My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 47


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 47 – Collaboration

If possible, Ling Mo would love to bring Ye Lian and Shana to find a secure shelter, then have a period of relative secure leisure life.

But after witnessed the birth of a mutated zombie last night, Ling Mo really could no longer sit still.

What is the population in this provincial city? Millions! A conservative estimate of the number of zombies is at least about a few millions.

And what is the concept of millions of zombies? Twenty zombies are enough to make fighting back pointless. And like Song Tian’s survivor group, even though if they defend using geographical advantages, it won’t take any more than 50 powered up zombies to destroy them.

Millions ah! Just thinking about it makes the scalp tingling!

Fortunately these zombies are undisciplined, they are scattered in various corners of the city, even among many buildings. But even so, it is sufficient to show that the city is perilous!

Zombies to normal people are already very terrible, not to mention mutated zombies! If wasn’t for the ability to control zombie puppets, Ling Mo would not dare to confront mutated zombies, it is simply seeking death.

And something like last night, in this city, maybe it is happening at every moment. They will quickly grow into mutated zombies with horrible strength, and will continue to evolve.

On the other hand, whether it is Ye Lian or Shana, they all need to continue to eat, and their food source are mutated zombies.

Therefore no matter from which point of view, right now is not the time to take refuge, and as a survivor, Ling Mo have no choice but to shuttle throughout the city, hunting mutated zombies, in order to acquire more viral gels. They must evolve as their foes do the same.

The next night, a few zombies appeared again on the square, they were all attracted by the smell of the blood, after eating they just wandered on this square slowly. And on the ground are dry plasma, as well as scattered bones and clothes debris.

After Ling Mo ripped Ye Lian’s clothes apart, temporarily there is no available change of clothes; fortunately there is a clothing store on the square, as long as they get rid of these zombies.

As soon as they opened the iron gate, when Ling Mo just appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of these few zombies, they frantically rushed over. Under the sunlight, their face was covered in blood plasma, all bloodstained hands, even could see clearly the ground meat within their nail gaps…….Not even right in front, an intense smell of blood on the nostrils instantly carried over, plus their extremely twisted hideous face, do serve the purpose of scaring people to death.

These zombies did not blindly rushed up to bite, their actions are very flexible, and with great strength, therefore as soon as they were before Ling Mo, they all flung their arms at Ling Mo. One of them even used rushing power to jump upward, and rushed towards Ling Mo through the mid air.

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Attacked by several zombies at the same time, Ling Mo is basically in the situation where he could not avoid.

But he was not nervous, when these zombies were about five meters away, he had already used his zombie puppet control ability and reined in control over two of the attacking zombies.

Without worrying of exposing his ability to any survivors, Ling Mo can finally show off the true power of his zombie puppet controlling ability.

Two zombies that were controlled by him at the first turned around and blocked the zombies in the back, and immediately attacked them. And that zombie who jumped midair although looked very ferocious, but with Ling Mo’s current speed, to avoid is very easy. But he did not hide, but also jumped in midair with his hind legs, right arm swung, a coldness immediately slashed through this zombie’s head.


With the blade into the meat, this zombie immediately fell heavily on to the ground, but even though he was badly beaten, but not fatal. Zombie’s sense of not afraid to die immediately played a role, at the same time when he landed on the ground; he jumped up and just rushed before Ling Mo who just landed.

Zombies’ arm lashed across, even brought a “hu” sound of wind, and to get in contact with this zombie at such close distance, that strong smell of blood and rancid breath enveloped Ling Mo even more.

But in the face of attacks, Ling Mo just slightly tilted his head….

A sharp long knife stabbed out immediately, along with the zombie’s arm that stretched, stabbed directly under his armpit, and then went clean through!


Blood burst, this arm was immediately directly cut through, the tyrannical force even forced this zombie and triumph him on the ground.

Ling Mo did not hesitate and swung his wrist, short knife blade went down, in the instant where this zombie just straightened up his body, pierced into his heart.

And behind Ling Mo, exposed Shana’s figure. To normal zombies, their own kind like Shana, they would not voluntarily to attack, except zombies like last night that has already stepped towards in becoming a mutated zombie.

At the same time, those two zombies that were controlled by Ling Mo also showed good victories, they stopped two of the zombies and soon got rid of them. And Ye Lian strangulated the rest of the zombie easily.

But it is useless to keep these two zombies, Ling Mo gently waved; these two zombies immediately grabbed each others’ neck, and forced a twist at the same time….

Zombie puppet controlling ability, with their own fighting strength, the collaboration between zombie puppets, even though not very collaborated yet, but Ling Mo is quite satisfied.

Master was not trained in one day!

Not to mention he does not control Shana, could only conduct mutual cooperation with him.

After last night’s evolution, Ling Mo could vaguely feel that between him and zombie puppets, there seemed to be countless threads connected. It was through these threads, zombie puppets could only receive commands from him.

The thread between him and Ye Lian has already achieved to the state of real terms, but the thread between him and Shana are translucent. Looks like through these threads, it could also visually see their handling efforts to zombie puppets.

“Really a genuine zombie puppet controller! Just as the real puppet controller controlled dolls, used hands. I control zombies, use spiritual power!”

Instantly and easily got rid of these zombies, Ling Mo’s mood is quite good, but corpses all over the ground is obviously not suitable to stay for too long, he immediately brought Ye Lian and Shana into that abandoned clothing store.

This upscale boutiques, Ling Mo previously have never come before, clothes that worth thousands of bucks is simply downright luxury. But in the end of the world, these clothes are just crooked hanging there, even some are been thrown to the ground, covered with blood, and most survivors would not even look at them. No matter how expensive the luxury items are, in the end of the world, they are not even worthy of a small cookie.

Ling Mo casually put on a T-shirt, and then picked out a clean shirt from the shelf for Ye Lian. In this process he unavoidable observed Ye Lian’s body shape up close, touched a little on that delicate skin….

As for Shana…..She actually learned from Ling Mo and started picking on the shelves, soon toke out a bright red shirt.

No wonder she is a zombie, likes blood red…

“This one is too conspicuous!” Ling Mo instantly grabbed this one from her, then found a black lace top, then with a strange hint of smile, looked at Shana.

But when he handed the clothe to Shana, she is actually again with a trance of look, pushed the clothes back into Ling Mo’s hand, and helplessly watched Ling Mo.

After been sluggish for a while, Ling Mo suddenly react again.

Shana’s reason recovery is limited, and evidently seemed to be in the stated of confusion, from her performance, it should be that….she doesn’t know how to change clothes!

Anyways he already pinched……lets change! Ling Mo actually does not have any psychological barriers, stripped her quickly, and then put this laced blouse on her.

After finished changing the cloth, Ling Mo stepped backwards, then looked up and down, revealed a hint of a very satisfied smile.

This should be regarded as the most sexy zombie, right? In that hollow transparent lace top, in addition of barely covering the doublet, the rest of the place, such as flat belly and waist, is all exposed…..

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