My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 459

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 459 – After the gunshot

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“I’m so dizzy…”

Lucy murmured as she walked out of the zoo, clutching her head.

“It must be because you lost a lot of blood… Didn’t you faint because of this?” Ling Mo said.

After waking up Lucy, Ling Mo had used this excuse to persuade her.

Repeatedly mentioning it now was just to completely dispel her doubts.

Besides, no matter whether Lucy feels strange or not, she can only persuade herself to accept this fact if she still wanted to rely on Ling Mo’s group to return back to “F” group.

“Is it really alright for me to mistreat her like this…?”

For a moment, this sentence showed up in Ling Mo’s mind….

“Really?” Lucy touched the back of her head. “But why does it hurt over here?”

“Doesn’t falling happen right after you …faint?” Ye Lian interrupted with a dazed expression on her face.

“You’re right, it seems that I’m too dizzy to even think straight.” Lucy laughed at herself, and suddenly asked, “By the way, what happened to that mutant panda?”

“I tied a big rock to it and drowned it in the lake.”

Ling Mo said, smiling slightly.

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Seeing Lucy completely believe his story, Ling Mo looked forward and a satisfied smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The newly joined mutant panda replaced Hei Si in handling the task of attracting zombies even though this was the reason that Hei Si evolved into the way she is now.

Compared with Hei Si’s previous “zombie attracting” skill, Xiao Bai’s skill was much stronger.

At this time, about a few hundred meters away from Ling Mo’s group, a giant panda was running wildly in front of a large group of zombies at an alarming speed.

It leaped high and turned suddenly.

When a large number of zombies suddenly appeared in front of it, this mutant panda suddenly braked, jumped up with extremely agile movements, and passed over the heads of more than a dozen zombies…

“It really was a good idea to keep this panda. Unfortunately, due to Lucy being in our group, we can’t keep it around us… Also, there’s no need to rush giving the mutant snake gel that we obtained from this operation to Senior Sister. We should let her get prepared first, and once her body is ready, we can just convert all the virus inside her body into the same one in one shot….”

Ling Mo thought. He turned his head and glanced at Lucy, “Why does it seem like her pupils are slightly reddish… Looking at her spiritual fluctuations, it doesn’t seem like she’s infected…”

Ling Mo stared at her for a while and still couldn’t figure it out. Noticing that Lucy realising that she was being stared at, he quickly looked to the side nonchalantly as she turned to look at him…

“By the way, where is the F group?” Ling Mo asked.

Lucy glanced at him suspiciously, and then slowly said, “It looks like you haven’t been to F-City… Didn’t I tell you before that there was a food production base? Although the city isn’t as big and prosperous as X-City, it’s not too small either. It’s a pity that there’s only a single industrial chain in F-City and there isn’t really any development potential. Moreover, the terrain is flawed. After all, it is located in the plains. No matter how much we clean up the zombies, it’s difficult to completely keep them out of the city. Compared with the Falcon camp, our base actually has some similarities…”

She suddenly said, “Speaking of which, we aren’t very far from the Air Force regiment…”

“Really? Tell me a bit more about this Air Force Regiment. I’m actually really curious about them…”

Just as Ling Mo and his group were quickly moving to their next destination, a small town a hundred kilometers away from X-City —-

Like all the other towns at this time, it looked desolate and deserted…

Cold wind blew across the road, and the weeds on the roadside had even started to spread.

The doors of the empty shops would make soft creaking sounds from time to time.

You would occasionally find wreckages of rusty cars covered in dust on the road.


Some strange noises always seemed to burst out from the corners of the town, attracting those zombies who were wandering on the road.

A zombie was staring at a dirty bag on the ground, and suddenly, the bag whirled up in the air.

The zombie tilted her head up, and her blood-red eyes seemed to be in a daze.

After staring at the floating bag for a certain distance, she suddenly leaped forward, jumped up about two meters, and grabbed the bag.

After violently tearing it apart, the zombie suddenly raised her head, and let out a roar from her throat, “AO!”



On the outskirts of the town, outside an airport, a zombie was howling in the same posture.

All of a sudden, the zombie hastily rushed towards the cover in front of him.

But before the zombie was able to reach it, a gunshot fired.

This zombie fell from mid-air and fell heavily to the ground with a big bloody hole in its chest.

“Fuck, I still see zombies every day. There’s really no end to them no matter how many I kill.”

A few hundred meters away, a sniper wearing white, raised his head from behind the scope. He looked across the wide airport, past the highway, and stared at the large farmland that had only tall weeds left.

At first glance, this scene didn’t seem to be much different from the past, but now, everyone knew that at the other end of the road, among those weeds, it was filled with zombies.

These monsters still wore human skin yet had power that was many times stronger than ordinary humans. As long as they weren’t hit on a fatal spot, they would continue to move.

Their strong recovery abilities allowed these monsters to have a higher survival rate than ordinary people.

In addition to their terrifying strength, the fluids throughout their bodies had extremely infectious natures.

The moment it enters the body of an ordinary person… there was only one outcome, being infected and becoming one of them.

And becoming a monster wasn’t always the scariest thing…

At that moment, the gazes one gets from the people around after being infected is the scariest thing…

Once one was infected, they would either mutate or be killed by the people around them…

“Where did all these fucking zombies come from?!”

Beside him, another sniper had also pulled the trigger at this time.

Within their field of vision, a zombie instantly fell to the ground after coming out of wild grass that was as tall as a man.

The long-haired sniper smiled slightly, and said slowly, “Out of the entire air force regiment, only the two of us and one-eyed have the best sniping skills, right? Speaking of one-eyed, didn’t that kid like to stay here and practice his marksmanship with the zombies? He actually ran out to perform a task this time. It was quite a spectacle… I thought he was like me, someone that didn’t like to move around. Wouldn’t it be better to hold the gun quietly like this and be able to control the life and death of an enemy?”

“The better your marksmanship is, the more arrogant you become.”

The former shooter in white leaned in front of the scope again and said, “It’s stable now. Both the Falcon and Fire group that we’re cooperating with are also growing separately. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this at this time?”

“It’s full of zombies, stable my ass…”

The long-haired sniper said and shook his head.

“Haha, this is how people are. The tougher the situation becomes for them, the more they’ll want to live their lives. In the end, taking advantage of things at this time is nothing more than another way to ensure that they can survive. You should have heard it already. The reports that are being brought back recently. They mentioned that all the nearby zombies have begun to reproduce. These monsters are reproducing faster than us humans.” The white-clothed sniper said and sighed worriedly.

The long-haired sniper raised his head and turned to look at him, “You just reminded me of something. Our children need to go through 9 months of pregnancy and another ten more years of raising before they can even take up arms like us…” He shrugged and said, “But you don’t have to worry too much about these things. I originally thought that mankind would perish in such a difficult environment, yet here we are. Humans will always find a way to survive. Oh, by the way.”

“The Falcon camp stationed in X-City will re-operate some factories, including the military factory. In addition, a large amount of food will also be planted. Those psychics that formed the Fire group will also go to X-City. Using the resources in X-City, their research should also make progress… The current medicine that they’re developing can only be regarded as a semi-finished product. If their research is successful, then the survival rate of humans will probably increase by a lot, right?

After hearing the words of the long-haired sniper, the white-clothed sniper twisted his neck, listened to the cracking sounds of his joints, and said, “Who knows… Based on the commander’s tone, he doesn’t really seem to believe in the Fire Group very much. He said that they were just a bunch of swindlers who were only all-talk. The only reason why we cooperate with them is just because they have superpowers that can be used to balance the falcon camp’s power.”

“But those wild monkeys won’t know how to be obedient if we don’t whip them a lot…”

The corner of the long-haired sniper’s mouth suddenly showed a meaningful smile, “It’s a pity that the whip this time, seems to have changed into a hammer in our hands….”

As soon as the other sniper wanted to say something, the long-haired sniper raised his hand to signal for silence.

He unhurriedly opened the holster on his waist and took out the walkie-talkie that was buzzing non-stop.

After the buzzing noise stopped, a simple, rough, and angry male voice rang out.

“Yin Jie, come to the conference room quickly! Damn, this is really annoying… I’ll give you three minutes! Hurry the fuck up!”


Yin Jie put down the walkie-talkie and winked at the sniper beside him, “I’ll leave this place to you then. Sigh, trouble is looking for me again…” As he said this, he carried the gun in one hand, turned around, and walked towards the rear, “What the hell… Just give me a break…”

“Hey, what the hell happened…. Hey!”

When Yin Jie’s figure disappeared from his field of vision, the white-clothed sniper couldn’t help but spit on the ground and say, “What’s the point of being so secretive!? You really think I don’t know…. Hmph, you deliberately mentioned one-eyed for some reason, but then pretend to be dumb after! Fucking weirdo makes me uncomfortable!

After cursing a few words, he turned around, and grabbed the sniper rifle again, “Who knows whether this hammer will break this time… thinking about this possibility kind of makes me a little excited… hahaha.”

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