My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 46


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 46 – Feels good, just a little small

Ling Mo did not know a lick of medicine, and the only piece of information he could remember from science class was that the mitochondria was the powerhouse of the cell. So his research method is very simple and crude, dissection!

He ordered Ye Lian to drag this zombie into one of the booths in the teahouse, then used Shana to perforate the zombie’s abdomen.

At this moment although Shana would not be manipulated by Ling Mo, but she is still Ling Mo’s “zombie puppet”, still listened to simple commands. Not to mention that as she regained some sanity, to Ling Mo’s words, she can understand some simple tasks like disemboweling.

This time Shana showed her zombie side, her expression is very indifferent, no mood swings, as if the body she cut open is not a human.

When the thick smell of the blood drifted out of the corpse into her nose, her eyes flashed a hint of carnage.

Luckily, her eating habits are the same as mutated zombies, as she was not interested in the flesh of corpses, but rather that juicy brain matter.

But after Shana is done, she somewhat looked at Ling Mo in a haze, apparently did not understand what he wanted to do. However even if there is doubt, with Shana’s current stumbled thought process, she could not sort these issues into a sentence, not to mention to open her mouth to ask. But even so, she quietly stood aside, closely watching Ling Mo’s every move.

This kind of dirty work naturally Ling Mo would not make Ye Lian to do, therefore he took out a knife, and then picked open this long wound. Ling Mo was sure to lower the curtains around the teahouse before he turned on his flashlight to look into the corpse. The last thing he wanted to do was to serve as a lighthouse beacon to a hungry zombie as he performs surgery without a medical license.

Even though Ling Mo was still far to inexperienced to understand human anatomy, his experience with eviscerating zombies after the apocalypse sure played in his favour when he realized this zombie’s innards looked nothing like a normal human’s.

As Ling Mo stared at the viscera, he realized that the organs were covered with some kind of blood-red screen, glassy in appearance. This substance had the same meshwork consistency of the veins in the brain gels Ling Mo always used, suggesting that this tissue was thanks to the virus. Even though this screen looked thin, it appeared to be still pulsating and moving…

No wonder….Probably mutated zombies’ tyrannical strength came from here….These virus are sure enough transforming zombies’ bodies. Most likely it also happens in ordinary zombies’ bodies, but because the absorbed virus is too little, therefore it was not obvious, and this mutated zombie just swallowed numerous pieces of brain gel, at this time the virus is rapidly spreading throughout the body.

Somehow, this zombie was still alive, and was beginning to struggle and twist around to try to get up. Ling Mo quickly commanded Ye Lian and Shana to pin the zombie back down, so that he could not move. But his body is still desperately struggling and twisting, at the same time when blood gushed out, Ling Mo could not see anything.

“Hey, rest assured, you’ll soon be liberated.”

Ling Mo smiled at this crazy zombie, then used the short knife and went for the throat…

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Trachea was cut, mutated zombie’s long breath that originally could not be heard soon became the bellows sound, he spit out a futile last breath, and died for good.

Honestly fresh human brain Ling Mo did not want to see it at all, but when this human brain was pulled out, he could not help but to glance, then showed a look of shock.

Inside this newly minted mutated zombie’s brain, the virus has not yet appeared in the state of gel, but his brain surface is filled with that red thread that were filled on the internal organs and blood vessels.

Presumably if he were given more time, these threads will gradually gather together and condensed into a focus at the back of the brain to become the much desired viral gel.

Gazed steadily at that group of brain for a while, Ling Mo suddenly slapped his thigh: “I understand!”

Normal zombies’ brain also is full of these threads, but because the amount of virus gel is too little, low purity, therefore it is invisible to the naked eye. But this new mutated zombie absorbed large amount of virus as it feasted, so this threads then appeared visible to the naked eye. After the virus has taken hold, it begins to alter the zombie’s mind to start going straight for the brains, instead of eating the flesh.

As the viral gel condenses it grows smaller and more pure. Maybe to a certain extent, it will become a very small one, and at that time, the zombie that has it will perhaps restore sanity!

Shana’s special point was that, originally she has smaller volume of virus in her body, and before it was fully spread to the brain, she continued to swallowed two viral gel, later swallowed a piece of extremely high purity gel.

As a result, before her brain was completely eroded, the virus may have simply condensed into a small point in her brain, not being able to completely wipe out her conscious mind!

Ling Mo does not know whether his thoughts are right, but to see from the current mutated zombie’s condition, this is the probably the closest answer!

Sure enough his direction is right!

To the current Ling Mo, there is nothing else that could made him even happier than this discovery. He is not some doctor….this inference may have a lot of mistakes, but the results it is quite possible to actually be real.

Proved that this hope does exist, and the probability is large, then the next thing to do is to make this guess become a reality as soon as possible!

After a full ten minutes of excitement, Ling Mo finally realized a hint of strangeness. In any case, a large living being himself in front of such disgusting corpse, smiling and carrying thoughts, is always a little weird…

“Throw it into the river…..Well, tomorrow will have to find a new set of clothes, this smell of blood, unless zombies’ noses all become rotten to not smell it!”

“You…..why do you laugh?” When Shana helped to lift the body, she suddenly asked with puzzled tone.

Not easy, silent for a long time, then she finally spitted out a whole sentence. Ling Mo blinked at her strangely, said: “because I thought of one thing. That place on you really do feel good, just a little small.”

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