My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 465

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 465 – I came here to steal vegetables

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“You actually dodged that? I guess there are benefits for being short… And because he’s actually shorter than his blade, Xiao Bai’s claws got blocked by the hilt…” Ling Mo thought in his heart, “But he’s apparently an adult man. This kind of height that can basically be regarded as a disability has actually turned into an advantage… That’s a little sad isn’t it?”

The short man turned the blade, causing it to face the panda, and then pressed his whole body against the back of the blade, pushing forward.

Even though he was pressed against the wall, the force he exerted wasn’t trivial.

Although Xiao Bai, who had a certain amount of intelligence, didn’t understand how this change was happening, it still knew that it was better to not face it directly, and quickly jumped back.


A white mark immediately appeared on the ground, which was made by the tip of the blade.

And where the big blade stopped, the tip of the blade had sunk two or three centimeters deep into the ground.

One person and one panda confronted each other at a distance of less than three meters with both sides looking for an opening.

In the short fight just now, Xiao Bai didn’t give the opponent a chance to breathe, but the short man’s performance was really good.

In this narrow place, the advantages of having strong melee capabilities are revealed.

The strength that this short man showed when he attacked was very tyrannical. Through Xiao Bai’s eyes, Ling Mo found that every single attack from this man looked as if he used every muscle in his body.

Every muscle and every action seemed to mobilize every cell in his body to gather strength to his arms and feet at the same time.

But after stopping the attack, his tyrannical aura immediately vanished. He would have looked like an ordinary person if it wasn’t for the big blade.

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Generally speaking, attacks like that which uses up all of one’s strength, should have weakened his body after one use, but this person seemed to know how to use every bit of strength in his body.

No… it’s not that he knew, but his body was automatically adjusting it for him…

“Who the hell is this guy…”

Ling Mo didn’t expect that a person would suddenly show up in the middle of the night in a place like this and attack the mutant panda Xiao Bai.

A trace of blood slid down his temple, flowing across his cheeks…

Behind the big blade, the short man finally raised his head.

However, Ling Mo was stunned when he saw his eyes.

This person’s eyes were only half open, and although his eyes seemed as if they were staring at something, it also seemed as though he wasn’t looking at the mutant panda at all.

Let alone watching the panda, he gave people the feeling that although his eyes were open and he seemed very focused, he wasn’t really looking at anything.

Not only that, but his expression also looked very dull, completely not what a normal person should have after narrowly escaping from death.

“A blind man’s expressions are better than this! Where did this man come from, and why did he come here?!”

“Oh, that’s right… when he first walked in, he seemed to shout something… he was slurring so much that I didn’t understand it at all…”

“Is he not awake? Why the hell did he come to such a place without waking up?

Even if he wasn’t awake, he should’ve been woken up by the pain from that claw…”

Ling Mo’s main body has also sat up. Although all of his attention was basically on Xiao Bai’s side, he was still able to dress his body.

Ye Lian and the others also sat up one after another and looked at him suspiciously…


The short man finally realized afterwards that there was liquid flowing across his face, but after touching it, he didn’t react to the injury. Instead, he said vaguely, “I have long heard that the flower monk [1] guarding the vegetable garden is very powerful… I didn’t expect it to be true…”

“Flower Monk? Vegetable Garden?”

Ling Mo was taken aback for a moment, and even the movements from his main body had slowed down.

This short man was neatly dressed. It was obvious that he frequently tidied up his hair. The big blade that he carried isn’t the type that could be found in this country where blade control was quite strict.

This kind of exaggerated weapon could only be obtained by customization, and other than him, it wasn’t very suitable for others to use, there was no one else who could achieve such a perfect offensive and defensive balance. Only him.

In this apocalyptic period when all industries are completely paralyzed, people with mental illnesses wouldn’t be able to afford customized weapons. They would have to be at least at the level of Yu Wen Xuan…

But even Yu Wen Xuan wouldn’t say something this crazy…

How does this mutant panda look like a flower monk?

Not only the head, but its whole body was covered with fur!

What’s more, Yu Wen Xuan only pretends to be crazy and stupid to fool people. Why is this person saying nonsense to a mutant beast?

“Just say it, where did you hide the cabbages!” The short man’s tone sounded like he had bit his tongue and while talking in his sleep.

“I didn’t hide it anywhere! I want to eat cabbage too! If you wanted to ask something, you should have asked me where Xiao Bai hid the bamboo!” Ling Mo was stunned.

“You’re not going to say? That’s useless… you must have changed from a cabbage too! I’m definitely going to steal your vegetables!”

The short man’s expression was very dull, and he looked quite serious when he said this…

“Show me how you can turn a cabbage into a fucking panda… stealing cabbages and growing cabbages, why do you like cabbages so much…. What the hell are you here for….”

Suffering from being unable to speak through the panda’s mouth, Ling Mo could only complain in his heart.

“Forget it…”

The short man shook his head impatiently, and then waved the big blade sharply, “I’ll just cut off everything…”

His movements became faster and faster, easily surpassing his previous sneak attack.

From Xiao Bai’s vision, he could only see cold flashes of light in front him!

Even if a spiritual-type psychic could clearly see the opponent’s attack, his body wouldn’t be able to dodge it.

Although Xiao Bai is flexible, this place was too narrow…

“You really think you’re chopping cabbages!”

Seeing that several hairs on his body were shaved off, Xiao Bai suddenly jumped up, and his claws hooked into the ceiling.

Before the short man could cut him again, Xiao Bai swung forward and hit the doorway from above the short man’s head.

“Worthy of being the mutant beast that chased me for a long time. It reacted really quickly…”

However, although Xiao Bai’s body shape was able to squeeze through this doorway, it was still hard to pass through even without any obstacles.


When Xiao Bai abruptly slammed the door open with his strength, Ling Mo’s main body couldn’t help but frown.

Fortunately, Xiao Bai had thick and hard skin, and didn’t feel much pain.

But after such an event, the short man’s blade still passed by Xiao Bai’s back.

A thin layer of white fur was chopped off, and Xiao Bai instantly felt a chill.



Xiao Bai didn’t dare pause for a second. The moment he landed in the middle of the shop, he quickly grabbed the stool that lay on the ground and leaped towards the street.

Being able to pick up anything and beating people with it was Xiao Bai’s specialty. Seeing it pick up the stool, Ling Mo was also relieved.

They were evenly matched in this short period of time only because Xai Bai fought unarmed while being restricted by the narrow terrain.

However, the moment this mutant panda found a suitable weapon, it’ll only turn into a nightmare for people that can only fight in melee…

Even Ye Lian and the others couldn’t get close to it, let alone this short guy.

Ling Mo’s body movement immediately slowed down. From what he saw, Xiao Bai should be able to handle this by himself.

No matter what purpose this person had for suddenly appearing here, as long as they killed him, everything would be fine.

“Found it…”

When the short man turned to the door, a voice suddenly sounded deep in his consciousness.

Ling Mo, who was in Xiao Bai’s spiritual world, also suddenly noticed something.

“Why do I suddenly feel other spiritual fluctuations at this time? Are there other people here?”

The voice in the short man’s head intermittently said, “Resist… hurt… psychic… This should be the man we’re looking for, right? No, this should only be his companion. He doesn’t have any spiritual attacks… Very good, first find a place to send a message, and then lure this one over…”

The short man paused for a while, then jumped to the rear window and took out a walkie-talkie from his pocket.

After turning on the power, he said in a dazed tone, “Hey… the highest-class vegetable… is at the highest hotel.”


The smoking man who was sleeping somewhere in his clothes suddenly sat up, grabbed the walkie-talkie reflexively, and then resisted the urge to smash this thing to pieces, “Why didn’t you fucking turn on the walkie-talkie if you had it earlier! I thought you went missing! Didn’t I just tell you stay put…? Huh? What? The highest hotel?”

[1] – flower monk –

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