My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 466

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 466 – How to use Big Blade[1]

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

The smoking man pushed the round-faced girl who was sleeping and asked, “Quick question, where’s the tallest hotel nearby?”

The round-faced girl, who was still confused, took a second before she was able to fully wake up. She thought about it for a while, and then pointed out from the window, “That tall building over there. Don’t worry, I remember everything that’s on this street.”

“So far?! Where the fuck are you sleepwalking to? Hello!?”

As soon as the smoking man yelled, he threw the walkie-talkie dejectedly, “He turned it off again! This thing is for communication, not for fucking announcements!”

“Don’t be so angry, just think of the previous things as a warmup, and the real game starts now. Didn’t Captain Li tell you that Da Dao is useful? This is his usefulness.” Yuan Yuan winked and said.

“How the fuck is causing trouble being useful?” The smoking man asked angrily.

Yuan Yuan smiled slightly, rubbed her cheeks, and said, “Da Dao’s ability is to completely surrender his body to instinct. This ability will perform better while he’s sleeping. On top of that, he already has a sleepwalking condition. By using Yin Jie’s ability, he would become the most suitable and strongest… vanguard.” Yuan Yuan seemed to have almost blurted out something she wasn’t supposed to say and quickly covered her mouth, “In any case, listening to this, he should have found those people, right? There is no soldier more obedient than him. Unlike us, he would still continue to work hard even in the middle of the night.”

“But does it have to be like this?” the smoking man frowned. “We can slowly find them; it’s not like we’re in a hurry.”

“This is how Da Dao is used… Besides, no matter how well we cooperate, can we be better than having Da Dao cooperate with him? You should know that Yin Jie’s ability is the most effective for Da Dao… Sometimes abilities have to be used together in order to make them more powerful.”

Yuan Yuan said with a smile…

The short man had already put the walkie-talkie back into his pocket. There was a voice in his mind telling him that this thing could not be left on since it could get people killed.

For example, a teammate who suddenly shouts into the walkie-talkie while the holder is about to quietly crawl over the heads of a bunch of zombies… This is how the tragedies are shown in certain movies.

He glanced back and muttered, “Lure… lure him…bring back a cabbage…”

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He suddenly swung his big blade and slashed it against the wall.

This muffled sound echoed very loudly in the silent night!

And Xiao Bai, who was standing and waiting in the middle of the street, was immediately taken aback.

At this moment, Ling Mo had just come out from the door of his room. At the same time, he saw Lucy, who lived on the opposite side, also open her door.

This cold lady seemed to have just woken up. Her clothes were not neatly dressed, her neckline was a bit skewed, and the sexy image of her was totally seen by Ling Mo’s eyes.

Seeing Ling Mo walking out, she didn’t seem to be surprised, and asked, “You woke up too? You also heard the noises downstairs, right?”

“Shit! I can’t let her discover Xiao Bai!”

He could barely convince her about the hand from before. No matter how he looked at it, it would be impossible for him to talk his way out and trick her about this mutant panda this time!

“It’s probably nothing. Maybe just a zombie…”

Because he was delayed, Xiao Bai became attracted to the voice.

Although Ling Mo didn’t feel good about it, Xiao Bai definitely has a certain amount of IQ after all. Forcibly controlling it may cause unnecessary problems for them.

“Really? But…”

“It’s really nothing… I have the ability to detect.”

“Oh… Ok then…”

She had been distraught by the mutation in her body and had just woke up, so she still looked a little confused.

Seeing Ling Mo’s insistence, she returned to the door, preparing to close it.

But it was at this moment, Ling Mo shouted, “Wait.”

“What?” Lucy asked, looking at him suspiciously.

Ling Mo stared into Lucy’s eyes for a while, and only when she started to feel extremely uncomfortable, did he suddenly show a meaningful smile.

Lucy looked up and down at herself and suddenly realized something. She quickly covered her collar and then closed the door with a “bang”.


“How am I a pervert!?”

Ling Mo muttered confusedly, and his attention quickly shifted to what he had just discovered.

The state of Lucy’s eyes was very similar to the short man’s eyes…

“That’s right, he was neither asleep, nor awake. If those words weren’t crazy talk, then that means …  he was sleepwalking?!”

Ling Mo had heard of people that suffered from sleepwalking before, but he had never seen one.

For example, a female student who suddenly sat up in the middle of the night and touched people’s heads one by one in the dormitory, grinning and drooling, chanting, “One watermelon, two watermelons…”

Even among the examples he’s heard, there was nobody like the short man, who would attack people in the middle of the night and try to cut them.

Moreover, after such a fierce battle, his scalp was scratched by the panda’s claws. He should have woken up from the pain….

“Now that I think about it, he doesn’t respond to pain, and when he fights, it’s more like he is fighting by instinct… I’m certain he’s a psychic, but his powers don’t seem to affect his mental state…”

Ling Mo wasn’t good at analyzing things, but when he shifted his vision to Xiao Bai’s, he suddenly thought of something!

Just like how his consciousness is hidden in Xiao Bai’s body, could it also be the same for this sleepwalker’s mind?!

As soon as this idea popped out, it lingered…

Combined with the other spiritual fluctuation that he vaguely sensed just now, the more Ling Mo thought about it, the more he felt that his assumption was right!

“If there really is an external consciousness in his body, then is it controlling him the same way as I control zombies? But how is that possible? Even I am unable to control humans. Is it because the psychic is in a sleepwalking state?”

The most important factor that determines the outcome of a battle between psychics is the level of understanding between each other’s powers.

Without knowing what the opponent’s abilities are, it’s difficult to make a correct response.

“Most of the psychics that were defeated by me so far lost only because they didn’t know that I could control zombies… Regardless of whether there is another opponent controlling the sleepwalker or not, I still have to treat my opponent as two people.”

Looking at the movements of the sleepwalker now, although it seemed like he was running away, but in fact, he wasn’t trying his best.

There are so many streets and buildings in the city. It’s not a difficult task to get rid of a huge mutant panda that obviously didn’t have any self-knowledge.

Ling Mo could quickly find a number of ways on his own…

Although in the “eyes” of this sleepwalker, Xiaob Bai might not be a panda, but probably a super monk with a bald head and full of muscles….

“Just in case…”

When passing a place where zombies were infested, Ling Mo separated two tentacles from Xiao Bai’s brain and used them to control two zombies.

The two zombies concealed themselves from the side, closely following Xiao Bai and the sleepwalker.

One of the zombies under Ling Mo’s control quickly rushed in front of the sleepwalker and then suddenly jumped out.

At the same time as it jumped out, Ling Mo had cut off the spiritual connection.


The sleepwalker yelled, killing the zombie with a single slash, and attempted to fish up the corpse…

Although there was a quick pause, Ling Mo clearly saw the stagnation at that moment.

“Sure enough, he’s not completely being controlled, but it’s influencing his actions. Moreover, he is clearly sleepwalking, but he’s able to find Xiao Bai hiding in the house, which means that consciousness also has a certain detection ability.”

“If that’s the case, then does that mean as long as it has life, he’ll think the target is a cabbage? This guy no longer has the ability to make judgments for himself and only came out to chop cabbages!” Ling Mo thought in his heart, “The only thing that can make judgments is the consciousness hidden in his mind, but he definitely can’t share his vision like me, otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to lure Xiao Bai away. What’s their purpose in luring Xiao Bai away?”

“Perhaps the other party believes that… the ones that are quickly killed are either insignificant people or zombies. Their goals are probably the ones that are able to resist….”

Upon thinking of this, Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill.

If there are other survivors around here, wouldn’t they also become victims?

“It’s truly a huge plan. Such a powerful person is actually just a bait… But since he doesn’t have the ability to judge, let me give you guys a good gift.”

[1] – Da Dao means big blade in chinese.

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