My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 474

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 474 – Why are you so dumb

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Ling Mo suddenly noticed something on the short man’s lower waist.

When he fell, the corner of his clothes had also torn a bit, revealing something familiar to Ling Mo.

With a move from his tentacle, the object was quickly hooked into Ling Mo’s hand.

“Heh… Isn’t this the communication device for the Falcon Camp?”

Ling Mo also had one in his backpack, and he often used it before.

The Falcon Camp and the Air Force Regiment were cooperative allies. It wasn’t rare for this kind of falcon-specific communication device to appear in the Air Force Regiment.

Just like those weapons owned by the Air Force Regiment, without the support from the Falcon Camp, they probably wouldn’t have so many.

Although the communication device in front of Ling Mo was stained with blood, the green communication indicator was still flashing.

“It’s useless to kill you…. Is this what you were referring to?”

Ling Mo held this communication device and sneered.

It seems now that the reason why the short man (Yin Jie) said such words was because he had long prepared a backup plan in case he died.

“No… He probably didn’t think he would die. But probably the short man himself, right? He originally planned to sacrifice him….”

Ling Mo shook his head. Compared to these people, he simply wasn’t ruthless enough.

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After so much planning, they still ended up treating both their companions and enemies as trash.

Sure enough, human lives in their eyes weren’t even worth half a penny….

In their eyes, the helicopter was probably worth more than a hundred Ling Mo’s.


Suddenly, a very small voice came from the communication device, “This is Li Hao.”

Ling Mo thought for a while, and put the communication device to his ear, “I am Ling Mo.”

The other party was caught off guard by these words. The person claiming to be Li Hao was silent for a while before he laughed, “Amazing… It seems that Yin Jie and the others have already died by your hands, right? That’s really impressive….”

“You heard everything just now, so why are you still pretending?” Ling Mo said with a sneer.

“Hehehe… “Li Hao laughed, his tone suddenly became low and cold, “You know I have all your information in my hands, yet you’re still so arrogant?”

Ling Mo walked to the side with the communication device and sat next to a flower bed, “If I stopped being arrogant, will you guys not bother me anymore?”

Li Hao kept silent.

“Don’t tell me there’s still a way to solve this matter. Even if there was, lowering my head and listening to people isn’t my style. You can write that down in your notebook as well.” Ling Mo sneered, “You guys should have a blacklist or something like that, right?”

A few seconds later, Li Hao’s faint voice spoke again, “Yes. But the one you entered…” He snorted darkly, and then said, “Is the Death list. All the screams that happened just now, I will remember it, and so will the Air Force Regiment. You should be prepared that in this world, no one will help you collect your body when you die.”

“Likewise. Let’s just see who has the last laugh.”

Ling Mo suddenly threw the communication device into the air, and several spiritual tentacles immediately wrapped around it.


Li Hao quickly pulled the communication device away from his ear as a harsh cracking followed by the sudden static.

He stared at the communication device for a while, then suddenly sneered as he grabbed the white parts of his hair, “Really interesting. Why can’t he understand that no matter how powerful he is, he is still just a person… Still Yin Jie and the others have really disappointed me. If this matter is reported, the group leader will probably go insane. Leaving Fire aside, the Falcons must be waiting for us to make a fool of ourselves. After suppressing the Falcons for so long, they have long wanted to devour us…”


Li Hao suddenly put down the communication device and clapped his palms.

The door opened and a man with a peaked cap that was dressed in black, immediately walked in and gave a lazy military salute, “Captain, you called me?”

“I’ll give you the information in a bit. I won’t report the result of this battle for the time being. Go get three… no, five people to go out. They have to be the strongest.” Li Hao said.

The man wearing the peaked cap exclaimed in surprise, “What happened? What was the result of this battle?”

“This time…” Li Hao leaned forward, supported his chin with crossed hands on the table and said with a serious look in his eyes, “We came across a tough opponent.”

“For real? Who would dare provoke our Air Force Regiment?”

The man with the peaked cap had barely said a few words, when he was interrupted by Li Hao with a wave from his hand, “Just hurry up and do it. I must settle this matter before it spreads.”

“Okay!” The man with the peaked cap made an exaggerated “okay” gesture and left. Just before he was about to leave through the door, he suddenly stopped and turned around, “Captain, can we discuss something? Can you… stop calling me in like that? … I feel like I’m one of those girls you ask to come serve guests..”

“Huh?” Li Hao was taken aback for a moment, “What do you mean?”

The man with the peaked cap laughed, raised his hand, and then clapped, “Pa!”


A teacup flew towards him suddenly. The man with the peaked cap reacted quickly and had fled before the teacup could hit him.


The mutant panda Xiao Bai was in the middle of exerting all of its strength, shaking vigorously. Ling Mo walked over, pushed aside the branches, and looked at the panda’s head in amusement.

It tried to pull its head out, but it’s plump face got stuck in the middle of the two tree trunks, and its eyes were forced to squint harder. Its two front paws hugged the trunks, and although it scratched the trunks in a mess, it was difficult to exert force in this posture…

“Mei… Meigrr…”

Seeing Ling Mo appear, Xiao Bai immediately started to cry for help.


Ling Mo said each word slowly and flicked a finger on Xaiobai’s forehead every time he said a word.

When he raised his hand again, Xiao Bai closed his eyes and let out a muffled groan.

“You seem to learn quite fast when you’re being beaten…”

Ling Mo was both angry and amused. He reached over and covered Xiao Bai’s head with his hand, then stretched out two spiritual tentacles.


The ground began to loosen slightly. The two big trees swayed a few times and then slowly tilted to the sides.

Ling Mo looked up with a slightly pale face and stared at the giant panda that was shaking its head gratefully as if it’s life depended on it, “So, when are you going to lose weight?”

Suddenly, Xiao Bai lowered his head and leaned towards Ling Mo. He slowly rubbed his head against him, as if he was trying to sniff him.

“Not bad, you already know how to be affectionate…”

Just as Ling Mo was about to raise his hand to touch him, the air suddenly solidified.

Xiao Bai opened his mouth wide, trying to swallow Ling Mo’s palm…

But it couldn’t bite down because Ling Mo’s tentacles had already grabbed its mouth.

“Hey… you still didn’t learn to behave at all…”

Ling Mo frowned. Just as he was about to get angry, he suddenly noticed that the gaze of this mutant beast seemed to be different from usual.

The way this mutant beast looked at him before was no different from looking at a piece of wood.

Although there wasn’t any hostility, there wasn’t any closeness either.

But now there was a different feeling when the mutant panda stared at him.

With its pink tongue stretched out, it still tried to lick the back of Ling Mo’s hand even when it couldn’t close its mouth.

“Uhh.. what are you trying to do?”

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment, then looked down at the back of his hand in confusion.


It turns out that there were several skin wounds on the back of Ling Mo’s hand that were torn by friction.

Ling Mo had subconsciously covered Xiao Bai’s head with his hand to avoid any damage from occurring during the rescue.

This was originally a subconscious move, but Ling Mo had forgotten that his hand wasn’t as thick as the mutant panda’s.

The wound didn’t really bleed, so Xiaobai couldn’t have been attracted by the smell of blood.

“Oh, that’s right… Don’t all mutant beasts lick their wounds to speed up the healing process after getting injured?” Ling Mo pondered for a while, glanced at Xiaobai with some relief, and stretched out his hand to touch his head. At the same time, the spiritual tentacles dissipated. “Sure enough, your IQ isn’t low. You already know how to show gratitude…. Hey! Don’t come here, I forbid you from licking me! I’m a human. Are you trying to infect me…. Don’t come here, stay away from me!”


Ling Mo was caught off guard as he was pushed down into the grass. He slowly raised his head and roared, “I’ve decided on my breakfast today! Roasted Panda! Such a delicacy like the national treasure is definitely something I haven’t eaten before!”



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