My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 464

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 464 – The figure under the moonlight

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

The concrete forest shrouded in the night was silent, but beneath the silence, there were countless undercurrents surging.

A dark figure squatted on a balcony, staring closely at the alley below.

The red eyes under the messy hair seemed to glow at night, shining brutally and full of bloodthirst.

If the figure were to stop breathing, it would be like a statue hidden within the darkness.

Even those eyes were hidden under the messy hair.

This was a beast in human skin, quietly waiting for its prey…


Suddenly, another figure appeared at the entrance of the alley. His distorted face was directly facing the alley as he sniffed the air.

The thick smell of blood covered the entire area, and he didn’t smell anything unusual.

This figure didn’t see anything either since the dark figure that was crouching on the balcony was blocked by a canopy.

But the half of an arm that suddenly appeared under the balcony caught the figure’s attention.


A hoarse growl emitted from its throat. This seemingly drunk figure leaned forward and suddenly leaped towards the arm at an extremely fast speed.

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When the figure passed under the balcony, a dark shadow suddenly fell from the sky.

Hooking his feet on the balcony, he hung himself upside down, and a pair of thin but strong hands grabbed the figure’s head.


At the same time when the head was screwed off, the dark figure’s lower back waist immediately tightened as it hugged the head while straightening his body.

Behind the dark figure, blood gushed out, like a gorgeous fountain…

Hunting and being hunted, such scenes were being staged everywhere.

The night belonged to the zombies…

The virus not only brought them bloodthirsty instincts, powerful physical functions, talented stealth skills, but also a pair of bloody-red eyes that had night vision…

On the surface, they only seemed to have one weakness, and that was their intelligence.

But as human survivors began to master more and more weapons and survival skills, the zombies were also evolving and gradually recovering their IQ’s of when they were human…

The game between the two parties seemed to have entered another stage.

And the arrival of spring was simply a prelude…

But in any case, human survivors were still very vulnerable at night.

Whether it was for searching or rushing to a destination, few people choose to do it at night…

With the splash of blood, the headless corpse fell down with a “bang”.

At the same time, a cold light suddenly passed over the balcony.

The dark figure that was about to enjoy his food was cut to the ground in mid-air after jumping off the balcony.


As the dark figure fell, a short figure holding a ridiculously large blade, also staggered to the ground.

“Humph-Humph, chopped another cabbage…”

After murmuring, he bent down, and grabbed the zombie corpse’s ankle, “I can cook cabbage for everyone to eat now when I get back…”

Looking out from the alley, a high-end hotel was in sight.

The short figure paused suddenly and nodded slightly as if he was listening to someone talking. When he looked at the hotel again, he involuntarily licked his lips, “Is that a vegetable garden over there…?”

He hesitated for a moment, and replied as if he was answering someone’s question, “Of course I want the vegetable garden.”

“Fine. I’ll throw it away….”

As he said this, he threw the corpse to the ground, picked up the big blade, and rushed towards the hotel.

Despite swaying and staggering when he was walking, but once he sped up, the short man was extremely agile, just like a nimble monkey…


The mutant panda Xiao Bai was lying on its back in a shop at this time. Although Ling Mo had ordered it to keep watch, it always had a characteristic to keep watch while sleeping at the same time.

Although many habits have undergone great changes after mutation, Xiao Bai still retained one of his panda instincts: snoozing.

He had swallowed too many zombie gels during the day, and at the moment, Xiao Bai’s body was digesting these viruses.

And inside its body, it was gradually changing as it digested these viruses.


Xiao Bai burped contentedly, and the paw that covered his eyes moved up a bit, scratching his head slightly.

After these few days, Xiao Bai became more accustomed to his current state of life.

Although it would stretch out its paws from time to time, trying to break the invisible but clearly felt spiritual connection, it didn’t show too much resistance when its services were required.

It was able to sleep and had food to eat. Although it seemed as if it was chained by something invisible, its movements weren’t too restricted.

Although Xiao Bai instinctively felt a little disgusted with this feeling, it also felt that if it kept thinking about it, it would become very troublesome…

And what he meant by troublesome, was the kind of uncomfortable feeling that made him unable to breath…


Xiao Bai seemed to think of that feeling again, and immediately shook his head uncomfortably before suddenly opening his eyes.

The surroundings were very quiet. Other than the sound of the wind, only slight noises made by the furniture inside the room could be heard…

“Crack! Crack!”

Xiao Bai stood up silently and blended within the shadows, staring at the dark door.

This door led to a street shop, outside of it was the main street, and across the street was the hotel where Ling Mo and others were staying.

Before going to bed, Xiao Bai had used various methods to leave his own scent on the wall near the doorway, in order to prevent ordinary zombies from approaching the place so easily.

Although doing so may attract high-level zombies, it wasn’t like there were many high-level zombies standing around in the streets with nothing better to do besides sniffing the walls…

Xiao Bai’s instincts were active despite the silence.

It seemed as if some kind of danger was approaching…

Inside the hotel, Ling Mo, who was lying among the female zombies, also suddenly opened his eyes.

“What’s going on? Why did the spiritual connection suddenly fluctuate so violently…?”

Ling Mo looked outside the door, and then slowly closed his eyes. At the moment when his eyes were closed shut, his consciousness had reached Xiao Bai’s spiritual world through their spiritual connection.

When his main body’s vision becomes temporarily “closed”, his vision becomes shared. Everything that Ling Mo could see in front of him is what the mutant panda Xiao Bai currently sees.

This feeling was as if Ling Mo suddenly became the panda, but unlike his zombie controlling abilities, Xiao Bai’s actions weren’t controlled by him.

Ling Mo was just being cautious and wanted to see what was going on…

Maybe it was having those sudden violent fluctuations because it really needed to pee.

Nothing happened these past few days, so there wasn’t really a reason to be too tense…


Ling Mo had just adapted to Xiao Bai’s vision, when a figure suddenly rushed into the room yelling, “You must be the one guarding the vegetable garden!”

A cold light fell from above, like a crescent moon, slamming down towards Xiao Bai’s head!

“WHAT THE FUCK! I just got used to seeing!”

This sudden scene shocked Ling Mo, but Xiao Bai’s reaction timing were really good.

Before the opponent entered the door, it had already made sufficient preparations. Although the opponent’s attack was very swift and violent, Xiao Bai was still able to immediately jump to the side.

After dodging the blade, Xiao Bai paused for only a tenth of a second before jumping up and slapping the short figure’s head with its paw.

This panda slap was not only extremely fast, but also ruthless!

With the penetrating sound of the wind, the huge paw also ejected five sharp nails.


The short figure slashed towards the sky, but immediately stopped his blade and kept it in front of him. When the paw collided with the blade, a little spark was sputtered!


Xiao Bai’s strength was much stronger than that of the short figure. Even though the short figure blocked the attack, he couldn’t help but back up a few steps. He leaned against the wall and his breath reeked traces of blood!


From where Xiao Bai’s wrist bone was, another sharp claw shot out.

Although all five claws were blocked, this new sharp claw flew directly into the short figure’s temple from the side.

The panda’s sixth claw!

Relying on his short stature, the short figure ducked down, and the claw barely brushed against the top of his head.

But even so, Xiao Bai’s sixth claw still had traces of blood and a few strands of hair.

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