My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 478

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 478 – The Feast in the Sky

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung

When these two people were talking, they didn’t notice that a figure suddenly appeared on the roof of a building in front of them.

In fact, they wouldn’t have cared much about it even if they did notice it.

Those tattered clothes, messy hair, and blood-red eyes all clearly showed that this figure was just a zombie.

And in the surrounding streets, there were over 20 zombies who were attracted by the noise of the helicopter…

In the past two days, they have already become numb watching the zombies. No matter how much the zombies roared or tried to attack the helicopter, it was futile.

Their ‘air squadron’ was composed of only three people, including the pilot, and they weren’t anything like One-eyed’s squad.

Their flying skills were superb. They would never approach the ground and buildings easily, nor would they stay in one place for too long, and they would always keep circling back and forth…

These measures ensured that they could search and harass Ling Mo and his party safely and efficiently.

However, just as the helicopter approached the sky above the building, the seemingly insignificant figure suddenly grabbed the cable behind it and sharply retreated backwards.

Powerful hands gripped the cable tightly as those blood-red eyes revealed a wave of violence. The muscles bulged as the calves stretched straight and blue veins burst out on the forehead and neck!

An immense force pulled the thumb-thick cable abruptly like a bowstring.

The figure stared at the helicopter closely and shot himself out!

This cannonball-like figure suddenly shot out, and immediately frightened the members of the Air Force Regiment.

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Seeing a dark shadow enlarging quickly in front of his eyes, the pilot immediately narrowed his eyes and shouted, “What the fuck is that?”

However, the man in the peaked cap reacted and quickly realized. He sneered and said:

“Fuck you! That really scared me. But even after going so far up, it still won’t be able to reach us!”

“That’s right! Unless it can fly, it’ll never reach this altitude.”

The other man picked up a submachine gun and squatted at the hatch.

The two of them still had relatively relaxed expressions at this moment. They had passed through here dozens of times in the past two days and encountered zombies in at least half of them.

It’s just that they’ve only seen zombies try and smash things, but never encountered a zombie using itself as a cannonball.

This could be considered a new tactic. It seems that the intelligence of the zombies can’t be underestimated…

Unfortunately, zombies were still zombies. They want to deal with the helicopters in the sky?

“They really must be dreaming…”

Sure enough, as soon as the zombie reached halfway, the force pushing it became exhausted.

Seeing that this zombie was about to stop from its flight and become filled with bullet holes… The man with the gun already showed a pleasant smile.

But it was at this moment, a strange scene suddenly took place.

It was as if this zombie had stepped on an invisible rope. While pressing down with its feet, the zombie rebounded with strength and appeared in front of the helicopter.


“When did the zombies have such accurate calculation abilities and how were they able to use that weird ‘air step’?!”

But without waiting for them to think about it, the zombie had already clenched its fist, and under the pilot’s suddenly widened eyes, the zombie hit the helicopter with a punch!


There was a muffled sound that even overshadowed the noise coming from the helicopter!

Blood had burst out at every inch, starting from the zombie’s fingertips to its shoulders, and the muscles were completely torn because it couldn’t bear the rebound force!

But the helicopter also swayed and tilted. The pilot screamed in panic, and the man with the gun completely missed his shot.

After punching, the zombie was also directly hit by the nose of the helicopter, causing it to lean forward on top of it, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The zombie stared angrily at the pilot with its blood-red eyes and suddenly released another heavy punch.

Although the window was made out of Plexiglas and didn’t break immediately, the helicopter still shook.

In addition to this, more than a dozen zombies appeared in midair using the same method.

Some of them failed to complete the double jump and fell off, but many had been able to grab onto the helicopter.

An extremely horrifying scene suddenly appeared in the sky above X-City.

A helicopter flying in the air was covered with zombies that were only able to move on the ground!

These zombies had completely covered the helicopter. As long as they were able to grab on, they would never let go.

“What the hell is going on here?! How is this possible?!”

The peaked cap shot down a zombie that had climbed to the cabin door and shouted angrily at the same time.

“How the fuck would I know?!”

The man turned his head and cursed while shooting, “Keep it steady! How the hell am I supposed to shoot like this?!”

“I want to too, but…”

The pilot was staring forward with trepidation. Several hideous faces had been pasted on the windshield at this time. To see zombies at such close range in the air was a first!

Not only that, but these zombies were also ruthlessly hitting the same area.

After flying in the sky for so long, this really was the first time he has ever encountered such a weird situation.

What made him feel horrified the most, was that the excellent windshield started to show traces of cracks….

These zombies were simply a suicide squad!

In their eyes, this helicopter seemed to be a delicious prey.

They would tear it down forcefully and desperately try to destroy it…

“This is definitely not something zombies would do. It must be that Ling Mo who’s doing it!”

The peaked cap man shouted as he struggled to maintain his balance while also knocking down the zombies.


The other man suddenly looked shocked and said, “This is beyond the scope of ‘commanding’, right? And this amount… this distance… it’s impossible!”

He knocked down a zombie and quickly glanced down, “No, it’s a sea of zombies down there. I don’t see any humans! It shouldn’t be him!”

“Then how the fuck do you explain the current situation?!”

“Don’t fucking ask me!”

In just two minutes, a puff of black smoke suddenly appeared on the helicopter. The helicopter began to tilt out of control and fell downwards.


When the helicopter crashed into a low-rise building, the rising smoke and fire from the explosion completely submerged the small building in an instant.


Inside the black smoke, two people were crawling back up from a place less than 100 meters away from the small building.

Although the helicopter crashed, with their capabilities, it was still possible for them to jump out before the crash.

It’s just that their bodies were hurt and bleeding everywhere. They really looked miserable…

“Hurry up, the explosion will attract the zombies here…”

As soon as the peaked cap man finished speaking, he suddenly closed his mouth.

In the alley next to them, a human suddenly emerged.

This man stared at them with ridicule, and then said in a very plain, but also very arrogant tone:

“It’s really a blessing to finally meet you guys.”

Although he had never seen him before, the man with the peaked cap still felt a sense of “coldness” that jumped directly from his heels to the top of his head.

“This person… must be Ling Mo!”

“Crap! Why must he show up now…”

“Even if they heard the explosion, it would still take some time for Li Hao and the others to rush over….”

“Fuck, I’m not afraid of him! Bring it on!”

A flash of ruthlessness appeared in the peaked cap man’s eyes. He suddenly rolled to the side, quickly drawing his gun out.

This way of shooting would definitely catch people off guard. The opponent was just a spiritual-type psychic and even if he couldn’t be killed, he would still at least be injured.

However, as soon as his arm was raised, a sharp pain suddenly came from his wrist, and a stream of blood immediately poured out.


Amid the screams, the pistol also fell to the ground. Just as he was about to reach out and grab it, the pistol slid forward strangely and reached Ling Mo’s feet.

However, Ling Mo didn’t bend over. He only just slightly hooked his finger, and the gun flew to his hand.

“It’s best if you don’t do any unnecessary struggles… Oh that’s right, this is what you guys like to say the most, right?”

Ling Mo pointed the pistol at the peaked cap man and smiled.


As soon as the peaked cap man opened his mouth, he heard a ‘bang’, and he immediately buried his head in reflex.

However, when he raised his head, he found that the bullet had hit the ground a few meters away…

He looked at Ling Mo in a puzzled manner but saw that the black muzzle was aimed at himself again.

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