My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 54


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 54 – Searching places

Just when the first light appeared over the horizon, Ling Mo was already awake.

He had too many things that needed to be done today: hunting mutated zombies, refilling the viral gels that were running out, and…… stocking up on food!

The food he collected before was running out, but he had found half a box of instant noodles the night before. However, in the long run, it was far from enough.

Spending most of his time fighting, and walking, and using his spiritual energy had made Ling Mo’s appetite even more scary.

Of course the majority of this hunger was because the food he collected were mostly not nutritious. It would not have refilled his energy no matter how much he ate.

To just fill the stomach was far from enough.

Before going out, Ling Mo would always be well prepared. When he got up from bed, he immediately started to pack his backpack.

His destination was X City University; this place right now was already close. While on the way here, Ling Mo already discovered that to move through the downtown area was very difficult.

With a complicated terrain, numerous buildings, an amazing number of zombies, all these factors mixed together had resulted in this area becoming extremely dangerous.

Compared to head diving into X University with unknown situations, Ling Mo was much more willingly to use this building as his base while getting to know the surrounding area, then planning again.

Of course during the process of searching areas, you could also collect materials. If you were lucky, most likely you could find some places with possible mutated zombies.

Considering the fact that the number of zombies in this area was double the number near The Third High School, Ling Mo decided to leave behind some things he would need to use, to reduce his weight.

The on-site parking lot and construction site all had zombies wandering around, even if there were survivors coming through, they would most likely not have thought that the residential building was occupied. Thus, there was no chance of theft.

A knife and a dagger were tied to the waist and the last few chocolate bars were also stuffed into his shirt pocket. Lastly, he also dug out a military canteen, and filled the pot with mineral water. The rest of the stuff was poured out from the backpack, and piled together with the instant noodles.

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For a long time, he had not carried an empty backpack. Although assignments were arduous, Ling Mo still could not help but feel much more light weighted.

To be precautious, before taking Shana and Ye Lian out, Ling Mo had specially hidden all the things in the room under the bed, then messed up the bed, disguised it as if it was uninhabited. He then opened the door widely, then reassured himself and gone out.

As part of the downtown area, although this place was not part of the main streets, the number of zombies was already outrageous, and the extent of damage to surrounding shops had also increased significantly. Just the amount of abandoned cars, and the residual trace of explosions already made people feel frightened, not to mention after the plasma coagulation that gave the floor a layer of red carpet.

As soon as he walked onto the street, Ling Mo’s expression had become serious. Although he had Ye Lian and Shana, these two mutated zombies here, to collect and hunt in such dangerous places, the pressure was still very huge.

As long as they made the tiniest movement, they would most likely attract a large crowd of zombies. The method of using cellphone music to attract zombies would be impossible here. This place not only had no cover to protect them from attracting zombies, but also had very deadly terrain characteristics. There were accessible roads, and surrounding alleys.

As soon as the music started, surrounding zombies would flock over, even if he used the zombie puppet control ability to make sure not to drown among the zombie crowds, but he will be trapped for sure. This type of digging his own grave, Ling Mo would not do it.

The safest and the simplest way was to kill a few zombies as far away as possible, so as to not attract the zombies’ attention.

Although these zombies still had their five senses, they also had their weakness. When they don’t have any prey, they would only be swinging slowly around, moving within a small area. Therefore, although there were a lot of zombies on the road, they were not tightly squeezing together. As long as he used the space between them, he could do it.

This kind of thing was hard to ordinary people, but Ling Mo had the ability of zombie puppet control, and it was not hard to implement it.

At first he quietly dug behind an abandoned vehicle under the cover of Shana, then manipulated Ye Lian and walked towards the closest zombie crowd.

In order to avoid attracting distant zombies with blood, Ling Mo did not let Ye Lian use the machete, but used a more violent way: wringing their necks.

With Ye Lian’s power, there came the sound of “ka cha” the instant she covered the other’s head using both of her arms, then he slowly put down that zombie body onto the ground. But even such a light sound still immediately attracted the rest of the zombies. But normal zombies that were not berserk would not attack their kind, therefore they only turned their heads, but did not attack Ye Lian.

At this time, Ling Mo stretched his neck out from behind the car. The instant when these zombies discovered him, he immediately used the zombie control ability. But Ling Mo also noticed at this time, after an upgrade, his zombie puppet control ability also seemed to have changed. Before, he could only control the zombies when he used both eyes to look at them, but when he was very focused, two of the zombie that slightly turned their heads slower and were not even looking at him also fell under his control.

But now was not the time to think, with his zombie puppet control ability slowly being casted out, countless invisible threads immediately controlled these zombies tightly. After successfully controlling these zombies at the same time, Ling Mo’s mouth also twitched with a hint of ugly grinning.

After these zombie puppets fell under his control, they immediately started to kill each other, and under Ling Mo’s deliberate control, they all died very cleanly.

Thanks to this prudent method of combat, Ling Mo soon broke through to the door of a small supermarket.

Although this supermarket was small-scaled, it also had a lot of remaining food. This was not very difficult to understand, after all not all survivors had the opportunity to search for food in this place.

After leaving Shana at the door to guard, Ling Mo and Ye Lian immediately started their search within the supermarket.

With the backpack soon crammed with a lot of food, Ling Mo’s mood also lightened up a little.

During the end of the world, it really was the bigger the risks you took, the bigger the harvest there was.

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