My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 49


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 49 – There is road to heaven that you don’t take

Wang Rin was full of pride that she has finally found where Ling Mo was hiding, and signaled her followers to stay back while she goes to confront him.

Carefully, she glanced inside; just as she extended her head out to facecheck the room, she suddenly uttered a scream in shock.

A bloody zombie rushed over from the side without a sound, and is holding an iron bar! Just as Wang Rin showed her head, that iron bar immediately “Hu” slashed down across.

Even though it slashed down along her cheek, but did not really hurt her, but Wang Rin is still completely scared s***less!

She has not yet seen zombies that could conceal themselves and ambush attackers, much less zombies that know how to use weapons!

But her reaction is still better than this zombie. Her machete cut down quickly, the target is the zombie’s hand that is holding an iron bar.

According to the habits of zombies who never flinched, at the same time when Wang Rin is cutting down, zombies is bound to raise the arms to continue to attack, straight into the trajectory of the machete. Wang Rin’s combat experience told her that this is the easiest way to disable an attacking zombie.

But she never expected that this zombie actually took a step backward, while escaped her blow at the same time, he again smashed over with his iron bar.

What kind of zombie is it?!

Wang Rin suddenly stared with wide-open eyes, and Li Yu and Wang Cheng who caught up saw the movement were also shocked.

Seeing the iron bar going down, Wang Rin quickly dodged, but her body has excellent toughness, at the same while avoiding, her machete also slashed towards the iron bar in zombie’s hand.

“Clang!” A sound of metal clashing came immediately, and when Wang Rin hit the iron bar at the same time, her wrist immediately twisted, machete chop changed to cut, straight down the right hand of the zombie.

She moved quickly and the response was sufficient, with attack skills in place, this blow in her eyes is inevitable to come by.

Even Li Yu who is preparing to rush forward also stopped his movement, secretly applauding Rin’s knife skill in his heart.

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But all of them did not expect that, just as these three’s attention were attracted by this “strange” zombie, there suddenly appeared another zombie behind Wang Cheng, suddenly covered his mouth so that he couldn’t scream, and quickly dragged him to the side.

Wang Rin’s knife did not fall, as the blood started to splatter, zombie’s three fingers were chopped off, the iron bar in hand also fell on the ground.

This injury is not effective in stopping zombie’s action, and Wang Rin is also very clear on this point. After disarming the zombie’s weapon, she moved her feet, a step closer toward the zombie, once again slashed down with the machete in hand.

From her experience, zombies do not care whether or not if they are injured, as long as their movements were not affected, their attacks will not stop. Therefore when Wang Rin’s knife slashed down, zombie should have just rushed under her knife….

But the zombie didn’t continue to attack. After this zombie lost his weapon, he actually suddenly turned around and rushed the inside of a building!

He escaped! This zombie actually ran away!

Wang Rin’s face suddenly become extremely astonished, and behind her, Li Yu’s mouth cannot be even closed!

Know how to use tactics, know how to use weapon, and know how to escape….If it weren’t seeing his pair of red blood eyes, and that twisted face, most likely they would have never believed that this is actually a zombie.

And Wang Rin was almost slashed by this zombie, seeing this zombie actually escaped, she suddenly emerged in a fit of rage!

How are you still a zombie! I’m not going to take this kind of crap from a simple lowly zombie!!

Wang Rin who was in shock soon recovered, but just as she was about to keep up, then heard Li Yu suddenly uttered a scream: “Where the f*** is Wang Cheng?!!”

Wang Cheng is gone, just under their noses, quietly disappeared, and not even a drop of fresh blood at all on the ground.

This unexpected situation immediately let Wang Rin’s face become extremely frightened, and in Li Yu’s eyes, is full of undisguised dismay!

Wang Cheng does not have any combat ability, and almost all the way here he followed them closely, if saying that he would take the initiative to escape, both Li Yu and Wang Rin would not believe. But such as large living being, how could he disappeared under their eyes….

“Must be that Ling Mo!” Wang Rin’s brow wrinkled suddenly, “maybe this Wang Cheng has already discovered Ling Mo, so he quietly slipped away to seek refuge with him! So, this Ling Mo is in this neighborhood.”

Wang Rin eyed several buildings around her, heart is with some drums (indicating she is not sure, and a little uncertain). Who knows if that kind of weird zombie is not the only, what if they run into him again?

“Otherwise, let’s not care about that Wang Cheng, let’s go.” Li Yu somewhat cautiously proposed, “that zombie a moment ago….seemed like it has intelligence, this is really….really too strange.”

Wang Rin’s mouth could not help but twitched a little, but she still nonchalantly gave a cold and angry cry: “What to be afraid! That zombie still could not beat me? Maybe the same as mutated zombie, just a little different. Didn’t you see that he could only escape? Besides, meeting this kind of special zombie, we should find out more about his situation, so when we go back, we can provide everyone some information, or else in the future when we encountered we will be at disadvantage.”

Speaking here, the shocking gradually disappeared in Wang Rin’s eyes, replaced by excitement and emotion!

Discovered a new breed of zombies ah! Did not expect that after chasing that thief, there is still such a pleasant surprise. Thinking now, that zombie is not actually very scary, he even escaped when facing me. As for Wang Cheng…..Whether or not if he escaped by himself, or something happened to him, Wang Rin’s heart does not care. To put it plainly, someone’s lack of combat skills makes him a burden to her….

“You’re…..still looking for that knife?” Li Yu asked again.

“Find! Why not to find it! But…..cannot let him have the opportunity to run away, you stay out here guarding!” Wang Rin said unquestionably.

When Wang Rin separated with Li Yu, Ling Mo who is standing beside

the window on second floor of the Internet café suddenly revealing a hint of satisfied smile.

Fight with me? You are nothing but a minor chick, although have a little skill, but this judgment maybe enough to choke. One zombie puppet, is enough to distract her attention…..Right now you are not at Song Tian’s camp, when Ling Mo started to use his ability, he doesn’t have any scruples in his heart. Besides who could have thought, he actually knows how to control zombies? As long as Ye Lian and Shana’s identity are not exposed, most likely no one would think of it.

Not to mention his purpose is to completely regulate this chick, and must figure out by what method did she able to track him.

Whereabouts are mastered, but also lingers, it has touched Ling Mo’s bottom line.

Cannot seek survival by ourselves, must come to find trouble, this is the typical case where you don’t walk the road to heaven, but must break into the doors of hell…

Well now, I’m not afraid to importune you, the more you bite and hold, your end will be more miserable!

Following that strange zombie’s blood stain, Wang Rin followed it closely into that building, and Li Yu although somewhat frightened, but had to bite the bullet and stayed in place.

He would never have personally come to chase Ling Mo and his people! But Wang Rin’s insistence left him with cold headache. Fortunately, there is her cousin Shana, should not have too much conflict…..

But the appearance of that zombie undoubtedly upset the plan! Originally only planned to find Ling Mo, now they have to distract their energy into find that zombie.

This is just great, it’s no problem that Wang Cheng inexplicably went missing, the remaining two also forced to spilt up…..

When the entire alley is only left with him, Li Yu suddenly felt of burst of inexplicable heart palpitations.

He took a deep breath, clenched the iron bar in his hands. Calm, although that zombie might sneak attack, but Wang Rin has already went chasing him. This kind of zombies should not be a lot, even if nearby, be careful should be no problem, after all, just looking at the combat ability he is no different than ordinary zombies, even weaker than ordinary zombies. Normal zombies, does not know how to escape….

Li Yu encouraged himself in his heart, really felt a trace of courage, but just as he straightened up his spine, he suddenly heard a light sound behind him.

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