My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 463

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 463 – The Snake Beauty’s Evolutionary Path

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“We’ll arrive at F-City if we go straight along this road…”

Lucy confirmed it several times and said, “There won’t be any detours this time. No matter how many zombies we encounter, we just need to keep following this road.”


The biggest reason why they were wandering around along the way was because of the zombies.

Although the mutant panda could attract most of the zombies, the distance it could keep between Ling Mo was limited.

This caused the mutant panda to lure the zombies around in a circle while Ling Mo took Lucy to make a detour in order to avoid her from finding out.

“I never expected that I wouldn’t be able to tell which way was north after making that detour…” Ling Mo touched his chin awkwardly.

However, even though they found the correct path, it would still take a long time for them to reach F-City by foot.

“Although this road leads directly to X-City, it wasn’t selected by the F group as the route they would use to enter X-City. Of all the places they could have chosen to go…. It seems that their main target is the industrial park, right?”

Ling Mo compared the difference between the two routes, and more or less understood what the F group was after.

Materials could be collected almost anywhere, but if they were looking for a dense high-tech industrial park, X-City would obviously be the first choice.

However, why did a force that consisted of psychics only want to occupy an industrial park for? Did they want to open a workshop? Having superpowers didn’t mean that they have production skills…

“Although I blew up the helicopter, the mysterious reward you mentioned is still valid, right?”

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Ling Mo suddenly thought of this and turned to ask Lucy.

“Don’t worry.” Lucy snorted unpleasantly.

After the helicopter was blown up, Lucy tried various tricks to no avail in getting Ling Mo to escort her. She ended up offering a “mysterious reward” in order to get Ling Mo to say okay.

However, in Ling Mo’s mind, he was actually skeptical about the truth of this “mysterious reward”.

Although Lucy was justified and well-founded, Ling Mo still felt that it wasn’t very reliable…

Moreover, he always felt that maybe there was another reason that Lucy chose to stick to them.

“Forget it, whether it’s for the ‘mystery reward’ or to see if you mutate, I’ll just go with the flow!”

Ling Mo glanced at Lucy and thought, “Besides, Lucy’s current situation is very similar to mine!”

It seems like Lucy’s current situation was embarking on Ling Mo’s previous path.

She thought she was covering it up very well, but she didn’t know that Ling Mo had been watching her carefully.

Her body was obviously mutating at an extremely slow rate, and her blood had a slight smell of the virus, but she was still completely conscious….

It was exactly the same situation that happened when Ling Mo’s body changed!

There are times when a spectator can see more than the person playing the game, Ling Mo thought that he could also get a little inspiration by observing Lucy…

When the sky got dark, Ling Mo found a very high-end hotel.

“The moment we stepped out of X-City, we would need to endure endless fields and blocked roads.”

“Being able to find such a place to sleep, we should quickly enjoy it and at the same time, do all the things that we need to do.” Was what Ling Mo said.

But when she heard the word “enjoy”, Lucy couldn’t help turning her gaze to girls, and then felt her cheeks burn instantly.

And when she heard that last line, Lucy felt as if her head was about to explode from anger.

She covered her ears and said coldly, “Don’t worry, I won’t disturb you guys!”

“Uh… Thanks a lot then….”

Ling Mo said and looked at Lucy, who was angrily entering the hotel without knowing it.

Within two seconds, Ling Mo heard a muffled sound of something cracking from inside, accompanied by Lucy’s frightened yet also angry voice, “There are a lot of zombies here!”

“Did I ever say there weren’t any zombies inside?”

After the group entered the hotel, Ling Mo sent an instruction to the mutant panda Xiao Bai, to hide somewhere nearby.

Although there haven’t been any accidents on the road except for zombies, having a bodyguard stand outside would allow him to sleep more comfortably.

The work of cleaning up the hotel was done very quickly. Most of the zombies inside had reached the mutated rank. However, they were facing four leader rank zombies along with Ling Mo’s tentacles, so they were naturally not their opponents.

“Senior Sister, come here, let me take a look…”

Ling Mo took Ya Lin’s soft hand, inspected it carefully, and squeezed.

With a slight force from his hand, Ya Lin’s five fingers fell into his palm softly as if they had no bones.

“Sure enough, you seem more like a snake now… You’ve already stopped swallowing zombie gels for a while now, how do you feel?” Ling Mo asked.

After a few days, Ya Lin’s body had almost adjusted.

Ling Mo also began to hand over the mutant snake gels to her, one piece a day, gradually increasing the amount, so that it wouldn’t cause any changes in her appearance.

The appearances of those mutant zombies was too conspicuous. No matter how they were disguised, anyone can easily tell that they aren’t human in a glance.

This is a problem with Ling Mo’s original intention to protect them…

Using this way, even if there is a change, it can be ironed out within a controllable range.

Ling Mo temporarily put away the mutant python’s virus hive.

“This thing should only be used at a critical moment…”

“It feels…” Ya Lin thought for a while, and said, “As if one side has a sudden increase in combat power, while the other side’s combat power is shrinking…”

As she said this, she stuck out her chest.

“Not bad, a nice visual metaphor. You’re making progress!” Ling Mo praised her, and then said, “In other words, the previous balance in your body is now completely broken.”

“Senior Sister will soon be as soft as a snake without bones. At that point, not only will she be very flexible when attacking, but the chances of her being struck will also be reduced.”

Shana lay on Ya Lin’s shoulder and analyzed.

“Flexibility is one aspect…” Ling Mo said, “But since we’re choosing to develop in the direction of a snake beauty, we should bring out the unique racial aspect of snakes to the fullest.”

“If we’re talking about snakes… Aren’t they natural cold-blooded killers? They sneak around, kill with one blow, and have fangs…” Shana held her chin, and suddenly became excited, “I can teach you! With Senior Sister’s current physique, some difficult movements can be easily performed…”

“Such as the one hundred and eight positions for sex?” Ya Lin asked blankly.

“No… Martial arts….”

Shana glanced at Ling Mo and said, “You shouldn’t do anything to Senior Sister right now, her body is in a critical period.”

“En… En…” Ye Lian nodded in agreement.

“Why are you nodding your head too…. By the way, Ye Lian, your memories….”

Just as Ling Mo asked, he saw Ye Lian slip into the bed and cover her head with the covers.

“Uh… okay, let’s just pretend I never asked.”

Ling Mo patted Ye Lian’s butt which was still sticking out, and took a deep breath.

“This girl wants to turn back into a human… but this issue isn’t easy to resolve…”

At this time, on a street a kilometer away from the hotel, two figures were looking at each other.

The smoking man was holding a cigarette that had already burnt its butt, and his leg was shaking nervously.

His other hand also held the corpse of a zombie. This zombie’s neck was turned in a strange way and was dead.

And standing in front of him was the round-faced girl.

Compared to the smoking man, she looked very clean, as if she hadn’t fought at all.

“What did I tell you when we were going to take action? Don’t mess around! Don’t mess around! Yuan Yuan, tell me.” The smoking man yelled, “WHY THE FUCK DID DADAO SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR!?”

The round-faced girl raised her eyebrows and said aggrieved, “How the fuck should I know?! I was surrounded by so many zombies, where do I find the time to pay attention to him? He probably got eaten while he was dozing off.”

“If he really was eaten, that would be fucking wonderful, then I wouldn’t need to worry about him anymore!”

The smoking man frantically scratched his hair, “Captain Li only told me that it’s useful bringing him, but now it seems like he has no other uses except causing trouble…”

“Doesn’t he basically sleepwalk when he’s sleeping?” the round-faced girl asked suddenly.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m so annoyed! Who the hell knows where the fuck he is now!” The smoking man scolded.

“Just about it, what is Yin Jie’s ability?”

The round-faced girl suddenly showed a sweet smile and said.

The smoking man was taken aback for a moment, and then he suddenly realized, “So it’s like that… Who would have thought that Yuan Yuan was actually smart…”

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