My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 472

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 472 – Fusion

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“What the hell is that….”

Yin Jie raised his head and looked up to the sky. In the night sky, this huge panda managed to block even the moonlight and was falling down at him with an incredible speed.

The tremendous pressure made Yin Jie almost breathless. His eyes widened as he blurted out, “Fuck….”

Before the word “me” left his mouth, Xiao Bai had fallen from the sky like a meteorite.


The ground trembled, and a large wave of dust sprang up with blood splashing around!

When the dust dispersed, the mutant panda slowly raised its huge head from a pool of blood. On the blood-stained face, a pair of bloody red eyes seemed to faintly glow.

This angry beast had, relying on its own strength and physical body to crush the enemy into pieces!

The mutant panda slowly supported its body, and thick blood dripped down from its fur.

It shook its head abruptly, and opened its mouth, revealing its fangs, like a beast from hell.



Ling Mo hung in the air, completely stunned.

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When this panda isn’t restricted by the terrain, it was simply the embodiment of violence.

No matter how weak Yin Jie was, he should have some experience in melee combat, at least much better than ordinary people.

But such an enemy was no different than an ant in front of this mutant panda!

“Are you really that national treasure that always acted cute before the virus?! Could it be that during the day, you hugged bamboo and rolled around in front of tourists, but at night, you wore red shorts and practiced boxing?!”

After being stunned, Ling Mo suddenly reacted and became mad, “YOU IDIOT! Didn’t I tell you to keep him alive?! You crushed him along with all his spiritual power! Couldn’t you have been a bit softer? Can’t you be smart for once and use your brain instead of your animal instincts….”

But then Ling Mo realized that his request was a bit hard for Xiao Bai.

It had only just been a few days since Ling Mo took control of Xiao Bai. Expecting it to be able to understand complicated instructions and also restrain its wild nature while doing things according to his instructions… was too difficult for him.

“Forget it this time… Hey, why did you stop chopping for cabbages?” Ling Mo suddenly looked down at the short man below.

Xiao Bai’s amazing performance not only stunned Ling Mo, but even this cabbage chopping soldier was also stunned.

Carrying a big blade, he stared at the mutant panda not far away.

“Isn’t it time for him to wake up? Since the controller is dead…”

Ling Mo looked down at the short man and thought.

But he soon discovered that the short man’s mental state seemed a bit wrong.

The tiny spiritual ball hidden within Da Dao’s spiritual light didn’t disappear with Yin Jie’s death, but was gradually expanding.

“What’s going on?”

Ling Mo immediately became vigilant, and he turned his gaze towards the pool of blood and flesh that was squashed by the mutant panda, and suddenly got a bad feeling.

“That guy was obviously the commander of this operation. Could it be that he still had a backup plan?”


Suddenly, a strange laughter came from the short man’s mouth.

The laughter sounded strange and was intermittent, almost like a jammed cassette tape.

At the same time, the two spiritual balls seemed to have merged together, and the short man’s spiritual power instantly skyrocketed!

A burst of spiritual energy that was invisible to the naked eye, instantly swept this area like a storm.

Ling Mo suddenly felt dizzy and the spiritual power that was condensed into his tentacles immediately dissipated.

He started falling from the sky, but just as he was about to touch the ground, a newly condensed spiritual tentacle had suspended him.

But before his feet could touch the ground, a cold light struck towards him!


The blast of wind arrived before the cold light.

Both the tingling sensation from his skin and the strong pressure that he mentally felt made Ling Mo instantly feel a sense of suffocation.

A spiritual tentacle hooked onto a street light pole on the side and pulled Ling Mo horizontally to avoid the slash.

But the short man’s movements didn’t stop in the slightest. Upon failing to hit Ling Mo, he used the force to make a flip, causing his blade to cut horizontally across upon landing.

This cold light was like a blue wave under the moonlight. Beautiful, but filled with murderous intent.

When the cold light was about to hit Ling Mo, he suddenly jumped up, allowing it to pass under him. At the same time as he passed the blade, he launched a swift kick towards the front of the short man.

The short man leaned his upper torso back, and the big blade in his hand changed from cutting horizontally to an upward slash.

Realizing that he was about to be chopped in half, Ling Mo brought his feet together, and slammed both his feet forcefully into the short man’s face.

Immediately after, Ling Mo was quickly pulled up and several spiritual tentacles had already shot towards the short man.

After making a few quick dodges, the short man stood still and looked at Ling Mo.

Different from his previous expression, his eyes were really “looking” at Ling Mo this time.

He would have looked calm and a bit gentle as well if it weren’t for the footprints on his face and the two blood streams from his nose that were dripping down horribly….

Ling Mo took this time to take a look at the mutant panda. It was greatly affected by the burst spiritual energy and rushed into the green belt on the side of the road for some reason.

At this moment, its big head was stuck between two big trees, unable to get out. Its fat ass was exposed, shaking left and right…

“Ah… I raised a dumbass…” Ling Mo sighed.

“Sure enough, you’re not an ordinary spiritual-type psychic.”

The short man’s speech was a bit smoother than before, but it still felt like a voice recorder, as if someone said something in his mind first, and then he repeated it out loud.

“This mutant beast has some kind of spiritual connection with you, right? Although I’m not good at detecting weak spiritual energy, I was still able to feel it just now. This also explains why my plan failed in the first place. It turns out that we didn’t understand your power at all.”

“Your power allows you to command this beast, right? But every ability has a weakness. I think the number that you can control or the distance between you two should be the weakness of your ability.”

“Although one point was sort of wrong, the rest were almost spot on…”

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment.

The reason why the short man thought he was “commanding” rather than “controlling” was obviously because of the mutant panda’s performance.

When it came to “controlling”, people would generally think of a puppet, where all its actions were controlled by a controller.

It was true for Ling Mo at the beginning, but after repeated experiments, he discovered the method to just maintain the connection without influencing the actions of the corpse puppet.

This didn’t follow the normal behavioral pattern of a general puppet controller. Whether it’s a mutant beast or a zombie, a controller would of course believe that only by completely controlling the puppet would one be able to exert it’s fighting strength…

But Ling Mo’s situation was very special. He took control of his girlfriends, not to use them as killing machines, but to live with them.

For this point, even if there was someone with strong divergent thinking, it would still be difficult for them to imagine this.

Although the short man was able to make out some parts of it, he still didn’t understand the essence.

“You keep saying ‘I’… It seems that you have completely taken the body of this cabbage warrior as your own…”

Ling Mo sneered and said.


The short man (Yin Jie) shook his head and said, “It’s just a fusion. From the very beginning, I’ve regarded you as a strong opponent. You can catch sniper bullets, so how useful is a sniper like me? Therefore, I’m forced to use other tricks.”


Ling Mo observed him for a moment, and roughly had a certain understanding of Yin Jie’s abilities.

If the small spiritual ball of light was treated as a parasite, and Yin Jie as the mother body… then there probably should be some kind of transformation ability between the parasite and the mother body.

“You say it’s a fusion, but your physical body has become like that… Aren’t you just occupying your companion’s body?”

Ling Mo sneered and said.

The short man stared at Ling Mo and said calmly, “In order to complete this mission, a little sacrifice is necessary. Besides, isn’t this kind of fusion perfect for dealing with people with spiritual-type powers like you?”

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