My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 467

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 467 – Eyes behind your back

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung


The short man carried a big blade as he moved on to another street.

And behind him, the shadow was still following closely…

At the same time, in another alley, two figures were running fast in tandem.

“Have you noticed that there are fewer zombies on this street?” Yuan Yuan asked.

“It must have been done by Da Dao. When he was sleepwalking, the captain would usually throw him to the airport for night patrol…” The smoking man said, “You seemed to be good at analyzing things before, but how come you didn’t know about this?”

“So he’s the reason why we only need to stand guard at night… I simply analyze things based on their abilities.” Yuan Yuan stroked her hair and said.

Although the two of them were talking, they were still moving pretty fast.

The round-faced girl appeared to be weak, but she wasn’t slow.

She put her hands behind her, and her body rushed forward like a rocket.

The smoking man suddenly said, “This is the first time you’re actually performing a mission, right? You seemed to only have conducted searches before.”


Yuan Yuan didn’t forget to turn her head, showing him an innocent smile. Her eyes were also very round, making her look quite pitiful.

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“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.” The smoking man said.

“Thank you. I hope you’ll take good care of me later.”

Yuan Yuan turned her head back and her eyes suddenly became sharp as she looked forward…

“Che, who’s going to take care of who… little girls like you really like playing these tricks. But at least this makes me feel relieved. Playing these tricks is good, it shows that you’re not confident, and you have to rely on my abilities.”

The smoking man thought.

Although they were only providing support, the two of them still became vigilant when they approached the hotel.

The hotel was right in front of them. With the way Da Dao acted, the other party must have been alarmed.

But how are they supposed to hold them there when they’re already alarmed?

The two exchanged glances and quickly reached a tacit understanding.

“Over here, these marks are from Da Dao!”

Yuan Yuan keenly sensed the marks on the ground and said.

It’s impossible for Da Dao to run away, he apparently led one of them away.

“Yin Jie is always so mysterious. In fact, he’s always leading everyone by the nose. This is why I fucking hate guys with this type of personality!”



The smoking man roared fiercely.

A very gentle voice came from the walkie-talkie, “It’s Yin Jie. Listen up, Da Dao has already lured away their guard. It should be an enhanced-type psychic. Now there are only five people left in the hotel. One of them is from the FIRE base. Find her and ask her to help bring the spiritual-type psychic aside so you guys can contain him. You guys should naturally know what to say to make her agree.”

“Won’t we be discovered?”

“I originally wanted to let Da Dao lure the spiritual-type psychic away, but it seems that his detection ability isn’t strong enough, and he had arranged a guard to stand outside the hotel…. Although the plan has changed, with the help of the woman from FIRE, you guys will still have a chance to get this done. You just need to handle the spiritual-type psychic. As for the other things, you don’t need to worry about them.”

“Where is your position?” The smoking man froze for a moment and asked, “Hello? Hello!?”

He grabbed the walkie-talkie and wanted to throw it on the ground, but eventually stopped himself, “FUCK!”

“What should we do now?” Yuan Yuan asked.

“I’ll go from the front entrance and you go from the back. We’ll find the woman with the machine gun first. You know what she looks like, right?”

The smoking man planned, “He said that the spiritual-type psychic doesn’t have a strong detection ability and I just happen to be good at sneaking around, so it’s not easy for me to be spotted.”


The pistol in her hand was fitted with a silencer and the magazine had been replaced as well.

“Don’t worry, you most likely won’t need to do anything.”

“Brother Dong, be careful…”

“Got it…”

The smoking man shook his head, then waved his hand to signal the start of the mission.

The two of them quickly approached the hotel under the cover of night.

Seeing the round-faced girl walking along the wall to the back entrance, the smoking man slowly moved close to the front entrance after making an “Ok” gesture.

After restraining his breathing, he looked like a shadow.

“When we arrived, the captain said not to underestimate the enemy, but what the hell is Yin Jie doing?! Why did the captain entrust this matter to such a person…?”

Despite his unhappiness, the smoking man still followed Yin Jie’s arrangement very seriously.

He was still the army’s weapon and was used to being held by someone.

It’s just that the hand holding the weapon right now was replaced by Yin Jie, which made him very upset.

This is because Yin Jie wouldn’t directly use him to stab the enemy’s heart. Instead, he would stab around the edges to try and test the waters.

If Yuan Yuan hadn’t been there to help analyze things, the smoking man probably would have just quit.

After all, everyone just wants to live. They wouldn’t risk their lives for something they had no clue about…

Just as the smoking man approached the hotel entrance, Yuan Yuan also approached the back door.

She leaned close to the back door, then touched her waist, revealing a sneer on her mouth.

Yuan Yuan pulled the doorknob of the back door open, then slowly let go. At the same time as she let go, she also dropped her backpack inside…

At this moment, the short man appeared at a crossroad and following behind him was a black shadow.

The other party didn’t disappoint Ling Mo —-

As soon as the black shadow appeared, a bullet with strong penetrating power directly blasted towards the shadow’s head.

In silence, the black shadow’s upper body was broken apart along with its head.

Since the black shadows target was the short man running in front of it, it was quite normal for its attention to be completely focused on the short man when he suddenly turned around.

Perhaps the black shadow didn’t even realize what had happened when he was killed by the sniper hiding in the dark.

The distance from here to the hotel was only one kilometer….

As the corpse fell to the ground, a man stood up from the roof of a building.

He put away his sniper rifle and lifted his hat, “Although we didn’t lure the spiritual-type psychic out, it’s still nice to get rid of one. However, why did Liu Bao Dong say this woman was very beautiful? Her hair is messy, and I can’t even see her face clearly. What’s wrong with his eyes?”

Under the moonlight, the corpse lying at the crossroads was a woman in a red dress!

The upper body was completely submerged in blood, and the rest of the hands and feet were soaked in blood…

However, the short sleepwalker had no reaction to this…

“The captain said that we shouldn’t underestimate the enemy, which is why I deliberately used Da Dao as bait. At least Da Dao wouldn’t be killed so easily. It’ll only be possible to kill the man who’s able to catch a sniper rifle bullet by cooperating with Da Dao… What a pity…”

“Next, I should go to the hotel too. When they send the signal out, I should also make sure to take care of any leaks.”

When Yin Jie ran down the stairs and walked to Da Dao, this sleepwalker also raised his blade at him.

“That’s enough, I’m not a cabbage…”

He glanced at the corpse on the ground. The light was too dim, and it made him extremely nauseous, so he didn’t take a closer look.

The only person who could stare at this kind of corpse was Da Dao, who mistakenly thinks it’s a cabbage….

And they didn’t realize that in a corner somewhere, a pair of blood-red eyes were staring at them.

“The other party’s goal is definitely not to kill only one. Since they took care of one already, they most likely need to settle this before we leave in the morning. But looking at them, it doesn’t seem like they’re in a hurry…”

Ling Mo’s body was in the hotel as he saw all this happen.

He was completely sure that the other party couldn’t fully control Da Dao, “Is it suggestive thinking? Or something else? No matter what it is, the end result is that Da Dao takes orders from him. I should make a move first before I think about anything else.”

At the same time, Ling Mo’s tentacles have spread throughout the hotel.

It was impossible for the other party to just lead away one person…

And thinking about it, if Xiao Bai wasn’t standing guard outside, the person being led away would probably be him….

“This group of people are well planned and organized. And they seem to understand me very well…. No matter how this person with the big blade appeared, the first person to notice him would have been me, the person with the spiritual-type power…”

Ling Mo thought for a while, and couldn’t help but let out a sneer, “Ah, it’s the Air Force Regiment huh…”

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