My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 53


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 53 – Sleep with the ground (sleeping together?)

Wang Rin was thrown back into the hotel. Presumably when she regained her conscious, she will naturally leave. As for whether or not she could find Li Yu, it depends on their luck.

As for Wang Cheng’s treatment, Ling Mo was a little hesitant.

For Wang Cheng who is a very crafty schemer and a vicious character, Ling Mo did not have any friendly intentions towards.

Originally Ling Mo thought that when he arrived at the survivors camp, he will settle down, and did not expect him to suck up to Wang Rin. With him at the camp, most likely Liu Yu Hao did not have much chance of showing his ability, because the two of them were classmates.

And he knew way too much about Ling Mo. Though you could tell from Wang Rin’s actions that Wang Cheng did not speak out about Shana being a zombie, there is still no guarantee that he would not bring any more trouble in the future.

“ This counts as doing a good deed. “ Ling Mo thought in his heart, eyes slightly closed. When he opened eyes again, the spiritual connection between him and that zombie puppet has been completely disconnected.

A zombie out of control, a live human being that had not yet awakened, what was going to happen next, there is no need to think about it….

Probably effected by that violent atmosphere, Ling Mo did not feel alarmed when he killed for the first time. But this did not mean that he would become a killer. Therefore when he disconnected the connection, Ling Mo still slightly hesitated a little.

But this slight hint of hesitation was forcibly thrown to the back of his head the instant he closed his eyes.

During the end of the world, if you were not cold hearted, you will be treated as a soft persimmon….(easy to bully)

Ling Mo’s group carefully walked for half a day, killed a lot of zombies along the way and finally found a residential building. Ling Mo decided to settle down there tonight.

His destination was originally X City University, but was delayed by Wang Rin. It would be impossible to reach X City University today. Fortunately, the current location was not too far away from X City University.

There was a waste site near the residential building. The yard became a parking lot and the surrounding environment looked very gloomy. Fortunately there were not many zombies around, so Ling Mo’s group used the advantage of the cars to cover their whereabouts and carefully crept inside the residential building.

There weren’t many zombies inside the building, and most of the doors were wide open. Besides some broken furniture inside, the rooms were mostly empty. It seemed like during construction, it was treated as a dormitory for the workers. As for the original residents, they most likely already relocated.

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With Ye Lian and Shana’ s sharp sense towards zombies, and their lethality, the building was soon clean of zombies. They collected all of the bodies inside one room, and then closed tightly windows and doors. This way, the smell of blood would not easily attract zombies. Ling Mo even wanted to find some lime to completely seal the doors.

Ling Mo judged this area to be very suitable for hiding. Outside, a hundred meters away was a street. The surrounding area was all densely populated by zombies. It just happened that this place was under construction, so there were less zombies around.

When Ye Lian and Shana were cleaning zombies, Ling Mo was seriously looking for a suitable room to settle for three people.

Fortunately, one of the residential rooms among the third floor of this residential building had some buckets of pure water, some gas tank and pans, it was rare that these were not splashed with blood, just some dust.

Not only that, he even found half a box of instant noodles, and some instant bubble tea.

The construction site really had some good stuff….Ling Mo excitingly cleaned the few spring beds, then started to prepare a pot of instant noodles. This place was very remote, so it was harder to attract zombies’ attention than densely populated areas. As long as you were careful, there would be no problem. And right now it was still early, fire would not attract zombies.

After eating dry food for a long time, Ling Mo was really tired of it, it was rare to eat a hot meal. He was indeed happy from the bottom of his heart. Too bad Ye Lian and Shana were zombies, they were not interested in normal food, or else he would love for them to try some….

“Smells so good….”

Before and after the end of the world, Ling Mo always had instant noodles, but after the end of the world, he almost always ate them dry.

Such food with a strong fragrance, he had not smelled it for a long time…

The most common and cheap food before the end of the world, now made Ling Mo really hungry, with his mouth watering. Even Shana and Ye Lian were attracted by this smell of food, and looked at it a few times.

As soon as the noodles loosened, Ling Mo could not wait and used the chopsticks to stir up the inside the pot, and blew out a breath and joy. He slurped the noodles inside his mouth instantly.


To be able to eat a bowl of hot noodles during the end of the world, this was a very luxurious thing for all survivors.

This was really ironic when thought about. The things needed to be considered before the end of the world when eating instant noodles, like nutrition and taste, took away from the enjoyment of eating these instant noodles. On the contrary, in a place like the end of the world, where dangers were everywhere, you could become excited with only a bowl of instant noodles.

Survival is the only thing all survivors were considering. To Ling Mo, another matter that was more important than living was to help Ye Lian regain her sanity, and let Shana slowly recover and become normal.

After finished the noodles, he simply cleaned up the pots and pans, Ling Mo then sat down next to Ye Lian.

Though they went out and rushed around all day, no matter if it was Ye Lian or Shana, they did not show any fatigue. This was not hard to understand, when zombies are not fighting, their physical exertion was very small, and though Ye Lian and Shana fought a lot along the way, most of the times it was Ling Mo who controlled the others using his zombie puppet ability. This eased the exertion on the two girls as they killed the defenseless zombies.

This day, Shana’s performance particularly surprised Ling Mo. Before he could only maintain the spiritual connection between him and Shana, and could not manipulate her movements. This had troubled Ling Mo a lot. But to his surprise, Shana might have restored part of her sanity, and therefore could actually understand to collaborate during battles.

Plus she had very good knife skills, as if it was instinctively part of her body. After regaining part of her sanity, her combat ability immediately improved and her knife advantage also gradually revealed itself.

There existed a spiritual connection between the two, therefore they coordinated very well. It was not much less than the coordination between him and Ye Lian. This was a pleasant surprise.

But seeing the look of how Shana used her long knife,  Ling Mo no longer wanted Ye Lian to continue to use her hands. Though her attack speed was very fast, and her ten fingers were also very strong, among Ling Mo’s heart, he always felt that pair of seemingly slender and soft hands were not to used for doing something bloody and violent….

Originally he wanted to give Ye Lian his own dagger, but this dagger was indeed somewhat short, with limited lethality. It would only work during normal days, but would appear useless during combat. Normal weapons would not suit Ye Lian; not only would they not help her, but would lower her combat ability.

And Wang Rin’s appearance, actually solved this problem very well. This chick was really delivering gifts during a crisis….

Thinking about this, Ling Mo could not help but laugh a little. He took out the machete from the back of his waist. This machete, from the first look, appeared to be well suited for females, the handle was not too long, and somewhat small. It had a crescent-shaped blade, and was was very light. Just looking with your naked eyes, you could see the sharpness. Although it was still a whole other level below his own short knife, it was enough to kill zombies.

Although this Wang Rin was arrogant, but from the knives she made, she did have the skill to be proud. Mastering knife crafting at such a young age, she would most likely have been favoured the family. Plus she also had good knife skills in combat, how could she have put Ling Mo in her eye.

But after this lesson, surely she would of course be wary of Ling Mo, and will remember him firmly in mind.

Handing the machete to Ye Lian’s, and then manipulating her to swing it a few times, he felt it was very smooth. This time finally, Ye Lian did not have to use her hands, because no matter how strong the fingers were, it would be incomparable to knife tools.

Before the sky went dark, Ling Mo did not waste his time. He carefully went to the construction site and did some searching around, found some lime, and spread it outside the room where all the zombie bodies were. Not only this, he went and found a steel pipe, and barred the residential gate. This was much useful than putting a lock.

After taking care of these businesses, the sky had already went dark. The city again had become the world of zombies. Most likely, all the survivors have returned to their hiding place.

Within the room, Ye Lian had already put together two fairly complete spring beds under Ling Mo’s manipulation, then turned all the batting surface to the other side, and laid it over the top.

“Tonight we can finally sleep in peace!”

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