or arrow that makes it difficult to remove from something caught on it.”

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