My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 470

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 470 – Fireworks illuminating the night sky

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Yuan Yuan frowned instantly after her target vanished.

That seemingly innocent round face of hers also revealed a trace of savagery.

“Where did you run to!?”

She held her breath as she was holding her gun, her eyes moving around rapidly, looking for her target.



Seeing the figure falling from above, Yuan Yuan’s eyes widened.

It was nighttime and all she could see was darkness and shadowy trees…

For one part, her vision was obstructed. But the most important part was that she hadn’t expected for this figure to be able to react so fast and also have such powerful jumping capabilities!

When she turned around, the other party had probably jumped at the exact same time.

Ye Lian stared blankly at Yuan Yuan in midair, the sniper rifle in her hands already aimed at Yuan Yuan’s head.

“THOR! That’s One-eyed’s Thor!”

The moment Yuan Yuan became a target, she felt a great sense of danger.

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At such a close distance, with Thor’s power, let alone killing her, even steel plates could be penetrated.

“But…. Do you think just anyone can be a sharpshooter!? Even if it was me, I would still need to rely on my abilities…”

She quickly calmed down again and showed a look of contempt.

However, she still immediately rolled on the spot, attempting to evade, while raising her arm in preparation to knock Ye Lian down.


The other party was clearly still in the air, but she had already fired within a few tenths of a second.

And Yuan Yuan, who had just finished rolling, immediately covered her shoulder.

Under the palm of her hand, blood was constantly pouring out and the severe pain almost made her pass out.

Only a bit of her shoulder had been grazed, but it was already broken, and the bones in her shoulder had completely shattered!

Yuan Yuan clenched her teeth as she watched the pistol held by her injured arm fall to the ground, but didn’t stop to pick it up.

Seeing that Ye Lian had landed lightly on the ground, Yuan Yuan immediately turned around and retreated towards the back of the hotel.

The explosives weren’t all planted, and it was meaningless to detonate them at this time. She could only do so after taking care of this woman….

“You can actually aim and shoot in mid-air? Yin Jie and One-eyed probably aren’t able to do that. Although the bullets fired from their guns are more damaging, this woman’s sniping ability is simply ridiculous! When the hell did sniper rifles become so easy to use!”

Yuan Yuan kept cursing in her heart. She could only use one hand now, and her vision was starting to get cloudy.

“Did that bastard Dong sell me out? What an idiot! Originally, I had some sympathy for him. Although he was the most eye-catching member of the old Air Force regiment of the ninth squadron, he was still going to die as a pitiful pawn in this plan…. But I didn’t expect him to sell me! And to sell me this soon too!”

She quickly thought of the reason for her exposure, and immediately cursed in her heart while gnashing her teeth.

As a psychic, Yuan Yuan’s strength actually wasn’t too bad. Most of her usual innocence and cuteness was just an act.

Although not everyone would buy this, weak and cute girls were always a little more favored.

Like the smoking man for example, although he didn’t develop any inexplicable desire to protect her, he was still at least fooled into carrying out the plan obediently.

He also took the more troublesome tasks when arranging them.

Although the result was still the same no matter how he arranged it….

“Hey, this woman is similar to me! She appears innocent and weak, but in reality she’s actually so cruel!”

She was currently fleeing frantically towards a green belt. There was originally a small gravel road in the green belt, just like a small garden, but now it was completely covered by weeds.

“She is so fast!”

In order to escape for her life, Yuan Yuan was already running at her top speed, but she didn’t expect to look back and find that Ye Lian was only less than twenty meters away from her!

She kept turning back and shooting, but Ye Lian always wore a natural and dull expression as she quickly moved left and right.

“I can’t hit her!”

Yuan Yuan became more and more anxious. If this continued, she would probably die from blood loss and pain, let alone kill Ye Lian.

“Aren’t you a sniper? How the fuck are you so physically gifted!”

The round-faced girl yelled angrily in her heart. Based on the way her opponent moved and jumped, she knew that the girl physically was not weak.

She didn’t know how strong her fist was, but the strength from her legs was definitely not weak.

“Fortunately, she’s holding a sniper. It’s not like she can aim and shoot while running with it. Plus, her line of sight here is blocked…”

After successfully rushing into the green belt, Yuan Yuan’s anxious mood relaxed a little, “Come chase me. You’re dead if you come in!”

She grinned, holding the pistol, and slowly backing away.


After following her into the green belt, Ye Lian became stunned.

There were so many branches sticking out in front of her. Although her eyes could see clearly in the dark, her vision was still blocked.

The opponent used a silenced pistol and shooting rashly would only reveal her position.

And if the opponent shoots, she wouldn’t be able to find her…

In fact, Yuan Yuan also thought the same. She was squatting in a bush, staring quietly ahead.

At the same time, she took out the night vision goggles and put them on, “Even if ordinary survivors like you have Thor to use, you still don’t have enough equipment. How do you expect to fight with us?! Just watch as I beat that pretty face of yours later!”

If the opponent was a man, she might have pretended to be weak.

But since they were both female, there was no need to pretend…

“She isn’t afraid to come in, is she?”

Yuan Yuan put down her gun, reaching out and fumbled for a bit on the ground until she picked up a rock.


She suddenly threw the rock out, which happened to hit a flower bed.

“That should lure her in.”

Yuan Yuan was about to pick up her gun, but suddenly felt nothing on the ground.

Her fingers swiped the ground twice before her movements suddenly stopped, and cold sweat trickled down her forehead.

“How did you find me…?”

Yuan Yuan was sweating bullets, and she knew that the opponent’s muzzle was aimed at her at this time.

“I don’t believe it…. My movements were so light, and I even threw a decoy to trick her. So, how did she find me?!”

If Yuan Yuan looked back at this time, she would find that Ye Lian’s nose was gently twitching….

After squatting for a second, Yuan Yuan suddenly jumped forward, but just as she was about to run out, something similar to a javelin suddenly hit the back of her head.

“How could you use Thor like that?!”

And before this “Javelin” landed, it was caught by Ye Lian who rushed up quickly.

She stepped on the back of the round-faced girl, sniffed again, and said, “I have something… I want to ask you….”

“Go ask god! Die!”

When the round-faced girl replied fiercely, she suddenly reached out to her waist and pulled out the trigger from a grenade.

The process of pulling the ring out was actually a bit more complicated, but Yuan Yuan was more than capable…

“Haha, let’s die together.”

Yuan Yuan shouted with a grim expression and grabbed Ye Lian’s leg with her able hand at the same time.

It would only take three seconds, and after three seconds, the woman who had destroyed her arm would blow up.

“Yin Jie, I have tried my best. The mission failed. Don’t blame me!”

But just as the grenade was about to explode, Yuan Yuan suddenly saw this girl looking down at her, while her other foot took a half step back.

“You still want to struggle? It’s already too late to struggle!”

But just as this thought emerged in Yuan Yuan’s mind, she discovered that Ye Lian seemed to be angry.

“What are you frowning about? You’re about to be blasted to death, yet you’re only just frowning? You should at least try to struggle a bit, hahaha….”

Yuan Yuan laughed in her heart.

The grenade was pressed underneath her waist. As long as she could keep Ye Lian trapped for more than three seconds, she would succeed!

“Who allowed you… to hug me!”

Ye Lian raised her foot, and then kicked Yuan Yuan’s waist.

Yuan Yuan suddenly felt a huge force come towards her, as if she was being hit head-on by a train.

Although it was definitely not as powerful, she couldn’t help but let go and flew out at the same time.

She didn’t even have time to react. She only felt that she had been volleyed out before she exploded.


A large burst of flames suddenly lit up in mid-air, illuminating the chaotic green belt.

Ye Lian quietly looked up at the flames, watching some pieces fall.

Then this female zombie, who always seemed to be in a daze, suddenly asked, “Fire…fireworks?”

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