My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 48


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 48 – Entanglement is not a good habit

Ling Mo spent all night pondering where to go next, and decided upon X University, which is not too far from here.

Even though it is not the only high learning institution of X city, but is the most familiar one to Ling Mo, after all Ye Lian was a student there, and he had therefore been there countless times.

Large area, complex environment, located in the downtown area, countless zombies….this is Ling Mo’s guess to X city’s current state.

At this kind of place, it is simply a perfect place to hunt mutated zombies! As for potential crisis….risks and benefits always coexist, which to Ling Mo is very clear.

But when he just stepped out of the clothing store, he suddenly froze for a moment, then suddenly recoiled, hiding within the shadow of the store.

On the square, three figures appeared!

What made Ling Mo feel even more incredulous was that, he actually knew these three people, and they just saw each other…..Wang Rin and Li Yu, and….Wang Cheng!

How could Wang Cheng walk with them? Even if he is flattered, the jump is a little bit too quick.

Ling Mo almost at the first time thought of a possibility, could it be that Wang Cheng told Shana’s situations to Wang Rin?

If it were that Lu Xin two goods for nothing, this possibility is very big, but a person like Wang Cheng, he should know his place, know what to say, know what not to say.

Plus he had no conflict with Ling Mo before, therefore Ling Mo did not had the thought of killing him. After all even though Ling Mo has the ability of controlling puppets, but he is not some kind of killer.

It is probably the first time out of their encampment, Li Yu constantly looked around, hand holding a sharpened iron bar, face is a bit nervous. And Wang Rin is carrying a machete ahead, Wang Cheng is following close behind her.

Ling Mo noticed at first glance, the iron bar in Li Yu’s hands is hanging some fresh flesh, his body is also splashed with blood, and Wang Rin’s machete is still dripping blood. It appears that both on the way here have been through bloody battle.

Li Yu’s combat ability is very good, his current appearance is not surprising, but with Wang Rin’s delicate and sick body, she could actually kill zombies?! As for whether or not there is fear…..from her usual pale face, really do not see anything.

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The most critical thing is how did these two escaped to here?

Wang Rin walked straight up to the square, and the first thing she noticed was the bloodstains and debris on the ground. She gave a few glances over there, then turned to the buildings around the square.

Seeing Wang Rin looking over, Ling Mo quietly stepped back, and Ye Lian under his control is also motionless. On the contrary Shana is appearing to be a bit restless behind Ling Mo, but soon rested under Ling Mo’s appease through his eyes.

Soon Wang Rin discovered that tea house hidden in the corner, she waved towards Li Yu who is staying alert to the surroundings, then went first before the teahouse.

As soon as she sees those zombie corpses on the ground, Wang Rin’s face immediately revealed a hint of proud smile, and Wang Cheng who is behind her looked at her with a surprised look, then flattered and said: “big sister Rin, you are really amazing.”

“Didn’t you not also flatter that Ling to the sky?” Wang Rin snappily said.

Wang Cheng smiled awkwardly: “big sister Rin, you asked me about his strength, I did not dare to lie to you.”

“Whether or not you lie to me, we will find out once we catch up to him. I already warned you when we went out, if you dare to flicker me, I will throw you to the outside, and let you fend for yourself!” Wang Rin gave a cold cry, said.

And Wang Cheng suddenly felt cold sweat down. He somewhat looked at Wang Rin with a frustrated look, his mind is naturally shouting bad luck.

If he had known he wouldn’t have took the initiative to open up his mouth! Originally seeing Wang Rin take the initiative to ask about Ling Mo’s situations, Wang Cheng then said a few more words voluntarily, hoped to befriend with this girl who is obviously with the higher status, but did not expect this girl to take him along, and be dragged out when he just got to the camp! Fortunately this girl’s strength is indeed very good, on the par with Shana, on the way here he did not suffer any life-threatening situations.

But the hell, the object she is looking for trouble is Ling Mo! Thought here, Wang Cheng could not wait to turn around and run away, but with his strength, as soon as he turns tail he will be executed. Therefore no matter how scare he is in the heart, he had to follow Wang Rin closely behind.

Contrary Liu Yu Hao who is silent with his mouth shout, escaped unharmed…..

“Oh s***…..” Li Yu who rushed from behind suddenly froze for a moment as soon as he saw the scene.

“How about it, I told you that he could not escape from my palm, right? You see the bodies on the ground; the blood is still flowing out. They were just dead.” Wang Rin glanced at Li Yu, seemed to be very satisfied with each other’s reaction.

Li Yu walked in a circle around the corpses, could not help but to swallow saliva: “but big sister Rin, we still have not fully caught up with them, it seems that they should have gone.”

“Don’t be afraid, anyway, I must catch up with them today.” Wang Rin said with cold indifference.

“But….” Li Yu hesitated, then he looked at the bodies on the ground, then said with determination, “even if caught up, we can’t beat him ah….”

After saying it, his heart immediately “thumped”, eyes did not dare to look at Wang Rin. And when Wang Rin heard these words, her face suddenly becomes somewhat ugly.

“Big sister Rin, I followed you out secretly, will certainly be scolded by big boss Song when returned. Besides you have already seen, this person’s strength is great, all these bodies on the ground, all killed by him.” Li Yu bit the bullet and continued spoke.

Wang Rin stared at Li Yu somewhat angrily, said: “You are stupid! How could he kill all these zombies by himself? Of course Shana helped him! She would not fight with me, I would not believe if that thief could beat me one on one!”

Wang Cheng originally wanted to say something, but when he looked at Wang Rin’s unhappy face, he decided to bite his tongue.

Li Yu was speechless for a time, after another silent moment, he curiously spoke: “Rin sister, could you tell me, how do you know which direction they went?”

“Can not tell you.” Wang Rin gave a cold cry, turned to look at those shops, with a low voice inaudible to her, “too bad cannot accurately sense, so annoyed! But he must be around here!”

Seeing Wang Rin and her people stopped for a moment downstairs of the teahouse, and slowly walked away from another street, Ling Mo who is hiding in the clothing store suddenly sighed.

This girl is obviously coming to find him, seems like she still did not give up on her short knife. But Ling Mo always felt that most likely seeking back the knife is only one reason; find back her face is the key.

Of course you cannot judge a person’s face, in Ling Mo’s imagination she should be the gentle kind, soft-spoken types, not only did not expect to be pungent outrageous, and have a very bad habit, that is entanglement!

It is already the end of the world, actually still acted stubborn and unforgiving and brought people out to find him! Just took a knife, did not took your virginity!

But how did this little girl know where exactly to find  him here? This really let Ling Mo feel baffled.

After complained a few sentences more, he reckons they’ve gone far, Ling Mo then took Ye Lian and Shana out from the clothing store, and then deliberately chose a direction opposite of Wang Rin and them.

It really wasn’t that he is scared of this chick, but because he still have Shana besides him. The best solution is to directly bypass her, she cannot actually always follow him in the whole city right?

If she is really willingly to find, then go for it! In such a big city, full of zombies, lets see where you go find!

While Ling Mo cursed, he turned into a side alley, but he did not know, just as he stepped into the alley, at the intersection of that street, appeared Wang Rin’s presence again.

Her face with a hint of sneer, seeing that Ling Mo walked into that alley: “Caught you. Dared to take my knife, and dared to blackmail Song Tian in broad daylight….”

Just walked less than 200 meters away in the small alley, Ling Mo suddenly stopped, and then looked back, his face suddenly became somewhat gloomy.

Ye Lian was temporarily left in the small alley, and through Ye Lian’s perspective, he clearly saw Wang Rin and these three people walked over from the other side of the square.

“Sure enough she’s got some tricks, this girl can know my position…..” Ling Mo gave a grunt, looked from left to right, then took Shana into an internet café, and pulled back Ye Lian.

There are at least a dozen zombies within the internet café with a rough estimate, but because of the terrain, the threat they bring to Ling Mo is not significant.

Ling Mo one by one slaughtered all but four of the strongest zombies, which he took under his command, and took his makeshift squad up to the second floor.

There are also several other zombie corpses killed by him on the street, plus with Wang Rin’s characteristics like obstinacy, its not hard to guess that he is hiding in this neighborhood. However to find him in the second floor, the difficulty is great.

Ling Mo knew that Wang Rin had a good idea of the general location of where he was, seeing how he left behind many zombie corpses on his way up the internet café.

Just as Ling Mo was about to send Ye Lian out again to scout for her position, Wang Rin entered the internet café.

“Really lingered…..” Ling Mo angrily swore, then looked back at those four zombie puppets behind, suddenly revealing a hint of strange smile.

Welcome, Wang Rin. Let’s have some fun.

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