My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 468

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 468 – People scare people

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Darkness enveloped this gloomy and silent hotel, and the deep corridors and closed doors brought a slight bit of horror to it.

Lots of suspicious dark black marks could be seen on the walls and carpets everywhere.


The smoking man walked tiptoed and moved briskly along the corridor.

This atmosphere which seemed as if they were filming a ghost scene, wouldn’t affect him.

Whether it was his heart rate, breathing, or movements, he had adjusted them to his best when he stepped into this hotel.

At this moment, he was like a shadow in the night, silent and difficult to capture.

Missions…. Meant a lot of rewards.

Especially tasks like this one, which seem even more attractive since they can make him the focus of everyone’s attention as long as it’s completed.

They just had to find Lucy, threaten her, and then bribe her. It wasn’t that difficult…

They just couldn’t get caught.

“If even Da Dao is able to appear so unscrupulously without being discovered, I definitely won’t be discovered. Everything will be fine.”

The smoking man thought.

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As he quickly passed through the corridor, he was extremely cautious.

Gently sticking to the door, he used his hearing, which had been magnified several times to detect if there was anyone inside.

Even if there was only one person breathing in the room, he could hear it clearly.


A soft creaking sound suddenly came from behind his body, causing the smoking man to almost freak out.

He practically pasted himself to the wall subconsciously, then peeked from the corner of his eyes towards the direction of the noise.

“What the hell was that… was the door moved by the wind?”

He slowly leaned against the wall and then jumped to the door with his gun.


The window was open, and a layer of white tulle was shaking in the wind.

“Scared the hell out of me….”

As soon as the smoking man wiped off his cold sweat, he suddenly realized something.

“This door is so heavy; how could the wind move it…”

Cold sweat immediately emerged from the smoking man’s back. He stared at the door and suddenly noticed five scratches on the side of the door.

Deep white marks which also seemed to contain some traces of blood…

“What is this? A bloody handprint?” The smoking man became nervous for a moment.

“Huh, that’s not right. Isn’t this fresh sawdust? Could it have been from a zombie? Impossible, how can the guard let a zombie sneak in?”

The smoking man looked inside nervously, rolled over, and appeared inside the room with a gun.

Empty bed, empty bathroom…

There was nothing inside this room.

Suddenly, the smoking man turned his eyes to the window.

“The door just opened, and the scratches were just left. In addition, there isn’t anyone in the room, then…”

The smoking man slowly walked to the edges of the window with his gun, and quickly checked the corner of the window.

He finally turned his gaze to the open window, and then slowly moved closer.

Suddenly, the smoking man jumped up and covered the back of his neck with his hand, “WHAT THE HELL!”

The moment he turned, he felt as if a cold breath of air suddenly hit the back of his neck and a hand had also reached out and patted the back of his head.

It had felt so real that it didn’t seem like an illusion at all.

But the room was still empty…

“Is this place haunted? Hahaha… That’s impossible. There must be zombies. How could there be any ghosts…”

The smoking man slowly retreated to the window…

What he didn’t notice was that in the darkness, a strand of silver thread had reached his heel…


He saw only darkness as he fell heavily on the edge of the bed, and a sharp pain appeared on the back of his head, causing him to almost pass out.


The smoking man quickly grabbed his gun, rolled over on the spot, turned, and aimed at the window.


Other than the cold wind passing through, there was nothing else…

Even when he stretched out his head boldly from the window, he saw nothing.


Although the smoking man was cursing in his heart, his forehead and palms were drenched with cold sweat.


The smoking man ran out of the room in a panic, and then took two deep breaths to calm his mood.

He was a veteran that had experienced a lot of battles after all. Although the things that happened just now, were really weird, he still restrained the urge to immediately run away from here.

“Yuan Yuan is still here, besides, the mission hasn’t even started yet…”

He clenched his gun tightly, feeling a little more settled in his heart.

As long as he had a gun in his hand, he felt calmer.

“However, I still have to consider the possibility that I’ve already been discovered. That Yin Jie refuses to tell me where he is. He’s obviously worried that if I got captured, the plan would fail completely… Damn it, why isn’t Yuan Yuan here yet?!”

The smoking man walked slowly along the corridor. Suddenly, a shadow flashed in front of him.

He pulled the trigger almost immediately without even thinking about it, but the bullet hit the wall and shot nothing.

Although it was using a silencer, there was still a slight noise that echoed in the corridor.

“Who’s there?!”

The smoking man leaned over nervously. The dark staircase was practically invisible in the dark, causing one to think that something was lurking inside.

He immediately concentrated all his power on his eyes, and his eyesight improved a lot in an instant.

Even in this darkness, he could still roughly see…

“Could it be that spiritual-type psychic? What if all the things that happened just now were because of him… It doesn’t matter. I have a gun! Spiritual-type psychics are complete trash when it comes to close combat.”

The smoking man became determined, “Trying to trick me because you don’t have the strength…”

After entering the stairs, the smoking man had become much calmer.

As he went up the stairs, the sound of a woman’s chuckle suddenly floated behind him.

Very short, but very clear!

It was as if the other party suddenly appeared behind him and then disappeared immediately.

He quickly turned around and pointed the gun at the corridor behind him.

The corridor was empty and there was nothing….

The smoking man quickly turned back to the stairs, but the moment he turned his head, at the top of the stairs, a shadow suddenly appeared.

The shadow was lying on the ground, slowly crawling towards him, accompanied by a cracking sound, as if its whole body was suffering from arthritis.

Although the shadow seemed to move slowly, within a blink of an eye, it was already in front of him, and its posture had changed so fast that he couldn’t even see when it happened.

It was just lying on the ground a moment ago, but in a blink of an eye, it was standing in front of him with its head tilted.

It had long black hair and blood red zombie eyes that looked like a kaleidoscope…


The smoking man let out a short scream and pulled the trigger of his pistol almost immediately.

The bullet hit the railing, making a crisp sound…

As for the shadow, it had silently disappeared in front of the smoking man.

There was no one in the entire stairwell… Only the front and back stairs that lead to the upper and lower floors…

The smoking man sweated profusely and quickly leaned against the wall.

“Am I hallucinating? No, that psychic isn’t able to create hallucinations! But how do I explain the female suffering from arthritis just now? Wasn’t that a typical female ghost? The same ones that die full of resentment and would display themselves of the suffering they had right before they died….”

He slowly stuck close to the foot of the wall and retreated to the top of the stairs, “No, no, no, as a firm materialist, I will never be afraid…”


A force suddenly came from nowhere and removed the gun in his hand.

After losing his weapon, the smoking man was in shock.

But before he was able to recover, a figure appeared in front of him.

The figure was a neatly dressed loli, that had a face that was a bit pale…


With a scream that changed tones and even became prolonged, the smoking man instinctively wanted to grab and restrain her.

But he soon remembered something, isn’t this one of the girls from Ling Mo’s group?

Sure enough, they were just pretending to be ghosts!

The determined smoking man sneered and was about to make a move…

But it was at this moment when a red flash of light suddenly flashed from the loli’s neck.

At the same time, the little loli, who had her eyes tightly closed, asked in a crisp voice, “Uncle, uncle, have you seen my eyes?”

Countless silver threads suddenly emerged from her body, faintly glowing in the dark…

“Eyes… Aren’t they obviously hanging on your neck?! Where did all these silver wires come from? Why are my hands and feet entangled? I can’t move!” 

The smoking man screamed in his heart, his body unable to move at all.

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