My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 51


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 51 – Sister-in Law needs some teaching

“Hey, wake up.”

Ling Mo extended his hand and pinched Wang Rin’s cheek, bringing her face in front of him.

After hearing the cry, Wang Rin slowly opened her eyes, awakening from her slumber, then suddenly struggled up, mouth in horror shouting: “do not touch me! Do not touch me!”

“Calm down!” Ling Mo quickly caught Wang Rin, said in a low voice, and held her tightly as she calmed down.

Wang Rin became fully awake and asked “why are you here? Ah! Zombie, where are those two zombies??!” Just as she said, she immediately nervously looks down at her clothes.

Seeing her like this, where could you even see the shadow of prior arrogance? Ling Mo suddenly cold sneered.

After scared Wang Rin to faint, he brought Shana and Ye Lian over, as well as Wang Cheng.

After all his intention is not to simply teach Wang Rin a lesson, but to figure out how did she find him.

Seeing Wang Rin is still having some aftershock, Ling Mo quietly raised his brow, pointed to the door: “over there.”

Wang Rin looked towards the direction of Ling Mo’s finger, suddenly sighed in relief. Those two zombies’ corpses were laid across the door, beside Shana and Ye Lian outside the door.

“You….”Wang Rin turned to look at Ling Mo, somewhat surprised and asked: “did you actually save me?”

This is the effect I want! She would have never guessed that I was directing the zombies to do my bidding!

And Wang Rin for sure did not thought of it, in fact until now she thought, that is a “new type” zombie, and is the pervert among zombies!

Ling Mo laughed loudly: “your screams are too loud….”

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Wang Rin was surprised for a moment, then face suddenly reddened, she opened her mouth wanted to protest, but the thought of that he just saved her, had to shut her mouth depressingly, uttered a muffled hump from her nose.

“What, I saved you, you did not even thank me?” Ling Mo rolled his eyes; this chick is really not likable.

Wang Rin’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed, but just came into contact with Ling Mo’s playful eyes, she opened her mouth and spoke with indifference: “no big deal, that knife is a gift for you.”

After this outburst, Ling Mo is suddenly a bit annoyed.

“So your life only worth a knife eh.” Ling Mo gave a cold sneer, just stood up, “just to make it clear, this knife is already mine, you do not need to give it to me.”

“You!” Wang Rin is somewhat angry, but seeing Ling Mo’s disdained expression, she could not help but feel somewhat guilty.

Seeing Ling Mo is not intending to pull her up, Wang Rin clenched her teeth and slowly got up leaning from the wall: “then what do you want? I have nothing else to give to you. Ah, right, my machete!”

She circled on the ground to find it, but did not find anything, suddenly heart surprised, turned to look at Ling Mo.

Sure enough, Ling Mo took that machete from back of his waist pocket, playing with it in his hand, seeing Wang Rin want to grab it; he not only did not intent to give it back to her, but showed a hint of sneer.

“Don’t go too far! I already gave you the knife, you still want to take this one from me?” Though Wang Rin is still somewhat weak in hands and feet, but she still rushed over with tons of fury.

But Ling Mo’s skill is not worse than her, just twisted the body to the side, and let her rushed aside.

Wang Rin suddenly became frantic, she sees that she could not rob it from Ling Mo, actually turned to shout to Shana: “Shana! Anyhow I am your cousin, how can you help outsiders to bully me!”

Hearing her roar, Shana actually looked at her, and then turned around emotionlessly.

This action completely angered Wang Rin, but when she just stepped out, Ling Mo raised his hands and stopped her: “stop.” His eyes suddenly become somewhat sharp, “who are you calling an outsider?”

“I’m talking to Shana don’t interrupt…..”

“With your attitude to Shana, what right do you have to complain about her? Let me tell you, when you relied on Song Tian’s settlement, Shana on her own fed a dozens of people, do you have this credential? No matter from which side, she can burst you in eight street!” (indicating she is far more skillful than her)

Wang Rin froze for a moment, then her face suddenly sank down, pulling a little pout: “do not think that you saved me, so you can….”


One crispy sound, let Wang Rin suddenly stared, whole body is stunned.

She holds her side cheek, looked at Ling Mo as if she was a deer caught in headlights: “you actually dared to slap me….”But not finished, a chill suddenly jumped up from her feet.

Ling Mo looked at her with extremely chill eyes, no one has ever stared at her like that: “hit you? Hit you is light. If you weren’t Shana’s cousin, on the count as my half sister-in-law, you would have already been torn apart by zombies.”

“How dare you hit me!” Just as Wang Rin rushed forward a step, another slap mercilessly struck her in the face, sending her back down to the ground.

“For I am better than you.” This slap made Wang Rin’s face pale, and Ling Mo stepped closer with a cold face. “And right now the world talks in strength.”

“You….”Under Ling Mo’s contempt, Wang Rin whose both cheeks are burning hot with pain, finally felt a trace of fear.

She could not help but to step back two steps, somewhat frantically said: “didn’t you say I’m your sister-in-law….”

“That depends if I was willing to help you. Didn’t you just said that I am an outsider? I will give you one chance to take your words back.” Ling Mo raised his hand——–This action frightened Wang Rin in a cold shiver, even her eyes could not help but cringe a little, but Ling Mo just patted her face with cold smile, “listen, I am not a heinous person, but when someone put their lives on the line to give me trouble, I will not be able to guarantee if they get to keep their lives afterwards.”

“What are you trying to do….Shana will not let you mess ….” Wang Rin’s face suddenly became very pale, Ling Mo’s look could not help her to think of that zombie’s movement… Ling Mo going to OOXX her?

Thought of this, her mood suddenly went out of control: “No! Don’t rape me! I am Shana’s cousin, you can’t do this to me…”

Ling Mo stiffened for a moment, then with a teasing smile: “rape? You think too highly about yourself. Girls like you do not excite me at all. Besides, you are wrong about one thing, Shana is mine, whether or not you count as her cousin, I have the final say, understand?”

Not interested?! Nice try?!

A strong sense of humiliation, made Wang Rin whole body trembling slightly, but Ling Mo’s cold and chill eyes a moment ago, and that two merciless slaps completely destroyed Wang Rin’s courage.

“I have a question, you better answer it honestly, or else I will leave you here to fend for yourself.” Seeing Wang Rin nodded in terror, Ling Mo’s tone suddenly became severe, right hand at the same time grabbed Wang Rin’s chin, mouth almost posted on her lips, “tell me, how did you get here?”

“You are hurting me….”

“Do not tell me about special scientific and technological gadgets. I checked on my body, there are nothing.” Ling Mo’s face revealed a faint hint of impatience look.

“I cannot say….”

Ling Mo’s face suddenly become somewhat strange, he suddenly leaned down besides her ears, and said: “do you know what I saw when I came in? That kind of taste, do you still want to try again?”

Wang Rin’s face suddenly became very pale, her eyes flashing at Ling Mo, suddenly said with strangely: “ you won’t believe me even if I said it.”

“To believe it or not is my problem, you say it first.”

“What if I tell you…that I have supernatural power?” Wang Rin gritted her teeth and said.

After much talking, she then stared hard at Ling Mo, want to see something from his face. Seeing Ling Mo not speaking, she suddenly tensed up: “I knew it that you won’t believe me, but what I say is true!”

In fact, Ling Mo’s mind is indeed very shocked! On the other hand, he has to believe this statement, because he has special abilities too!

So it seems that he really is not the only one with superpowers in this world!

He firmly fixed his eyes on Wang Rin for a while, until her scalp is tingling, and eyes started to dodge, Ling Mo then opened and asked: “what is your ability? Does it relate to tracking me?”

“You believe me?” Ling Mo’s reaction is far beyond expectations, but under Ling Mo’s firm look, she had to speak: “induction, induction ability…”

Sure enough, is totally unrelated to his zombie puppet ability….

Under careful inquiry, Ling Mo grasped a more comprehensive understanding of Wang Rin’s induction ability. Her ability is like his zombie puppet ability, all rely on spiritual power to cast. But unlike Ling Mo, her power does not help her in battle one bit.

The so-called induction, sounds like turning herself into a radar receiver, but before she can start tracking, she must have physical contact with the target.

As Wang Rin continued to describe her power’s limitations, Ling Mo immediately thought of the punch she gave him when they were parting….

With physical contact, she is equivalent in installing an invisible “tracking” device, and then through telepathy, she could probably be aware of the approximate location of Ling Mo.

In fact after when Ling Mo left camp, she had been sensing his orientation. Originally she worried that Ling Mo would be going far away, then the spiritual connection between her and the “tracker” will automatically disconnect. Fortunately Ling Mo is seemingly aimlessly going in circles around the camp, meaning they were never too far at all.

Aware that Ling Mo stopped moving, at the crack of dawn, she immediately took Li Yu and Wang Cheng towards his direction. Moreover, this kind of tracking time can only last twelve hours, after time passed it will also fail.

But she never expected, she would encounter that kind of strange zombies here, and was nearly raped..

From Wang Rin’s eyes, Ling Mo is sure that what she said is true. She has been completely scared to death.

“Talking about supernatural ability, how could the effect be this useless?” Ling Mo still felt somewhat unbelievable, the zombie puppet ability he has been going through continuous upgrade, how come Wang Rin’s ability is not much use!

Wang Rin shook her head: “I don’t know either, no matter how much I used it there is no upgrade.”

“I have said everything…..let me go…..” Wang Rin looked up at Ling Mo, carefully asked, after she asked, she then nervously and immediately added:” I will never come to find you trouble again! Really….”

I guess you would never do it again……such a thought, Ling Mo showed a hint of joking smile: “you can try to beg me.”

Beg?! Wang Rin’s eyes once again widened. In her life she ever begged people, right now she has to beg for mercy?!

But looking at Ling Mo’s smile, Wang Rin’s heart is extremely terrified. She did not doubt Ling Mo, if she doesn’t listen to him, he will for sure turn those threats into reality!

Wang Rin bites her lips, want to cry but scared to do it. Besides Ling Mo, she was never hit by people before, and of course was never threatened.

She is really scared, when Ling Mo looks at her with those eyes as if looking at a dead person, Wang Rin viscerally felt a chill.

“……..Brother-in-law…..I was wrong.” These few words were almost burst out from between her teeth, when she finished, suddenly feel her body is about to collapse, seems the whole body strength to be pumped out of her.

“You, just needs someone to teach you a lesson!” Ling Mo smiled and patted Wang Rin’s cheeks, seeing her eyes emerges out of layer of water vapor, suddenly felt a wave of pleasure.

“Considering that you are somewhat…..stupid, “ Ling Mo very seriously come up with an adjective, “So I am going to warn you again, sister-in-law, never do stupid thing like this again.”

Wang Rin bite her teeth, slowly lowered her head: “I know.”

“Louder, I cannot hear.”

“Got it!”

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