My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 469

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 469 – Scary Twins

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Although these wires seemed fragile, they were in fact quite powerful, and were digging into the flesh, making it difficult to break free.

“Could this be the legendary ghost hair [1]? It is the ghost hair!” The smoking man widened his eyes, then shook his head quickly, “No, no… This must be an illusion, an illusion! These wires are all illusions!”


The little loli chuckled and suddenly took out something that looked familiar to the smoking man.

The black end of a gun barrel was facing the smoking man’s eyes.

“Why is it in your hands?! Were you the one that sucked my gun away just now?”

With the gun aiming right at his head, the smoking man began to get nervous.

As long as that little hand gently presses the trigger, at such a close distance, his head will definitely burst open like a watermelon.

“Damn it! This doesn’t match up with the intel at all! The intel told us that the little girl was most likely an enhanced-type psychic, but in what way does this little girl look like she’s an enhanced-type psychic!”

“What was enhanced? Her body hair? Or just her hair?!”

Although the smoking man had cursed Liu Bao Dong many times in his heart, he was more concerned about the situation in front of him.

No matter what kind of ability this little loli has, she is still just a minor, so it shouldn’t be too hard to trick her…

“Little… little girl, can you let go of uncle…?”

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The smoking man swallowed and restrained the tremble in his voice, and said as “kindly” as possible, “Uncle here has something much more fun than this gun…”

“Sure!” The little loli tilted her head and readily agreed.

“Rea…. Really?”

The smoking man didn’t expect it to go so smoothly, he quickly said, “Then you should let go of uncle quickly, hahaha…”

“But Uncle needs to lend me his eyeballs first!”

The little loli continued, and at the same time moved the muzzle forward a bit.


“How is this borrowing?! This is clearly a robbery! Besides, how the hell am I supposed to lend you this kind of thing little girl! Can those red eyes hanging around your neck still work? I’m so fucked, this is an abnormal girl. Trying to trick her is useless….”

The smoking man desperately tried to take the gun, but the more he struggled, the tighter the wires became.

The gun was obviously right in front of him, but he wasn’t capable of taking it…

Just as the smoking man’s veins were about to burst open, the little loli who had her eyes tightly closed, suddenly opened them.

The blood-red pupils concealed a wave of violence and coldness. Against the innocent smile on her face, it made her seem even more eerie!

“BANG!” The little girl grinned and said.


The smoking man struggled desperately. He had already lost his ability to judge.

Those were definitely not human eyes!

But if she is a zombie, how do one explain the silver wires and the extra eyes on her neck?!

It was not scientific! This was too unscientific!

The smoking man felt that the little loli had ruined his view of the world by throwing it into the toilet and flushing it away!

He was completely at a disadvantage, unable to predict what would happen next, but the fear that was constantly rising in his heart made him struggle vigorously.

The silver wires dug deeper into his flesh, but he still insisted on twisting his body.

“It’s useless, completely useless, hehehe…”

The little loli’s laughter echoed in the stairwell, which sounded like a reminder to him.

However, at this moment, in front of him, another figure suddenly appeared!

“Hahaha, you might as well use your other tricks as well! All of these are hallucinations, hallucinations I tell you!”


After seeing the figure in front of him clearly, the smoking man froze for a moment.

The figure standing before his eyes was actually a very normal looking girl.

She had straight long hair and wore a school uniform. The only thing that looked abnormal was that she was carrying a huge scythe even though she looked so thin.

“A Scythe… That’s right! The intel has a girl that matches her description! Hahaha… As expected, these are all hallucinations. I knew it….”

The smoking man couldn’t help but feel relieved. This was the first time he had ever seen an enemy and felt so relieved…

However, as soon as relief crept in his heart, behind the girl, a blood-red shadow slowly stood up…


The smoking man froze once again.

The blood-red shadow pulled itself up using the shoulders of the girl in front of it and slowly stood up.

It had the exact same face as the girl and carried a red scythe that reeked of blood.

The only difference between the two was that under the same black hair, there was a pair of blood red eyes.

It was exactly like the “female ghost” that looked like she had arthritis. She had the same blood-red eyes that looked like a kaleidoscope!

As she laid her head on the shoulder of the girl in front of her, one of her eyes suddenly turned black.

And one of the eyes from the girl in front of her slowly turned blood red at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“What… What the hell?! Twins? No, no, no…. How can there be such scary twins?!”

The smoking man could only let out a meaningless gurgle sound as his mouth opened and his eyes widened.

The two girls showed a weird smile at the same time. The look from one of the girls was cold and cruel, while the other was calm and strange.

“He said we needed to dig something out from your mouth…” The two of them said in unison.

“Your internal organs….” The girl with the black eye said.

“Or intelligence…” the girl with the red eye followed.

“The decision is yours.” The two said again in unison.

The smoking man was trembling all over, and the continuous fright made him completely stunned…


“This is all that I can do with such insufficient information…”

Yin Jie was rushing to the predetermined location with Da Dao at this time. Although the first step of his plan was disrupted, his expression was still relatively calm…

Next, he just needed to wait for the signal.

“Regardless of whether Brother Dong’s mission is a success or not, the expected results can still be achieved. He just needs to stall for time in order to increase Yuan Yuan’s chances for succeeding…”

Even if the smoking man is caught, he should know very well what to do –

Only by keeping quiet will he have value and the chance to live.

“Even if the spiritual-type psychic has a way to forcibly open his mouth, it will still take a certain amount of time. In any case, his purpose of stalling for time would still be achieved…”

Yin Jie thought and looked forward at the same time.

Suddenly, he paused and glanced back, “Zombie?”

After waiting quietly for a while and seeing that nothing was happening, he and Da Dao continued to move forward.

And at this exact moment, a huge white figure was clinging to a wall more than a hundred meters away from them.

“Stupid panda, you were almost spotted!”

Ling Mo’s body exhaled and at the same time retracted his vision and switched to Shana’s.

Sure enough, it wasn’t easy trying to focus on multiple things at the same time…

“This person actually doesn’t know anything…. Is he just an abandoned chess piece?”

The female zombies were indeed very efficient. Probably even Yin Jie himself wouldn’t have expected for the smoking man to talk so fast…

In fact, even Ling Mo didn’t expect it…

“They’re really getting good at torturing. In addition, they really know how to play to their strengths!”

Ling Mo rubbed his chin and though, “There is another person who hasn’t entered the hotel. Where is she now?”


Outside the hotel, a figure was rapidly doing a task.

From the beginning, Yuan Yuan’s mission wasn’t to act with the smoking man.

The mission she received was to arrange explosives immediately after the smoking man entered the hotel.

Regardless of whether the smoking man was caught, she would reach a safe position in five minutes and detonate the hotel.

The sound from the explosion would attract countless zombies over and Yin Jie would snipe from a distance.

Even if they were able to escape from the explosion, it would be impossible to survive the sniper rifle.

And even if they were able to survive, they would still have her and Da Dao to deal with…

“Even if the plan fails, the result of victory must still be achieved.”

This was Yin Jie’s motto…

“It’s best if he could stall longer…”

Yuan Yuan took the time to look up at the towering hotel and thought.

However, the moment she lowered her head, her movements stiffened.

Under the moonlight, a tall figure stood in front of her.

The figure was armed with a gun and had the muzzle pointed at her.

“Don’t…. don’t move…”

She was just about to reach towards her waist when she was stopped.


Yuan Yuan gritted her teeth, rolled on the spot, yanked out two pistols, and shot them straight ahead.

Even if she were to shoot randomly, she should be able to get one or two shots in….

“Where did she go?!”

Yuan Yuan widened her eyes and looked at the empty void in front of her.

[1] – It’s basically a female ghost in a movie (I forgot which one) with long hair that uses its hair to kill people.

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