My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 52


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 52 – Sister’s saliva function like sports drink

Wang Rin was actually a biotic; this news somewhat surprised Ling Mo.

In fact, when he discovered that he had the zombie puppet ability, he had this speculation. During the end of the world, there should be more than one biotic, right?

Even Ling Mo could not tell how this ability appeared in his body. When he first started to run for his life, everything was too chaotic. Thinking back then, besides being scared each day, he couldn’t even get a whole night’s sleep.

This ability appeared suddenly. It was more like a kind of instinct that had just awakened at the right time.

But what Ling Mo cared more about was how he could use this special ability to increase his odds of survival.

But compared to the zombie puppet control ability, Wang Rin’s ability was totally useless. There was no use, therefore what she relied on was her own knife skills.

It would appear that the supernatural ability also had different degrees of strength; each person’s ability to grasp their skills should also be completely different. However, he didn’t know how many protoss there were, like himself…

For some reason, Ling Mo had this vivid feeling that there seemed to be some similarities between people who had supernatural abilities and mutated zombies.

If one treated supernatural abilities as a type of evolution, then the human protoss were equivalent to the mutated zombies among zombies.

Mutated zombies might continue to evolve, so would protoss also continuously evolve? He could only experience it himself to find the answer….

When the Ling Mo trio left, Wang Rin suddenly gasped.

After waking up from that fear feeling of humiliation, her eyes suddenly became red, at the same time her knees went soft, and she kneeled on the ground.

The sentence said by Ling Mo when he left had echoed in her mind.

“Remember, do not do anything that will make me unhappy, there is no next time.”

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When he said this sentence, Ling Mo’s pair of icy eyes caused Wang Rin to feel coldness in her heart…

After going downstairs, Shana, who was following tightly after Ling Mo, suddenly asked with a quiet whisper: “You didn’t kill her…why…”

Shana then said: “I could feel that…you wanted to kill….”

Ling Mo’s face suddenly changed. He did have the thought of killing Wang Rin, but considering that she was after all Shana’s cousin, as well as most likely being Shana’s only relative in this world, he dispelled that idea right away.

She not only brought people to find trouble for him, but from the outcome of it, she not only did not bring him any losses, but learned a harsh lesson, and took the last weapon away.

But to Ling Mo’s surprise, Shana who seemingly stumbled, was actually secretly observing carefully, and also seriously thinking….

“She is your cousin, with your blood. I won’t kill her.” Ling Mo smiled and said.

“I don’t quite understand….” Shana nodded her head, “But if you killed her…. for some reason…. maybe I would feel…uncomfortable.”

“Yes, after all, you are related by blood.”

Just as when Ling Mo was about to bring her and leave when he suddenly noticed that Shana’s neck had something on it. He pulled her curiously, and opened his hand to move the scattered hair on her chest.

Shana’s eyes flashed with a hint of a struggle, “Don’t squeeze….”

“I did not want to squeeze your chest! Am I that kind of person?” Ling Mo stared at Shana with righteousness, and then dug out the object on Shana’s neck.

It was a miniature jade knife that was incredibly sharp. Although Ling Mo did not know much about jade, he could feel this piece of jade was extremely valuable. It was finely carved, cold and smooth. On the handle was also engraved a seal: Wang.

Before, when Ling Mo helped Shana with the sponge bath, he had not seen this piece of jade.

“When did this…..”

Right when they left, Shana walked behind him. Obviously Wang Rin seized this opportunity and gave the jade to Shana.

This caused Ling Mo to suddenly freeze for a moment. He involuntarily looked back behind, at the hotel.

Wang Rin’s attitude to Shana was indeed very different than in her heart (Means that she acts differently than what she thinks). Did she especially come to not only get back her knife, but also to send this thing to Shana?

Leaving aside her purpose, her movements and intentions were a bit too clumsy and offensive. After this time, she should have been taught a lesson.

“This counts as a Wang family heirloom right?” Ling Mo sighed, then put the jade back inside Shana’s neckline. At this moment, he suddenly came to a realization. His face contorted into a bizarre look, “Shana, you should have recognized Wang Rin right? Or else you would not have allowed her to approach you, not to mention allowing her to put this piece of jade on to your neck!”

Shana was silent for a while, seeming like she was organizing her words. Ling Mo was eagerly looking at her.

“En. I know her, she is my sister…..”Shana finally nodded affirmatively, then pointed to her head, “I thought a lot, very messy.”

“It’s okay, no hurry, think slowly, for sure you will remember everything. By that time, you will return to the Shana from before.”

Ling Mo revealed a satisfied smile, and pinched Shana’s cheek.

However Shana’s next words, allowed Ling Mo to be suddenly stunned: “I don’t want to return….. to the old Shana. I am the same as Ye Lian. So…I don’t want to remember.”

To be able to think up to this level, Shana’s reasoning had indeed recovered a lot…. Ling Mo stared at Shana, his heart becoming bitter.

That’s right, whether or not Shana would restore her reason completely, her zombie identity would never change. Even with the constant evolution, either Shana or Ye Lian, they would be far away from ordinary people. Even if they eventually restored their sanity, no one would treat them as human beings. And their relation with other humans would be like wolves with sheep.

Ling Mo suddenly felt that he should have realized this point much sooner. Although Shana restored some consciousness, when she was facing strangers, she still was hostile. Even if she recognized Wang Rin, her attitude towards her was also very cold. Most likely because the memory section regarding her family had awakened, therefore she blurted out those words a moment ago. But this feeling was the memory, but not the feelings belonging to the current Shana.

These were her instincts as a zombie. Although their diet had turned into viral gels, and was no longer as vigorous as cannibalism, as zombies, they would still not act friendly towards living beings.

Shana still had the appearance of old Shana, but inside, she had completely changed…

And Ye Lian, should also be the same…..

Seeing Ling Mo silent, Shana seemed to detect the conflict in Ling Mo’s mind through a spiritual connection.

She suddenly extended her hand, gently pinched Ling Mo’s cheek: “You are not the same as me… but … compared to others, you are also not the same.”

Ling Mo’s felt a wave of warmth in her heart.

With the spiritual connection deepening, she could feel that within the consciousness of Shana and Ye Lian, they were becoming closer and closer to him.

Indeed, as long as they treated him differently than others, wouldn’t that be enough already?

Ling Mo made a self-depreciating smile, “Remember, only I can pinch your cheek, but you cannot pinch me. In the future if you want to express your friendship… use a kiss.”

Shana just had a confused look, her mouth was gently pecked by Ling Mo.



“Do it once for me, I am here to help you, you know?”

“……En, okay, again…. This time deeper, tongue out…..En en….”

In order to not show favoritism, after a fierce kissing with Shana, Ling Mo also fiercely kissed Ye Lian.

He did not expect that after he released Ye Lian, he suddenly felt as if his blood was boiling up, his heartbeat suddenly being amplified.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

His heartbeat sounded like drums in his ears, his body’s blood flow quickly accelerated and a wave of hot air jumped through the abdomen, instantly flow through the whole body.

Ling Mo’s look suddenly changed drastically, this feeling, had appeared when he first kissed Ye Lian!

But just after he did not experience a mutation. Ling Mo classified this feeling as a psychological effect, but appearing once again, could completely prove that either before or now, this feeling was real!

Obviously, this feeling was not a prelude to mutation.

But why would such a response occur after taking their saliva?

Could it be that apart from blood, the other fluids in their bodies also contained viruses? But if it was a virus, how come he did not mutate? Too bad these guesses could not be verified…

Last time, this abnormal sensation lasted for more than twenty minutes, this time the duration was much shorter. After about two or three minutes, Ling Mo had returned to normal.

Ling Mo suddenly found something very shocking!

After that drunk-like feeling receded, his mind was actually unprecedently clear and bright, even all the physical consumption seemed to have come back to him!

The saliva produced by the zombie sisters, seemed to not only be poisonous, but have many magical effects! Looking at the effect, it seemed somewhat similar to stimulants.

Probably something like bee and snake venom, depending on method and concentration, could not only be harmless to human bodies, but also beneficial!

The originally terrible zombie virus, after the zombie’s “purification”, mixed into their saliva (or juice), had turned into an edible stimulant!

Ling Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up,

You are my zombie sisters, your whole bodies are full of treasures. This sister’s saliva is a treasure, but I did not know that the other sister’s saliva would also be something good….

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