My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 55


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 55 – My target is really Tentacles Monster

Using this method, Ling Mo swept through two small supermarkets, collecting all the goods.

In the process, he thoroughly tested his zombie puppet control ability, and found that it had indeed improved.

Before, when he could not see the invisible threads, he could only see the zombie puppet’s spiritual ball when he made eye contact with them.

But right now the invisible threads were becoming more clear, so much so, that the limit on his zombie puppet control ability was greatly reduced.

To establish links between zombie puppets, he only needed to wrap that invisible thread around the zombies’ empty spiritual ball. But to become able to manipulate them, he must bury the threads deep into the ball.

For example, the connection between him and Shana were only kept of using the threads wrapping around the spiritual ball, but between him and Ye Lian, he had to completely integrate the threads with her spiritual ball, thus becoming able to naturally control her.

And Ling Mo gave this kind of thread a very appropriate name: spiritual threads, and for short, tentacles.

Seeing the countless threads spreading out from him, and connecting Shana and Ye Lian tightly together with him, Ling Mo’s mouth could not help but break out with a hint of an evil smile.

If these tentacles could really turn into a tangible substance …. Not to go any further, Ling Mo immediately gave a self-deprecating laugh. “It’s only a spiritual ability, even if they could turn into a real substance……wouldn’t I become a monster of tentacles?”

On the other hand, he also found out a very important thing while battling.

Being zombie puppets, Ye Lian and Shana worked well in harmony, and were not as aggressive as their own kind.

But the two of them did not know how to work together, especially when Ling Mo reduced his control on Ye Lian and allowed her to fight based on her instincts. This disadvantage was particularly obvious. They fight by themselves, plus both of them were mutated zombies, only knowing how to attack. It was easy to attract a lot of trouble in this densely populated zombie area.

But if Ling Mo was the core, and those two girls were the supporting force, this problem would be easily solved. No matter Ye Lian or Shana, they all cooperated with Ling Mo’s movements, which made the fight suddenly become extremely efficient.

“It seems that without me it would not do…”

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These two mutated zombies only knew how to work with Ling Mo, this was also another big challenge for Ling Mo himself. Fortunately, after his body upgraded, although the power of the body did not improve, his speed was much faster. Not only could he follow up with Ye Lian’s attacking speed, he could also guide Shana to attack quickly.

This combination of one human and two zombies could be described as good team work, coupled with careful propulsion, no one was injured on the way, and they were able to eliminate a lot of zombies.

Feeling as if his stock of food has been sufficiently replenished after 2 to 3 hours, Ling Mo then turned his attention to hunting zombies.

Continuing to use the zombie puppet ability, but also maintaining spiritual connection between the two female zombies, no matter how strong Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles were, right now they had become softer.

Instead of enhancing body strength, it should have been the tentacles…No, improving spiritual power was much more important!

Viral gel was really urgently needed goods, and the greater the number the better!

But ordinary zombies filled the streets, it was rather difficult to find mutated zombies. Therefore, in advancing through the streets, Ling Mo was also observing.

“New Time Square Shopping Mall…..”

A far distance apart, Ling Mo saw a large mall. He recalled that the New Time Shopping Mall was the biggest mall around this area. The daily flow of people was amazing before the end of the world.

In such a place, there must be mutated zombies!

But after reaching the mall, Ling Mo did not enter in a hurry, he went to the corner to slow down a moment, along with observing the situations inside the mall.

A shopping mall located downtown, the number of zombies inside was beyond imagination. Looking ahead, inside a huge shopping mall, almost everywhere was full of zombies!

But compared to a huge number of zombies, the exit of this mall seemed way too narrow, and too obscure!

Originally Ling Mo worried that there had been survivors appearing and attracted all the zombies out, but after getting closer, he found that he worried too much.

Big Shopping malls like this, survivors all seemed to stay as far away as possible. The things they sold in here were all not related to food. Besides survivors like Ling Mo who had a special purpose, why would other people approach here.

But without survivors approaching, it did not mean there were no traces of killing. On the contrary, the gate near the shopping mall was almost completely covered in bloodstains, layers of plasma and flesh coagulated together and seemed to have covered the ground with a layer of an extremely rancid bloody carpet. Tattered clothes everywhere, and scattered human bones. You could imagine, this place once had a disgusting feast of human flesh….

And the inside of the shopping malls had no trace of clean space.

Even Ling Mo could not help but frown at this strong odor, but Shana and Ye Lian, these two female zombies were rather excited, even Shana’s eyes were becoming slightly red. In that regard, she was not as calm as Ye Lian. Therefore Ling Mo vividly thought that though Shana gained her sanity much faster, in terms of the evolution of body and nature, Ye Lian still had a higher degree of improvement.

In any case, the smell of blood was a very strong stimulant to zombies…

But with this thick smell of blood, he did not have to worry about being discovered as a human being by the zombies through their noses. As long as he was careful with not making any sounds and hiding his whereabouts, this shopping mall that seems like a meat grinder could also be broken through. Ling Mo had gone to to this shopping mall before, he knew that the higher you go, the higher-end the shops were, with naturally less people.

Besides during the outbreak of the disaster, most likely all the people were rushing downwards, therefore although there were great numbers of zombies on the first and second floors, maybe the upstairs were empty.

In the worst case, Ling Mo had enough confidence that he could get out safely using the few staircases inside the shopping mall.

After making up his mind, Ling Mo then ramped his breath, quietly along the periphery of the mall and walked through, before finally going in through the side channel used by employees.

As for Ye Lian and Shana, although these two could have completely free access to the zombie population, but looking at the large number of zombies wandering around the inside of the mall, Ling Mo was feeling that something was not normal. Therefore, he made these two mutated zombies follow him, and did not make them force their way through the main entrance.

Going in through the employee road, it was a semi-enclosed space, he could see the inside of the shopping mall and was able to quietly creep up using the stairs through the half-opened doors.

Although he did not have direct contact with the large crowd of zombies inside the shopping mall, but to go so in-depth to the zombie crowd still made people feel very nervous.

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