My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 461

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 461 – Everyone has a restless heart during the Springtime

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Half an hour later, the door of the meeting room was once again opened.

“Humph! We let that kid Li Hao off lightly this time!”

The middle-aged man yelled as he walked out of the crowd.

“Keep your voice down. What should we do if he hears it…” Another officer whispered.

“I don’t give a shit if he hears this. My third team is basically composed of the old from the former flying brigade. In terms of qualifications and strength, they are much better than his just-established ninth team!”

The middle-aged man said angrily, “Everyone knows that if this matter is successfully accomplished, it will be a great achievement. However, the regiment commander has too much faith in him!”

“In the past, there weren’t many people left in the Air Force regiment. It was also necessary to train new recruits… Besides, the commander is very angry about this matter… If your words reach the commander’s ears, the commander will definitely be angry.”

An older officer shook his head and sighed.

“I dare someone to speak up! Asking us to assist him… While we work our asses off, he’ll be the one getting all the credit!”

“Just stop. You should be careful about what you say. Do you really think that the commander doesn’t know anything?”

A trace of jealousy appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes, but he still couldn’t stop talking, “The commander will definitely take care of us old people. Can’t I complain about it a little?”

When these officers walked away noisily, those two tensed soldiers by the door seemed to have lost all their strength and almost collapsed.

The one with the serious face looked inside again, and then slowly closed the door of the conference room.

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Hearing the sound of the door closing, Yin Jie turned around to look at Li Hao, and said, “Captain, these people have bad mouths, don’t take it heart.”

“I won’t.”

Li Hao looked at his fingers and said, “This kind of straight forward person is actually much better to deal with than a person who hides everything and wears a poker face. Those kinds of people are the ones that are really scary.” He sneered and said, “But, after all, now that the situation has reached this point, no matter how much people like infighting, they at least know what to prioritize. Otherwise, how could I get a chance? Everyone just wants to live longer… As for provoking me… I regard this kind of thing as a bit of entertainment for the bored.”

“They’ve gotten used to relying on their seniority and relationships. It’s normal for them to feel uncomfortable when they suddenly have to sit with a nobody like me at the same conference table. Although they tried to find trouble for me many times, they never really brought me any losses. Since they just want to lecture me as a senior so much, then I’ll just let them, and everyone is happy.” Li Hao said in one breath.

“You are right, Captain.” Yin Jie said with a faint smile. “However, this time is indeed a good opportunity for our ninth team.”

“It’s rare to hear you say that…”

Li Hao stared at Yin Jie and suddenly flicked his finger.


The bullet shot towards Yin Jie and was caught by him.

Li Hao leaned back on the chair, propped his chin with one hand, and said, “Everyone knows that One-eyed loves to stir shit up, but this time he bit off more than he could chew and got himself killed. But it’s impossible for us not to pursue this matter… You and One-Eyed are both snipers. You can keep that bullet. I think you know what to do. Ah, and also… Bring back a pack of cigarettes for me.”

“Yes Sir.”

Yin Jie glanced down at the bullet in his hand, then slowly tightened his five fingers…


The climate had also greatly been affected after the apocalypse happened.

The wind was still rustling just a few days ago, and in a blink of an eye it seemed to have reached the spring season.

The warm sun hung overhead all day, and the unattended weeds and bushes grew wildly.

It would be hard to imagine that weeds have such strong vitality if one wasn’t here to witness it with their own eyes.

They even drilled out of the cement cracks on the ground, breeding crazily everywhere in the city.

As soon as Spring arrived, the city’s process of ruining accelerated…

Even the zombies who usually wandered slowly on the streets like dolls seemed to be stimulated by the sun.

And their activeness signified…. Massacre!


Ling Mo stepped on a pool of semi-coagulated plasma and frowned.

“Who told you not to be careful? You stepped on it now.” Shana grinned.

“I was already being careful. Please enlighten me on how much more careful I could have been…”

Ling Mo glanced at the soles of his shoes, and then looked at his feet again –

Except for the pool of plasma, he stepped on, almost all of this area was splattered with blood.

Several bones of unknown parts were scattered in the plasma, and on those bones were still traces of it being bitten and broken.

Looking forward along his feet, this circumstance was almost the same on the entire narrow street.

Although the sun was shining, this scene almost covered the whole city, causing one to tremble with fear upon seeing it.

“Spring is here, and these zombies have actually followed suit. In addition to fighting, they seem to be working hard at giving birth. Just as a batch of zombies disappear, a new batch of zombie babies appear…”

Just as Ling Mo sighed, he felt a sudden blow on the back of his head, “Who hit me?!”

He quickly turned around, but saw several female zombies staring at him calmly.

Although zombies didn’t lie, they could still choose to be silent…

“Yu Shi Ran, it was you, right?!”

Ling Mo suddenly noticed Yu Shi Ran’s hand was behind her back. He walked over and grabbed her arm.

“I knew it must be you after seeing that sneaky look of yours!”

“It wasn’t me…. It wasn’t me…”

“Don’t move!”


A human bone fell from her hand and rolled on the ground…

The area suddenly became quiet…

But in Ling Mo’s heart, he was raging like a thousand beasts stampeding wildly.

“How many times have I told you not to pick up ‘food’ from the ground! A dignified zombie leader actually goes to pick up leftover bones left by a lower rank zombie. Where the hell is your dignity?!”

“And hiding it behind your back like this, aren’t you just asking for it to be found!?”

“Can you think about it before you do something? You should at least consider the feelings of the other human in this team…”

Ling Mo roared in his heart, while thinking about countermeasures.

Lucy’s eyes were blocked by her hair and only a shadow could be seen. Ling Mo didn’t know what she was thinking as she stared at the truncated bone.

Seeing that the atmosphere had stiffened to the freezing point, Ling Mo could only bite the bullet and said.

“I told you so many fucking times, don’t randomly pick-up things. See now, you ended up grabbing a bone, right?”

Of course, even zombies that just started evolving their intelligence wouldn’t believe such an excuse…

“Lulu still has to rely on us to get back to the base. I think she’ll choose to believe it… This method of bullying works every time…”

Ling Mo thought. In any case, he had already used this method more than once in the past few days.

No matter how much she doubted, as long as she wasn’t sure, and didn’t try to find out, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

Lucy had also consciously kept a certain distance from them these days and seemed to be on her guard…

Under the cover of her hair, Lucy’s eyes were staring at the bone.

“It wouldn’t have mattered if it was just a simple bone…”

Her gaze stayed on the other end of the human, “But, isn’t that the bone of a hand? Even if you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t just randomly pick it up…”

Through the crevices in her hair, she looked at Ling Mo, “For some reason, for the past few days, the smell of blood always smells a little sweet to me… What will happen if they find out about this? Did he notice already? Was this bone used to test me? No, no, I can’t be infected. I never touched zombie blood…”

These past few days, she had been avoiding Ling Mo and the others to prevent her situation from being found out by them.

“If I was infected, I should have mutated a long time ago. What the hell is going on… In any case, I still have to report the results of the route investigation and this incident…”


Seeing her silence, Ling Mo quickly shouted.

Lucy was agitated. She suddenly raised her head and said, “Huh? What’s the matter?”

The two of them looked at each other, thinking the same sentence at the same time, “Did he/she find out?!”

“Seeing that frightened expression on her face, she probably noticed something. We’ve already exposed so much to her, surely she must have seen something, right? She at least must be wondering if they are psychics as well. If you’re curious about something just ask already!”

“His eyes are full of expectations. Does he want me to take the initiative to tell him? How much does he know already, he might as well just say it!”

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