My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 462

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 462 – What’s wrong not having 1.6 meters

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

The two looked at each other again –

“No, even if she noticed something, as long as she doesn’t know that I can control zombies, it’s impossible for her to connect it to this. For things that humans can’t comprehend, they will always choose to not believe it and sometimes even take the initiative to avoid the correct answer… This ability of mine has been concealed by layers upon layers of tentacles. To even find out about this function, she would need to first go through those layers of tentacles just to reach the core, and even those spiritual type psychics may not be able to do this…”

Ling Mo stared at Lucy and thought.

Ling Mo had made a lot of effort into concealing his ability.

No matter how weird and suspicious Ye Lian and the others act, if humans really wanted to realize the truth, they must first realize that Ling Mo is the one in control of all of them.

For Lucy, only when she can understand this key point, will she turn her doubts into affirmation.

“The smell of blood used to make me want to vomit before, but now it actually smells sweet to me. In addition, there always seems to be endless energy in my body. I’m also physically stronger than before, just like someone who is about to mutate into a zombie…. No, I couldn’t have been infected. Although my body is abnormal, I’m still clear headed! But once someone suspects me of being infected, they’ll definitely kill me for the sake of precaution…”

The companion who suddenly mutated during the escape, the infected person in the team that was fine a moment ago and suddenly began to go crazy the next…

For everyone who has survived to this day, that memory is a nightmare.

The people who survived from the chaos at the beginning of the apocalypse thought they were finally safe, but they didn’t expect that danger was lurking within the crowd…

To the infected, the attitude of the survivors was even more fearful than that of the zombies, and naturally cruller…

“They will definitely kill me… No, I can’t say it! If I start to lose control of my state of mind, I’ll kill myself, but before that, I can’t tell them…”

Lucy secretly made up her mind.

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The two of them reached a strange consensus in silence…

Ling Mo laughed, “It’s nothing really. I just wanted to ask how long more will it take to reach the F group?”

“It’s always slower to walk on foot… and we seem to be taking a detour again…” Lucy abruptly replied, looked around, and sighed.

“Unreliable map…”

“The only unreliable thing is clearly your sense of direction!” Lucy grabbed the electronic map and said, “Let me do it! We need to leave this place by today!”

A few days have passed, and they are still wandering around the edges of X-City. Had it not been for the mutant panda leading the zombies away, Ling Mo and his group probably would have already been exhausted to death.

The mutant panda had always stayed inside the amusement park and zoo, and now after being let outside, it was like a tiger descending a mountain, always full of energy.

It also swallowed many zombie gels when it was in places Ling Mo couldn’t see.

Based on the ability of mutant beasts to adapt to the environment, it would soon make corresponding changes according to the urban environment…

Although it’s very likely that it’ll experience the same situation as Hei Si, such as disappearing for a few days, changing its skin, or even becoming a completely different species…

But at least the mutant panda’s current performance still makes Ling Mo very proud.

Not only did its body not shrink, it even became stronger, and has continued to become more muscular.

Fighting with the zombies also made this mutant panda more flexible.

Compared to the zoo where there is nothing, the complex environment in the city was more suitable for this mutant panda to play in. Ling Mo changed his vision several times but always felt dizzy due to its quick and agile actions.

Once this national treasure jumps up and down, it can be more vigorous than a monkey. Unfortunately, its weight is a problem. There were times where it wanted to grab the electric wires to swing itself over but ended up almost dragging the poles down together with it.

Fortunately, muffled noises could be heard from time to time everywhere in this city, so Ling Mo didn’t need to find an excuse to cover the sound.

And among these muffled noises, many of them represented stronger zombies that were emerging…

Suddenly, a command from Ling Mo stopped the panda from running wildly.

Its big head swayed from side to side as it stood at the intersection, chose a direction, and continued to run forward…



Amid the loud noise of the helicopter, three figures appeared on the roof of a building.


At the same time, a large number of zombies that had gathered were killed by a burst of gunfire.

But even so, there were still more than a dozen zombies that rushed over to the three of them.

One of the figures suddenly drew a large blade from behind and leaped over like a tiger. As the figure fell into the middle of the zombie group, cold light flashed by!

The zombies that were shaved by the cold light crashed to the ground, and this person was left standing alone in the rain of blood.

Fast, accurate, and ruthless!

The extremely sharp blade allowed him to chop over a dozen zombies while keeping the blade clean at the same time.


The large blade about 1.6 metres tall was re-inserted into the ground. Compared with the arm holding the blade, this blade was too big and too heavy!

But the sharp blade and scattered corpses made the person holding the blade look more terrifying than the zombies!

Under the rain of blood, the big blade and man stood side by side….

“Hurry up and fly away! You might as well lure all the zombies away! I’m here to do a mission, not to play with these zombies!”

The other man waved and shouted.

After the noise from the helicopter lured a good portion of the zombies away, the man turned his head and looked at the man who was leaning on the blade, “Hey Dadao [1], you should at least know when to choose a time and place to sleep!”

Dadao barely stood up straight for two seconds to stretch before leaning his head back on the hilt, “I can’t help it. After I obtained this ability, as long as there isn’t any fighting, I’ll always feel like sleeping…”

“Your height could already be considered a type of disability, yet even your ability has a disability? Our ninth team really does have all kinds of people….” The man snorted.

“Brother Dong, you included yourself too…” Dadao said weakly.

“I originally thought that you got such a big blade to show off, but it seems that you only got it so you could sleep easier… You sleep so much but I don’t see you growing taller than this blade…” Brother Dong continued, “You’re not even 1.6 metres tall….”

“The length of this blade is exactly my goal….”

Brother Dong took out a cigarette and leaned against the wall, “I’m so unlucky to be working with you… Fortunately, Captain Li said our task for this operation is mainly to cooperate with Yin Jie. Our ninth team was just recently established, so this is a good opportunity for us to earn merits. That way in the future, the food that they give us will always be better than the others, you understand?”

The only girl among the three had a round face and looked a bit innocent and cute.

She was playing with two pistols in her hand and her movements were very skillful, “Hehe, since we’re working with Yin Jie, then we don’t need to be too nervous.”

“The captain said we shouldn’t underestimate the enemy…” Dadao sleepily said.

“Seeing you sleepy all day, I’m surprised that you actually remembered what the captain said.”

The round-faced girl glared at him and said, “With Yin Jie here, what are you afraid of? However, if he doesn’t act with us, how are we supposed to work with him? Besides, who knows whether that group of people is still with that woman from the FIRE group?

The man smoking let out a long breath of smoke, revealed a look of intoxication, and said, “We just need to obey the order. Do I need to remind you how strong Captain Li’s detection ability is? From the place we just landed now, we just need to follow the road below and we can reach F-City. This matter must be resolved before entering F-City.

“How sure is Captain Li…” The round-faced girl wanted to ask again, but the man that was smoking gave her a cold look.

“For that, you can go ask Captain Li yourself. Do you really think that someone without any ability can achieve Captain Li’s position and also create the ninth team?

The man that was smoking took another deep breath and threw the cigarette butt on the ground.

“Listen, we are just cooperating, so don’t mess around. But the most important thing now… is to catch up with them.”

The three of them said a few more words, then opened the iron gate of the rooftop.

In this area where the zombies were all cleaned out, only this rooftop was full of blood and debris…

[1] – Dadao = big blade

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