My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 457

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 457 – Guesses are often far from the truth

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“But… I think I can figure out what you’re trying to say… That panda isn’t necessarily holding on to a trump card, but something has happened to it, right?”

Ling Mo squeezed his chin and said thoughtfully.

Covering her forehead, the depression on Yu Shi Ran’s face immediately swept away as she nodded excitedly, and said, “YES! Hei Si said that its movements sounded a bit strange, but it didn’t sound like it was trying to ambush us.”

Shana also nodded and said, “She’s right. If it really wanted to ambush us, it would have jumped out when you first arrived. We are now all standing around here waiting for it with our hands in our pockets. In this situation, it should have escaped a long time ago. The strange thing is that it hasn’t moved at all…”

“It’s a pity that my spiritual tentacles don’t have eyes…”

Ling Mo looked back at Lucy and walked closer to the water once he saw the groggy look on her face.

More than a dozen spiritual tentacles spread out and slowly dived into the water.

Under Yu Shi Ran’s guidance, Ling Mo was able to control his spiritual tentacles to reach the designated position.

“En, Hei Si said this is the place.”

With Hei Si’s spiritual power, it wasn’t difficult to detect Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles, which made guiding the direction even easier.

Through Yu Shi Ran’s mouth, her intentions were actually understood very clearly.

At the same time, in Ling Mo’s mind, an approving laughter echoed.

“She must be saying OK…” Ling Mo muttered, “Hei Si’s laughter.”

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“WHAT?” Yu Shi Ran tilted her head and glanced at Ling Mo, then snorted coldly and said, “How dare you claim to be her owner?! How could that possibly mean ‘ok’?”

“She clearly said, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect for Ling Mo to do a good job. I guess humans are still teachable, but he is still far from my ideal master and he isn’t comparable to Half-moon at all.’ That’s what she meant, understand now?”

“It was just a “hee-hee” sound, how could it have such a long meaning? And that last sentence about Half-moon was obviously added by you just now!”

Ling Mo couldn’t help raising his hand again and gave the zombie loli a flick.

At the same time, his spiritual power was continuously being sent into those spiritual tentacles.

“It should work…”

It was Ling Mo’s first time in using spiritual power like this, but it could also count as him trying something new as well…

When the amount of spiritual power in the spiritual tentacles was enough, Ling Mo’s eyes narrowed, and all the spiritual tentacles immediately materialized in the water.

Like a wall, the invisible, materialized spiritual tentacles surrounded the mutant panda, and the water was quickly drawn out by the suction from the tentacles.

If it was just Ling Mo himself, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to find the location of the mutant panda. The difficulty lay in accurately wrapping the mutant panda together with the entrance of the sewer pipe.

With Hei Si’s assistance, Ling Mo was able to successfully complete his objective in one try.

Although it was only less than two seconds, Ling Mo still felt tremendous spiritual pressure.

“The water pressure is so strong…”

At the same time, the mutant panda trapped in the sewer pipe finally appeared at the bottom of the water.

Suddenly sensing the air again, the mutant panda that was stuck in the sewer pipe immediately let go of its paws and began to take in deep and rapid breaths.

It raised its head and stared at Ling Mo. In its blood-red eyes, there was an indescribable emotion.

There was both cruelty and coldness as well as another very strange emotion… of course, the coldness was the majority.

“Fuck… I can’t hold on…”

Ling Mo let out a muffled groan, and the wall of water that had just been blocked for a moment suddenly flooded back in.


Ling Mo turned his head and looked at the girls…

“I feel so dizzy… when will it get better…”

Lucy thought, rubbing her head, frowning.

The injury caused by the mutant zombie was quite serious. Even after two days of recuperation, the speed of her recovery was still very slow. Ling Mo basically refused to let her do anything during this time.

“That guy is obviously a human, yet he recovers so quickly. Compared with him, I’m becoming a burden…”

Lucy’s strong competitive nature began to show again. She gritted her teeth and pressed her wounds, causing her eyes to widen suddenly.

“It seems that… some kind of liquid was squeezed out…”

She was sluggish for two seconds, then silently lowered her arm, “I wanted to check and see if the wound got any better, but I ended up…”

“Huh, why are you bleeding again?”

A very seductive voice spoke, and Lucy quickly turned to look.

“Oh, it’s you… you’re… Senior Sister, right?”

Calling her “Senior Sister” felt strange, but Lucy didn’t know Li Ya Lin’s real name.

And this “Senior Sister” was usually cold to her, like the other girls. Why did she take the initiative to speak to her now?

“That Ling Mo, really lucked out… Each one of his girls has her own special quality…This senior sister isn’t old, but her temperament is very good. She’s charming but not flirtatious…”

Her facial features made her seem like she was mixed. She had delicate jade-like skin and a pair of deep eyes that always seemed to pull you into them.

She was different from Ye Lian’s naive personality, nor did she act the same as Shana’s evil and sometimes righteous personality, and she definitely didn’t have Yu Shi Ran’s naughtiness.

Although she was also a woman, Lucy had to admit that Ya Lin looked really attractive.

Apart from Ye Lian and the other girls, Ya Lin always seemed to have only Ling Mo in her eyes.

She didn’t give a shit about any zombies or mutant beasts.

“But Ling Mo doesn’t seem to notice it, and I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a blockhead or just got used to it…”

Lucy muttered uncomfortably, and asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

Ya Lin stretched out her finger, touched the bleeding gauze, and placed it on the tip of her nose.

“Ling Mo said you need to change the dressing. I’m here to help.”

She rubbed her fingers. Although she hesitated for a while, she finally lowered her hand, “The smell of your blood is strong here and it might attract a second giant panda. Go over there to that building with me… Let’s hide over there and change the dressing to avoid future problems. Besides, your head is bleeding again. If we don’t change the dressing now, when are you going to have time when we leave later?”

Ya Lin said and pointed at a building in the distance.

“He still remembers my injury…”

Lucy then stood up and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you. But I can dress the wounds by myself…”

“Hee-Hee, it’s fine, let me change it for you. I like bloody [1] gauzes very much.”

“What are you talking about… Isn’t it learning how to dress, not learning how to gauze?”

“It’s all the same thing, it’s all the same thing…”

When Shana saw that Ya Lin and Lucy had entered the building, she turned around, and said, “Okay! Senior Sister should be able to delay her for a long time. I also gave Senior Sister a good idea. If she’s unable to delay her, she’ll find a chance to knock her out!”

“How’s that a good idea?! And why is it Senior Sister…”

Ling Mo looked at Shana and Ye Lian. Upon seeing the excited expressions on their faces, Ling Mo suddenly realized something.

Shana doesn’t know how to trick Ye Lian, so she chose a sister who had a lower IQ and EQ than her…

They were all obviously interested in the mutant panda!

Ling Mo turned his head and looked at Yu Shi Ran, “Let’s do it again!”


After repeating the process several times, Ling Mo finally took the chance to separate two spiritual tentacles. With the help of these two tentacles and Hei Si’s countless silver threads, he forcibly pulled out the mutant panda and dragged it to the shore.

As soon as the dying mutant panda came ashore, he struggled to kick Ling Mo with his hind legs but was strangled by Ling Mo’s tentacles.

The sense of suffocation struck the mutant panda again and it immediately rolled on its back, constantly yelling.


“Who told you to be so smug!”

Ling Mo turned his gaze to the head of this mutant panda. Inside that furry head, there must be a huge virus hive…

The mutant panda seemed to notice Ling Mo’s malice and struggled even harder…

“This bastard’s strength is still so strong even after soaking in the water for so long…”

Ling Mo said, frowning, as a burst of pain erupted from his temples.


The mutant panda suddenly looked at Yu Shi Ran’s neck, “MIEGR, MIEGR, MEIGR…”

Yu Shi Ran stared at it for a while, then suddenly turned to Ling Mo silently, and began to make gestures again.



Ling Mo slapped Yu Shi Ran’s head.

[1] – The word blood in Chinese sounds similar to the word learn.

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