My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 473

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 473 – Overestimate

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

“Excuse me, but can you not define the word ‘fusion’ as two men becoming one? I can’t believe someone like yourself can actually say something so disgusting…”

Ling Mo said with a look of disgust.

The opponent was dumbfounded and became speechless for a moment.

Seeing this, Ling Mo sneered and continued, “What’s more, you sent a bait into my hotel and then asked a female team member to blow herself up. Now, you’re taking your own companion’s body as yours… You call this only a little sacrifice? Besides, when you guys decided to come trouble me, did you even investigate the cause? Humph, what a good fucking master… The beast you raised at home ran out and bit someone, but you came to blame the victim for not standing there and getting bit, right?”

“Unexpectedly, you got a sharp tongue, but….”

The short man (Yin Jie) smiled slightly and said, “Compared with the result, the process isn’t important at all. This is true for the both of us. You made us suffer losses and also destroyed one of our helicopters. Did you really think that we were just going to leave things alone?”

“I really thought so.” Ling Mo nodded bluntly, “Until now, I still don’t understand why.”

“Haha…” The short man (Yin Jie) pulled at his neckline and said, “That’s because you’re at the bottom of society, so you don’t understand.” He shook his head and said with a sigh, “For us, we don’t care about why you did it. The reason doesn’t even matter at all. What’s important is that your actions made us unhappy. It’s as simple as that. We suffered not only a loss, but also lost face [1].”

“Even if some losses were caused in the process of hunting you down, it still wouldn’t matter. Because those dead members are just as insignificant as you. There are so many other survivors. As long as we remain as the only air power in this area, there’ll be a lot of people eager to join us.”

“And in order to stabilize this position, anyone who dares to resist us will be eliminated. You may think that our approach, or one-eyes, is rampant and unreasonable, but unfortunately, this is reality.”

“You used to be a commoner and you’re still the same now. Some things can’t be changed even if you gained power, because you’re still just an ant when compared to the many groups of forces that are combined together. Even if you can break two hammers, it is impossible for you to knock down the ‘person’ holding the hammers, and you’ll eventually be trampled to death…”

Looking up from the short man’s perspective, Ling Mo’s face turned dark with his back facing the moonlight, and his expression was hard to see.

After a few seconds of silence, Ling Mo suddenly let out a chuckle.

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The mocking and frivolous attitude made the short man frown involuntarily.

“Pretending that you’re a part of a superior ‘force’ and acting like you’re doing this for my sake, you must really think you’re special… What’s the point of saying all this? Did you think that I would realize my own insignificance and then beg you to put me out of my misery? Hahaha…”

“I’m so sorry, you’ve wasted breath. But you didn’t understand my question at all. What I don’t understand is…”

Ling Mo suddenly raised his head and looked at the short man with a sneer on his face, “Does your boss know… that coming here is basically asking for death!?”

The short man’s pupils shrank, and he jumped back several steps quickly.

And to the places he jumped from, a series of small holes appeared on the ground.

“Even the cement floor….”

After fusing, Yin Jie had both his own abilities and Da Dao’s physical abilities. Although he couldn’t attack directly with his spiritual power, he could “see” Ling Mo’s tentacles.

Those translucent tentacles could cause substantial damage, which had already surprised him, but he didn’t expect for them to have such penetrative force.

At this moment, countless tentacles shot out from Ling Mo’s back, and formed a big one in the air.

“Let’s see which is faster, your speed or my mind!”

Ling Mo drew a tactical knife from behind his waist with his right hand, leaped forward, and swung towards the short man.

“This is really troublesome….”

The short man squeezed the big blade and stared at Ling Mo closely.

Suddenly, Ling Mo disappeared from his vision and instantly appeared by his side!


Cold light flashed by, and a crisp “Dang” sounded immediately.

The short man quickly pulled his big blade to the side, blocking the tactical knife in Ling Mo’s hand.

Behind the blade, the short man gritted his teeth and stared at Ling Mo.

But Ling Mo, who was high in the sky in a bent forward position, made a faint smile.


A spiritual tentacle had passed by when Ling Mo swung the tactical knife. The short man couldn’t resist it at all and only had enough time to tilt his head slightly.

Blood splattered everywhere, and one of his ears was gone…


The short man snorted painfully, grabbed the handle of the blade, leaped up, and kicked Ling Mo.

But Ling Mo had vanished again, and instantly appeared behind him.

With his tentacles here, as long as he thought of it, Ling Mo could instantly arrive at any location he wanted.

These tentacles could be changed according to his needs and were more reliable than any rope.

Although it consumed a massive amount of spiritual power, with Ling Mo’s current spiritual strength, he could afford it!

In just one minute, the short man quickly fell into a passive situation where he could only receive beatings.

A lot of blood was splattered out everywhere on his upper body, limbs, and face.

“It’s useless, no matter how much you struggle, you can’t fight against us.”

The short man said as his eyes tried to focus.

The massive blood loss had made his vision a little blurry. If it weren’t for the fact that the body was in a sleepwalking state, allowing all of its potential was unleashed, he would have fallen already.


Ling Mo’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him and said coldly, “Bring it then!”

A flash of cold light swung over, and spiritual tentacles also came at the same time.

The short man avoided the tactical knife but felt that his left lung seemed to be leaking, and a large amount of blood poured into his throat as soon as he breathed.

“We underestimated this person too much… He’s a spiritual-type psychic that can use his spiritual powers to not only command a high-level mutant beast, but also for sensing and detection, and can also cause this kind of substantial damage… he is physically strong as well…”

The short man’s breathing had started becoming rapid. His whole body was now stained red with blood.

Only one minute and a few seconds had passed…. It was less than two minutes. He had only survived this long under Ling Mo’s onslaught!

“It’s no wonder… you have such confidence… It was wrong of me saying that you’re at the bottom. However, even if you kill me, it’s useless…”

He gritted his teeth abruptly, his muscles bulged, and his eyes became bloodshot.

He needed to keep up…. He could barely see Ling Mo’s figure….


After struggling to raise the big blade, the short man jumped up high suddenly and then fell down with an astonishing momentum with his body constantly rotating, driving the big blade to move like a propeller.

Both the tentacles and Ling Mo’s figure were drawn into the center!


The short man yelled and landed on the ground with ‘bang’.

But there was no one around…


Ling Mo’s figure suddenly appeared behind the short man. He raised his arm and pointed the tactical knife at the back of his opponent’s neck. “You overestimated yourself… Also, you don’t need to apologize. Although I am part of the lower class, you guys are just a bunch of people in a large rat’s nest.”


Just as the short man was about to turn around, an invisible spiritual tentacle had suddenly shot into his brain like an arrow.

The feeling of his soul being torn was so painful that his brain wanted to explode through his ears. He suddenly opened his mouth and let out a hoarse scream, “AHHHHHHHHH…”


Blood splattered. The short man swayed and slammed to the ground, face down.

The red blood that kept coming out from the back of his neck, soon stained the ground all red.

Ling Mo landed lightly on the ground and withdrew his spiritual tentacles from the short man.

“Although the increase is very small, it’s still quite a lot if I converted it into tentacles. See, wasn’t it useful to kill you?”

Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said.

At this time, at the window of the hotel, Ye Lian, who had been aiming at the street, slowly raised her head and lowered her sniper rifle, “No… you don’t need me…”

 [1] – Face in Chinese is like respect or reputation.

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