My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 471

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 471 – Xiaobai’s Anger

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Hearing the sound of a slight explosion, Yin Jie immediately frowned, “That wasn’t the signal…”

“Something’s wrong… Could Yuan Yuan have also failed her mission?” The appearance of the round-faced girl immediately appeared in Yin Jie’s mind. “If she failed, then doesn’t that mean she alarmed them instead of detonating the building?”

He frowned a little irritably, “My plan failed…”

From a distance, he could still see the hotel, and the thick black smoke he was expecting couldn’t be seen at all.

Yin Jie had a good impression of Yuan Yuan and didn’t think she would make a mistake.

From the looks of it, the root cause of the problem was most likely the smoking man.

The time he stalled for wasn’t enough…

“…It’s unfortunate that not everyone is like Da Dao.”

He turned his head and glanced at Da Dao as he thought of this.

A chess piece like Da Dao that could be completely controlled by him was the perfect choice.

He couldn’t be swayed by personal thought, and he also wouldn’t make any wrong judgments.

“That’s right, there weren’t any problems with my plan. The problems lay with the chess pieces. If Brother Dong, who excelled in stealth, could use himself as a human bomb…”

Unfortunately, this kind of thing could only be thought of. Not everyone was good at stealth, and this plan was a failure from the beginning.

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Instead of luring Ling Mo out, Da Dao had lured an enhanced-type psychic who was inexplicably guarding the area.

“These people are really tricky… But even if both of them failed, it doesn’t matter, at least one of them was killed…”

Yin Jie turned to look at Da Dao and thought, “There isn’t anyone more suitable as a receptor than him. As long as Da Dao doesn’t wake up, my spiritual seed will be effective… Plus, no matter how strong they are, they wouldn’t know this… For now, let’s move closer and see the current situation.”

Near the hotel, some zombies had gathered in the vicinity of this street, but because there was only one explosion, they weren’t much drawn, let alone enough to surround the hotel.

“Did the plan completely fail?”

Yin Jie only wanted to see the situation at this time. He separated from Da Dao a few hundred meters away from the hotel.

As a sniper, he wouldn’t rashly expose his position to his enemies.

Under his guidance, the sleepwalker Da Dao, quickly approached the hotel.

Da Dao wasn’t the type that was good at concealment, but he was able to move very fast despite carrying a large blade, and soon reached a place that was less than 100 meters from the hotel.

“Haha, you guys finally separated.”

A figure suddenly emerged from the shadows on the side and stood in front of Da Dao.

The figure was a thin young male, who had slightly longer than average hair.

He looked quite ordinary, but his eyes were particularly bright.

“Cabbage…” Da Dao paused.

Yin Jie could only sense Da Dao’s thoughts, which helped him sense the spiritual fluctuations of the creatures around him, but he couldn’t actually see what they looked like.

“But at this distance, the only thing he can bump into is probably a zombie, right?”

As soon as he finished thinking about this, a pair of bloody-red eyes appeared behind him.



“You really want to chop cabbages…”

Ling Mo stared at the little man in front of him, curiously observing his mental state.

Although this person’s spiritual ball of light was very chaotic, Ling Mo also discovered a miniature one inside at the center.

This was the first time Ling Mo saw spiritual power being used this way, and he couldn’t help but feel a little curious.

“Seems like it really is a spiritual-type psychic… Xiao Bai, keep him alive…”

A spiritual-type psychic represented a great amount of spiritual power.

Being able to devour it all at once was much better than Ling Mo slowly absorbing spiritual power.

The stronger his spiritual power was, the more difficult it was to grow.

Ling Mo had originally thought that the matter would end after killing One-eyed. Casualties were common in this sort of attack, especially in such a special period. Even if the other party was upset, they could only suffer this loss in silence.

Unexpectedly, the other party had the ability to find him, and even launched a sneak attack against him.

This was plain bullying. They were obviously the ones that tried to kill him first, yet they still dare to retaliate after being defeated once.

But in this kind of thing, reasoning was useless.

Ling Mo didn’t want to be reasoned with either. He felt nothing but disgusted after hearing the smoking man confess that their plan was to find Lucy and try to use her against him.

He suddenly realized that in the face of such forces, he really looked too weak.

The other party was reluctant in sending any of their elite troops. Maybe they just thought that this team was enough to take him down, right?

“Since you guys think I’m weak, then I should give you guys a good show.”

“I won’t let any of them go. All of them will die here.”

Ling Mo had waited patiently in the hotel until now, just so they could deliver themselves to him.

Not only would he kill them, but he would also kill them beautifully!

“Come, let’s get this over with.”

Ling Mo stood there, staring at the short man.

The short man was still sleepwalking. He moved his right foot a step back, raised his sword, and rushed towards Ling Mo!

“Sure enough, while he’s sleepwalking, his body’s potential can be used to its greatest ability. But just like taking drugs, it comes with a price, and that price can only be paid with his vitality. He obviously still has injuries on his head, yet he can’t even take the time to patch it up…”

Ling Mo immediately felt a great pressure come rushing towards him, as if a truck was accelerating towards him, ready to crash into him.

Any person with a slightly weaker willpower would have reacted much slower when faced with such a large amount of pressure.

“A frontal confrontation will consume a lot of spiritual power, but….”

Ling Mo suddenly lifted up from the ground and hung in the air with ease.

There were many cables on this kind of street, all he had to do was hook onto one of them with his tentacles…

“Ah… A Flying Cabbage…”

The short man slashed into the air without pausing, jumping up on the spot, and threw the big blade over.

Seeing that huge blade fly towards him with a “swoosh”, Ling Mo quickly moved away, creating distance.

The short man kept moving, and when his big blade descended, he had already caught it in his hand.

“You’re still not done?!”

Ling Mo’s tentacles swept towards him, but he didn’t expect that although this short man was sleepwalking, he was more sensitive to danger than ordinary people…

While in the process of rushing towards Ling Mo, although his shoulders and face were stabbed by the materialized tentacles, he was able to avoid the vital areas.

Even the unmaterialized tentacles that were mixed in it were keenly avoided by him.

In addition, this guy was much faster than Ling Mo’s tentacles…

“You really don’t care about getting hurt. I need to figure out a way to wake this guy up… Xiao Bai, what are you doing?!”

Compared to this crazy short man, Ling Mo’s attitude was much more relaxed. He even decided to turn his vision to Xiao Bai’s, giving it his full attention.

In any case, this short man was only overdrawing his vitality. Ling Mo could see that when the mutant panda fought him. Whether it was power or speed, this short man was far superior to ordinary humans, and even average psychics.

But the injuries he would receive are greater.

And to put it bluntly, he was just a sleepwalker. Just leave him alone and he’ll tire himself out…

However, the moment his vision transferred to the mutant panda’s, Ling Mo almost wavered and fell from mid-air…

This mutant panda was stuck in a door frame at this time. His head stretched out desperately as he grasped the iron door frame with both paws, shaking vigorously as he exerted his strength.

Under him, a completely deformed sniper rifle was thrown on the ground like garbage.

And in front of it, was Yin Jie, who was holding his shoulders as he stumbled forward.

“What the hell are you doing… Sure enough, I overestimated your abilities. You got stuck in such an obvious trap after encountering an enemy with a bit of human intelligence and can’t even get out! I knew it would have been more useful controlling a zombie than you!”

Probably due to being provoked by Ling Mo’s anger from their spiritual connection, the mutant panda suddenly opened its eyes and violently unleashed strength in its claws!


After a muffled sound, the mutant panda finally managed to escape and rushed towards Yin Jie at a very fast speed.

At this time, Yin Jie had already run to a place not too far from Da Dao. Although his physique was quite good, even Ling Mo couldn’t run as fast as the panda in such a wide area, let alone him.

After chasing him for a certain distance with an angry face, the panda suddenly slapped its paws on the ground, leaped high, and rolled 360 degrees in midair.


Spreading all four of its limbs, the panda unleashed a body slam!

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