My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 50


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 50 – Zombie is about to XOXO me!

The sound is very slight, but in Li Yu’s ears, it is no doubt like a clap of thunder. He almost turned around the first time, iron bar crossed to the front, nervously looked to the direction of where the sound came from.

However, Li Yu only saw a pebble, rolling on the floor…

“Oh no! I was set up!”

Before Li Yu could turn around to confront his assailant, the zombie with a twisted face grasped his collar and started to drag him out of the building.

“If you don’t want to come find me, then I will find you!” Within the Internet café, Ling Mo’s eyes flashed a bit of malice.

At the same time, that zombie who towed away Li Yu immediately brought him into a musty room, filled with rotten air, and threw him on the floor.

Under Ling Mo’s manipulation, this zombie quickly shut and barred the door and came back into the street, and then got into the building where Wang Rin went in.

When Ling Mo got rid of Li Yu, another zombie puppet also dragged a person behind him. With the “bang” muffled sound, that zombie then hurled Wang Cheng from onto the ground. But Wang Cheng whose eyes are closed tightly lying at the foot of a zombie, but he did not respond at all, apparently fainted. Even in a coma, his body also shivered involuntarily.

But zombie did not cause his coma, this zombie did not have the time to put his hands on him, Wang Cheng has already fainted from fear. But Ling Mo did not just find a place to leave him, but let his zombie puppet brought him here.

But now is not the time to deal with Wang Cheng, Ling Mo still have to manipulate those two zombies, and manufacture a surprise for Wang Rin, who’s now all alone.

Ling Mo was too excited over the prospect of toying with these intruders to feel the mental burden of controlling so many zombies at the same time, not noticing the beads of sweat rolling down his face.

Two zombie puppets skulked into the building one after another, silently surrounded Wang Rin in the middle.

But Wang Rin did not know her escape route has been caught off, she was holding the machete, warily walking on the corridor of the third floor.

This was originally a small hotel room, all rooms on both side of the corridor, some rooms are tightly closed, but some fully, even if walked close to the door, it’s not possible to see inside the room clearly. She has carefully gone through the second floor, but found nothing. But her mind is clear, this building only have three floors, that zombie that sneak attacked her must be waiting in here.

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To search for that zombie under this environment, Wang Rin’s mental pressure is still very large, but the machete in her hands made her feel much more at ease.

“That Ling Mo, mostly hiding around here, when I get rid of this zombie…hump!”

Wang Rin, somewhat depressed, frowned her eyebrow, then stalked towards one of the closest door, gently pushed it open with the machete.

No one home, but the tightly closed bathroom door made Wang Rin weary. This kind of zombie know how to sneak attack, escape, maybe it also know how to close door?

Wang Rin began to laugh at how absurd this situation is. What are zombies? Monsters without any IQ! Even though today’s zombie’s performance extremely surprised her, and made her very concerned, but she also did not think that this zombie would shut himself in the bathroom, quietly hiding.

Just as when Wang Rin is ready to go to the next room, she picked up a very light, but clearly audible sound from the bathroom.

She was surprised for a moment, then her mouth revealed a hint of sneer: “play with me!”

Clenching tightly the machete in hand, Wang Rin slowly walked close to that tightly shut bathroom, then held out her left hand, grasping the door handle.

As she slowly twist the door handle, at the same time, behind her suddenly came a muffled slam!


Wang Rin subconsciously snapped her head back, but found with dismay that the door was shut! She found herself to be shut in a room with a zombie, which immediately started to rush towards her.

At the same time, the bathroom door in front her also suddenly exploded open, a pitch-black figure suddenly rushed form the inside out!

Even though Wang Rin has good knife skills, but this strange situation has totally confused her, she could not even react, and was directly pressed on the ground by this figure.

But Wang Rin who was thrown onto the ground has a fierce reaction time, through her panic she twirled up her knee at the zombie and reached for her blade, ready to strike.

But the zombie that threw her down immediately skipped to the side, making her completely miss her attack.

Not to wait for her to get up, the zombie from the hall rushed over and grabbed the wrist that is holding the knife.

Wang Rin’s face suddenly became pale, as she tried to use her knee to kick the zombie away, the other one crawled over, and pinned her to the ground, its rotten face approaching hers.

Faced with two coordinated zombies, Wang Rin has completely lost the ability to think, she now only have one thought in mind!

I am going to die; I am going to be eaten by them….

Seeing this zombie’s mouth getting closer, faster, that pair of blood-red eyes firmly fixed on her, but no matter how desperately she wriggled, she could not free herself, Wang Rin’s heart for the first time emerged extreme fear!

Even when the end of the world just broke out, although she was frightened, but not like this fear!

This zombie is approaching her very slowly, while normal zombies would have went for the throat and started to go to town, this one is seemingly enjoying its kill!

Her mind went blank, even the struggling body also froze; whole body seemed to have lost strength….

Inside Internet café, Ling Mo’s eyes appeared to be quite satisfied, and under his control, this zombie did not open his mouth to bite Wang Rin, but instead hoisted her by her arm, kicking her machete to the ground.

Seeing Wang Rin’s eyes lax, apparently lost the will to fight, Ling Mo immediately controlled zombie puppets grabbed her other hand, and two zombie puppets used strength together and pulled her up from the ground.

This sudden turn of events made Wang Rin’s eyes suddenly appeared a glimmer of concern. What is happening? Do they not want to eat?

Zombies in her heart are no more than human-eating machines. But these two zombies are obviously exceptions, because after they pulled her up, they didn’t try to dismember her, but did something extremely lewd.

That zombie with two full hands, after freeing her of her machete, actually freed a hand, in her very rounded buttocks, forced a slap.


The pain conveyed from the butt, and this crispy slapping sound, completely let Wang Rin collapsed!

Spanking…….she was spanked by a zombie!

Wang Rin never dreamed that one day she would be spanked, and it was actually a zombie that did it.

Ling Mo is very satisfied in his heart after seeing Wang Rin’s mortified reaction. The spanking thing…….is just the beginning of her education.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Wang Rin’s stubbornness at trying to get the knife back, Ling Mo would have never bothered to toy with her that much!

In fact Ling Mo have to admit, Wang Rin is very strong indeed, her skills with a knife is on par with Shana.

Unfortunately she is after all just a girl, encountering this kind of zombie that defied normal behaviour, she obviously didn’t stand a chance.

“Pa pa pa!”

Three consecutive spanks all accurately shot on Wang Rin’s butt, and then she finally reacted, but when she just uttered a shameful scream, then felt her arms been gripped by pincers.

With the power of zombies, to tie the hands of little weak girl like Wang Rin, it can be described as extremely easy.

Filled with anger and shock, but without the machete, she is like a sick cat that lost its paw. Even if she constantly pedaling the legs, but did not have any impact on zombies who is immune to pain.

Therefore when that zombie in the back tied behind her hands, and forced her to straighten the body, Wang Rin only knew, what kind of nightmare is she going to face!

For all normal girls, I’m afraid they could not accept a distorted face, exuding strong blood stench zombie slowly leaned over toward, and the purpose is ……kiss!

Under Ling Mo’s manipulation, the other zombie cupped Wang Rin’s face, pursed that foul mouth, wide opened blood-red eyes, and leaned toward Wang Rin.

Such obvious move, how could Wang Rin not guess this zombie’s intent, her mind almost the first time shout out an idea: zombie is about to OOXX me!

Under the situation where she could not resist, the terrified Wang Rin could not withstand this tremendous mental stress, screamed shrilly, and fainted.

And the zombie manipulated by Ling Mo stopped at about ten centimeters distance before Wang Rin. As manipulators, Ling Mo can completely receive zombie’s perspective, so from his point of view, it felt like he was the one who was going to kiss Wang Rin….

Should he really kiss? Well, the one who get the benefit is not him….

Seeing Wang Rin fainted so quickly, Ling Mo could not help but to feel somewhat bored, but also feel a little funny.

A girl so arrogant, could not even stand up to be scared……

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