My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 456

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 456 – Who told you to drill

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“That’s strange, why isn’t it moving?”

Ling Mo turned his head in doubt and looked towards the direction where the spiritual ball of light stopped.

The artificial lake was oval shaped, with the corridor at the circumference and the island at the center point.

To put it simply, the shape of the lake looked like an enlarged egg that isn’t well-proportioned, causing it to look rather weird.

The mutant panda escaped to the other side of the island in the lake.

This was equivalent to escaping from the upper part of the egg all the way to the tip at the bottom.

And on the other side of the lake over there, there were no corridors.

If Ling Mo and the others wanted to stop the mutant panda, they could only go through the corridor, return to the shore, and then chase it along the lake…

The way the mutant panda moved was linear, while Ling Mo and his group could only follow it through the arc-shaped shore…

If they were to chase it on land, the distance between the two parties would undoubtedly increase, and it wouldn’t be that simple to catch up.

“The designer must have hit his head when he was a baby! Who the hell would use this kind of shape?! It would only increase the burden on visitors and consume their physical strength!”

Originally, Ling Mo had prepared to try his best, and even started to accumulate energy, but he didn’t expect that… the mutant panda would stop by itself!

“What’s wrong? Did your blood start boiling so much that you wanted to turn around and fight us instead?”

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Seeing that it didn’t move for a while, Ling Mo slowly approached it tentatively, “Hehe, I didn’t expect that you would be so prideful. You definitely deserve to be named as a national treasure. I knew you wouldn’t run away that easily… Very good, I like it. After chasing me for such a long time, you ran away as soon as you found out that you couldn’t beat us. Whether it’s a zombie or a beast, that’s quite embarrassing…”

Although he was muttering a lot of nonsense, Ling Mo’s actions were actually quite cautious.

Talking to himself could also help relieve his nervousness to a certain extent, allowing him to make various judgments more rationally.

A string will break if it’s too tight, and the same applies for the mind.

He already knows how powerful this crazy mutant panda really is.

Who knows whether the panda’s current action is actually a trick or not?

“It could be pretending to be like one of those predator fishes that don’t move and try to bait themselves. Once the prey tries to bite them, they would be eaten to death….”

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to where the mutant panda is, Ling Mo gradually became more tense.

While the water surface looked calm from a distance, there were bubbles constantly rising from the bottom of the water.

However, judging from the bubbles, it seems that the mutant panda’s situation wasn’t so good.

“Trying to pretend that you’re about to suffocate in order to make me come over to see what is going on. However, you’ll jump out of the water and bite my head off with your big bloody mouth the moment I go over there, right?”

Ling Mo quickly sent his spiritual tentacles to probe down below while he took two steps back away from the shore.

“Sure enough, it’s really under here…. Now that you’ve brought me here, what are you going to do? After abandoning the chain whip… No, the mutant python, are you planning on jumping out and fighting me with Tai Chi?”

On the shore, Ling Mo was speculating the intentions of the mutant panda, guarding against the possibility of a sneak attack from the national treasure at any time.

But at the bottom of the water….


The panda’s lazy eyes have never been opened so wide as they were now.

Through the lake, it vaguely saw a fleeting figure on the shore, and it couldn’t help but stretch out its paw to wave, “MIE…GURU!”

A large string of bubbles immediately emerged from the gap in its other paw, and it quickly retracted its paw.

Even if it were to cover its mouth and nose with both paws at the same time, the round cheeks of the mutant panda indicated that it was close to reaching its limit….

At this time, its upper body was twisting vigorously, but because of its very large waist being stuck somewhere, the air stored in its body was constantly being forced out…

As for where it was stuck…

At the sewer pipe of this artificial lake, there is actually an iron fence.

Although it had become very rusty after a long period of soaking, the probability of breaking a fence underwater wasn’t very large.

When the mutant panda was fleeing, it was clearly in a hurry.

It made a hole in the fence with its powerful hind legs and then drilled back in the hole while maintaining its position.

Even if it’s a panda, the legs are always thinner than the waist.

After its two hind paws entered the waterway smoothly, the mutant panda acted as if it had seen victory…


The mutant panda was immediately stunned the moment it discovered its waist had gotten stuck.

After recovering its senses, the panda made a move that it would regret for the rest of its life.

It actually… tried to squeeze itself in.

Just like how some people wear pants, they have the idea that they would be able to pull the zipper up as long as they sucked their stomachs in a little. The mutant panda obviously had the same idea.

Its belly was so big, but as long as it was able to suck it in, it would be able to succeed…

But the mutant panda would never have expected that it would be squeezing itself into the abyss…


The mutant panda quickly discovered that… it was stuck!

It tried to squeeze itself in deeper, but it didn’t work.

And pulling itself out also failed…

This waterway was like some kind of evil hole, once it inserted itself inside, it would never be able to pull itself out again!

The mutant panda was anxious. It began struggling hard, and with all the squeezing, the oxygen stored in its powerful lungs was rapidly decreasing…

As a very clever mutant panda, it quickly realized that it was screwed!

At this moment, Ling Mo appeared on the shore…

Even though the opponent was just a prey, the mutant panda couldn’t help but stretch out its paw…

But the reality was so cruel. It didn’t even allow the mutant panda the chance to struggle…

The mutant panda eyes soon rolled up, and more bubbles continued to emerge from its paws…

“Guru Guru…”

By now, Ling Mo had waited on the shore for five minutes. As for Ye Lian and the girls, they were also waiting on the shore as well.

Since Lucy had chased after them for so long and was suffering from a head injury, she was sitting on a big rock not far away to rest.

“What… What are we… What are we waiting for exactly…?”

Ye Lian asked suspiciously. She squatted down, holding her cheeks in her hands, and stared at the water.

“This panda sure can hold its breath for a long time. It’s still in the same place as before….” Ling Mo touched his chin, revealing a confused look.

Shana took a step forward and slammed her scythe into the water, “Get out of the water!”

The blade pierced the water and a lot of water splashed instantly.

“Guru Guru!”

Hearing the movements above the water, the mutant panda writhed with bulging eyes.

“I think I hear some sounds below….”

Yu Shi Ran said suddenly.

Seeing Ling Mo look at her, the zombie loli immediately snorted and pointed at her “scarf”, “She was the one that said it.”

“Hei Si?”

As a mutant beast, Hei Si’s sense of smell and hearing were naturally very strong.

However, what did she mean by below?

“Under the water. She seems to have heard something.”

Yu Shi Ran said and pointed at the water surface angrily.

“Did the panda finally run out of patience?”

“No…” Yu Shi Ran frowned, thinking for a while, and finally thought of a way to describe it.

She motioned Ling Mo to look at her, then suddenly pinched her nose with her little hand, and puffed her cheeks.

“Huchi Huchi”

After letting out two big breaths of air, she let go of her nose again, and opened her mouth as if she was gasping for air.

She then held her stomach and twisted her waist to make a movement similar to a struggle.

However, the zombie loli was struggling so hard that her boobs looked like they were about to pop out at any time…

“This… and then this…”

As Ling Mo stared at her with stunned eyes, the zombie loli finally finished the performance with satisfaction. She clapped her hands and raised her head triumphantly, “How’s that? You understand now, right? Humph-Humph…”

“You actually can humph after that…”

Ling Mo stared at her for a while, and suddenly stretched out his hand weakly and gave her head a thump, “Only a crazy person would understand that!”

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