My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 476

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 476 – I’ll eat you up if you keep winking

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

Regarding the preparations made by Ling Mo, despite Lucy’s close observation, she wasn’t able to find out much.

She only knew that he mysteriously took out a long-unused communication device and charged it for almost half-a-day with the hand-cranked charger, then chatted with some people for a long time.

In addition to those normal-tone conversations, there were a few unharmonious words from time to time, and occasionally a few roars.

Of course, as soon as those words reached Lucy’s ears, they were automatically blocked…

“… YOU DUMB *BEEP*! How do you not understand?!”

“…*BEEP* YOU!”


“Can’t you understand a slightly more complicated vocabulary? YOU REALLY ARE A DUMB *BEEP!”

Lucy didn’t care much about the content of Ling Mo’s conversation with the other party.

This was because she didn’t understand much of it since Ling Mo’s conversation with that person often jumped around.

In the first moment, they would be having a serious conversation, and then the next moment, Ling Mo would suddenly scream out violently. Who would be able to understand anything in this type of conversation…?

What really made Lucy curious was how did Ling Mo know people from the Falcon Camp?

In fact, it wasn’t difficult to guess the identity of the other party—

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In this period of time where communications were basically crippled, the only group of people that had the ability to use communication devices in this area were the Air Force Regiment and the Falcon Camp.

“But even if you know people from the Falcon Camp, will they help you go against them?” Lucy thought to herself.

As a member of the Fire group, Lucy didn’t know much about the Falcons, but she has heard about them.

The Falcon Camp’s air power was well known. Although they were called “Falcons”, they didn’t have any wings to fly at all.

Because of this, the Air Force Regiment was able to steadily suppress them in this area with their unique air strength.

Although the Falcons were unwillingly suppressed by the Air Force Regiment, they didn’t have the strength to resist them.

In addition, the Air Force Regiment was also actively expanding its own strength, constantly recruiting new members, and forming an alliance with the Fire group, making it even more difficult for them to break free from the suppression.

Of course, in terms of overall strength, the Falcons still had an absolute advantage.

However, the distance between the Air Force Regiment and the Falcon Camp wasn’t too far, but it also wasn’t too close either.

No one else currently has the strength to pass through a zombie horde and drive a large number of troops to the Air Force Regiment.

Even if the Falcons really tried to do it, they would definitely be spotted by the Air Force Regiment along the way.

With the lack of air power, what else could the Falcons do other than losing?

Therefore, as long as the Falcon’s senior management was still in this situation, it is absolutely impossible for them to make such a hasty decision.

What’s more, Ling Mo was just a survivor after all. Would he really be worth it for them to go against the Air Force Regiment?

“Sigh… I shouldn’t think too much since I’ve decided to join him. If I’m so negative all the time, how am I supposed to do anything? Since he seems so confident, I might as well believe in him…”

Lucy quickly shook her head, trying to cast all the doubts out of her mind.

On one hand, Ling Mo’s relaxed attitude made her a little worried, but on the other hand, it actually also made her a little relieved.

“That’s it for now, contact me later. I’ll always keep the communication device online.”

Ling Mo snorted uncomfortably, and then shoved the walkie-talkie back into his backpack.

This quick and decisive action was as if something would crawl into his hand if he held it for another second.

However, as soon as the walkie-talkie entered the backpack, everyone present vaguely heard a burst of laughter coming from it.

“Ahahahaha, don’t worry. I love causing trouble the most ahahaha….”


As the zipper of the backpack was pulled up, the terrifying laughter also disappeared without a trace.


The corner of Lucy’s eyes twitched.

“No, no, no…. I must have imagined that, right?”

Those who are qualified to use the walkie-talkie at any time should only be the high-level executives of the Falcon Camp, right?

But how can there be someone so abnormal in such a ‘high-level’ rank….

This doesn’t make any sense!

And can such people really help? Could it be that he’s a prank hired by Ling Mo?

That laughter just now didn’t sound normal at all!

Lucy wanted to ask something, but just when she did, Ling Mo did something strange again, causing Lucy to swallow all the questions she wanted to ask.

“Hey, what is the point of doing that? Seriously, what kind of preparations are you making? Can it really go against the Air Force Regiment…? In any case, we are also allies, stop pretending to be dumb asshole!”

Lucy frowned as she watched Ling Mo bleed himself with a blade. She finally roared intolerably as he carefully collected the blood in a bottle.

“Well… it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but it’s just not the right time yet…”

Ling Mo winked at her and said.


She suddenly felt like she was being molested. Although the looks of this man was average at best, his eyes were surprisingly bright and brimming with energy. When being stared at by him, she would always get this feeling as if he could see through everything…

“Don’t wink at me anymore!” Lucy said angrily.

“Why?” Ling Mo winked and asked.

“You’re still doing it? If you wink again, I’ll-I’ll!”

“You’ll what? Eat me [1]?”

Ling Mo said. He had just smiled when his expression froze.

Lucy’s eyes widened; her cheeks seemed to be slightly flushed…

The atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward. Ling Mo coughed dryly, then lowered his head and continued to collect blood.

Of course, he also knew that his response just now was a bit infuriating, but he couldn’t help it.

Some details were indeed inconvenient to tell Lucy…

“Then… have you settled everything now?” Lucy calmed down and asked again.

Ling Mo glanced at the half bottle of blood in his hand with satisfaction, and then handed it to Shana.

Seeing Shana stare at him with bright eyes, Ling Mo suddenly felt a chill and immediately whispered solemnly, “Don’t you even think about it. I am not a cow for you to milk blood.”

“I didn’t say anything…” Shana shook the bottle and then smiled strangely, “I’m going out first then.”

“I regret asking you now. I’ll do it myself. Hey! Hello!?”

Ling Mo turned his head dejectedly, looked at Lucy, and said, “Uh…. Things are basically settled. We just need to wait for the next few days. But in the meantime, we might as well use the vanguard troops from the Air Force Regiment as practice. Listening to what Li Hao said, it’s obvious that people will be sent out again soon.”

“The group sent this time may not be as easy to deal with as last time…”

Lucy said anxiously. She touched her head, pressed her shoulder, and said, “I have almost recovered, how about….”

“No. Although I have food here, it consumes quickly…”

This national treasure that he was raising was a picky eater. It couldn’t stand eating only gels, so the food they had was being consumed quickly…

“Just do what you usually do with the girls and go collect food. You can also go help them prepare some of the supplies I requested them to get. You are a…” The word “human” was almost blurted out, but Ling Mo quickly changed his words, “person that has received military training. You can definitely help with this.”

“Really…? Ok then.”

Lucy’s personality was very strong-minded. She always felt that the reason Ling Mo and his party had provoked the Air Force Regiment had something to do with her.

If it weren’t for her and Liu Bao Dong asking Ling Mo for help at that time….

The more she thought about it, the more she hoped that she could help in some way.

Even though she knew Ling Mo didn’t need her help at this time, she didn’t want to be idle.

Hearing that Ling Mo had made arrangements for her, and that her talents were needed, Lucy was actually a little happy.

“Then… What about you?” Lucy restrained her smile and asked again.

But after she asked, she snorted, turned her head to the side, and then put on an expression as if she was just asking casually and it didn’t matter if he answered it or not.

“Me? Hehe, I’m going to find some ‘helpers’.”

Although she didn’t quite understand what Ling Mo meant by this, Lucy nodded, “Okay.”

Seeing Lucy suddenly become so soft, a strange feeling also emerged in Ling Mo’s heart.

He quickly stood up, clapped his hands and said, “Get a good rest. While we prepare…. To give them a big fight!”

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