My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 455

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 455 – You got tricked

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Staring at the undulating water surface, the expression on Ling Mo’s face gradually tensed up.

Ten seconds had passed…

One minute passed…

Yet the mutant panda and the body of the mutant python never surfaced.

The intentions of the mutant panda were very obvious. It must have believed that it could glide itself over the water surface and reach the island.

Unfortunately, the reality was completely different, and it’s heavy weight caused it to sink mid-air.

But even if it dropped all the way to the bottom of the lake, it should have quickly floated back up…

“Could it be that… this panda knows how to hold its breath?”

Ling Mo frowned, walked cautiously to the island shore, and looked into the artificial lake.

Although the surface of the water gradually calmed down, Ling Mo knew it was still dangerous inside the green lake.

Ling Mo and his group were out in the open while the mutant panda was hidden in the darkness…

The narrow corridor stood alone on the water surface. Ye Lian and the girls were still standing on the other end.

“No matter how fast we are; it’ll probably take us at least five seconds to reach the island through this corridor. And during this time… what if the panda decides to ambush us from the water? There isn’t any place to find cover in this corridor…”

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Lucy said while calculating, “The mutant panda can easily whip the snake corpse at us and its force simply isn’t something we can go against…”

“Hmph, three seconds is enough. What are you so afraid of? No matter how strong it is, it’s still just a panda.”

Shana stepped forward as her short skirt swayed in the wind.

She carried her scythe and swept her eyes towards the lake. At the same time, Nana slowly walked out of her shadow.

Whether it was their vision or sense of smell, it was temporarily useless since this mutant panda was hiding under the water.

And no one knows how long it can hold its breath…

“Hey, don’t take such risks… Why not just wait until it can’t hold its breath no more?”

Just as Lucy yelled out and subconsciously reached out to grab Shana’s arm, she suddenly felt a chill in her back and stopped moving.

Only Shana was standing in front of her. Ye Lian, Ya Lin, and Yu Shi Ran were all standing behind Lucy.

But right then, she clearly felt another gaze staring right in her eyes.

It was as if there was something invisible hidden in the void…

“The opponent is just a big stupid bear. Why should we follow its rhythm?”

Shana snorted coldly and said, “I’m going to pull it out of the water and then turn its eyes into real panda eyes. That’s my style!”

“That style of yours isn’t something to be proud of…Speaking of which, just now, was that an illusion…?”

Lucy glanced at Shana suspiciously and nodded to herself, “Yeah, it must have been an illusion. It is probably because I saw too many snakes today so I’m a little nervous… Yes, that’s definitely the reason…”

Compared to the speculation that “there is actually an invisible person standing in front of you”, an “illusion” was much easier to accept…

Separated by a corridor, Ling Mo couldn’t see the expression on Shana’s face.

“Huh? Why are you waving your hand? And why did Nana appear all of the sudden?”

He squinted his eyes and watched every move on the other side.

When Dark Shana waved, Nana’s spiritual body had already stepped onto the corridor.

“Is it okay for Nana to walk out so casually? Oh… that’s right, I forgot… This panda can’t tell if anyone is above it unless it hears or senses something since it is at the bottom of the water…”

But whether it was Ling Mo, the female zombies, or even Lucy, they could all easily walk stealthily.

Deliberately reducing all movements to the lowest decibel was an essential survival skill that every survivor must have mastered by now.

As for zombies, their mastery in this area were even greater since it was a requirement in order for them to hunt.

“Hearing doesn’t seem very useful… Then… Ah, when this panda attacked me for the first time, didn’t it rely on its senses to find me?”

Ling Mo suddenly realized the problem. No wonder Shana acted without hesitation. It seems that this zombie girl had already noticed this.

“Could her powers of observation have doubled after separating?” Ling Mo was stunned.

After Nana’s spiritual body walked about seven or eight meters, Dark Shana smiled, “I’m going off now.”

She followed Nana closely, moving very briskly.

Her movements seemed very random, however even if one listened closely, one wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of her footsteps or the sound of her breathing.

Sneaking was a natural ability that zombies had…

If one wasn’t staring at her with his own eyes, he would’ve thought that Dark Shana was merely just a shadow.

“So this is the reason why zombies are so successful in their sneak attacks… They’re able to greatly reduce their sense of existence in order to achieve the purpose of approaching their prey silently through a series of actions such as holding their breath, tightening their bodies, slowing their heartbeats, and relaxing their footsteps. In this state, even the sharpest senses could be deceived. Sure enough, zombies are natural born hunters…”

Even Ling Mo thought that Dark Shana would disappear the moment he looked away, let alone the mutant panda…

Meanwhile, under the water…

The light level under the water had become very low after entering several meters deep.

A huge shadow suddenly passed by, and its blood-red eyes could still be seen faintly even in the weak light.

And because it was in the dark, it looked even more frightening.

If someone was under the water at this moment, they would probably be scared to death by the black shadow that had suddenly passed by.


Suddenly, the dark shadow hidden in the depths of the lake slowly approached the water surface.

Its blood-red eyes opened in the water, following the faint light, seemingly looking towards the water surface.


The water surface by the corridor suddenly exploded. At the same time, a huge shadow jumped up along with the fountain-like water burst.


The mutant panda jumped into the air, holding the mutant python in his hand, and slammed it towards the corridor with a heavy throw.

However, there was no one standing there!


The mutant panda’s eyes suddenly dilated, and its round cheeks bulged even more.

Although its face was covered in hair, if it could speak human words, it would have most likely said, “You fuckers tricked me!”

Nana’s spiritual body had attracted all the attention. When the mutant panda jumped out of the water, Dark Shana had already jumped high in the air, waving her scythe, while Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles had also fired out.

While on the shore, Ye Lian took just one second to aim and shoot!


The damage from a sniper rifle at such a close distance was enormous.

The mutant panda swung around in mid-air and wrapped the mutant python around his body like a bath towel.

Sticky blood exploded, and the unfortunate panda fell heavily into the water along with the bloody mutant python corpse.

A large part of the lake water was instantly dyed red. But the panda didn’t appear even after a series of bubbles showed up on the water surface.

Instead, the mutant python corpse floated up after ten seconds. Not only was there a big hole created by a sniper bullet, but also traces of Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles and Shana’s slashes.

But judging from those traces, the mutant panda was still alive…

“It’s not dead yet…”

If it were an ordinary mutant beast, this three-pronged attack would have blasted it to pieces.

Ling Mo sent out his spiritual tentacles to track inside the lake and caught a spiritual ball of light quickly escaping into the distance.

In the deep and icy lake, the injured mutant panda was swimming away.

Its natural instinct allowed it to know the direction of the water outlet according to the water flow in the deep lake.

The water in this artificial lake wasn’t motionless. It was connected to the large lake at the amusement park through an underground waterway.

Of course, the mutant panda didn’t know this, however its survival instincts were now pushing it to make the right decisions.

“Damn it. It actually escaped in this situation…”

Ling Mo frowned, and was about to stop following the panda, but suddenly found that its spiritual ball of light suddenly stopped somewhere…

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