My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 56


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 56 – Zombie Concentration Camp

As soon as the three entered the door, they encountered two zombies, but the instant they rushed up, they were controlled by Ling Mo. Shana and Ye Lian quickly wrung their necks and laid them on the ground. Sure enough, when these two female zombies collaborate with him, they could work very well as a team….

As Ling Mo guessed, the first floor of the New Time Shopping Mall gathered a large number of zombies, but upstairs revealed to be a bit empty.

Within nine-foot shopping malls, there should be a large amount of mutated zombies.

Ling Mo could be considered to be very knowing about the habits of mutated zombies; after all he had a real female mutated zombie besides him, Ye Lian.

Under the circumstances of being hungry, Ye Lian would attack ordinary zombies, but after she fulfilled her desire, her desire to attack ordinary zombies obviously declined.

But there was one exception, and that was when there were mutated zombies nearby, Ye Lian would immediately break out with a strong desire. Between these mutated zombies, there seemed to exist a certain resonance.

Most likely because they all had those condensed viral gels…

Compared to ordinary zombies, mutated zombie bodies contained much purer viruses, and would provoke Ye Lian’s hostility.

Other mutated zombies were also like this, for example the few mutated zombies Ling Mo met before, their priority target were all their own kind, such as Ye Lian, and not Ling Mo.

But to Ling Mo’s curiosity, after Ye Lian and Shana entered here, they did not exhibit any response. And when no movements came from those zombies, the whole shopping mall seemingly appeared to be filled with zombies, but it seemed to be quiet and horrifying. This place could no longer be called a shopping mall, but more of a zombie concentration camp.

This strange quietness made Ling Mo grip his knife even more tightly.

There were such a large number of zombies gathered here, there must be births of mutated zombies, would it be possible that those zombies all left? Or killed each other and died off?

Different kinds of speculation and guesses flashed through his mind, but that faint sense of unease was growing strongly.

“It seems that I am still not experienced enough to calm down ah….So what if there are more zombies! What am I scared of!”

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Ling Mo secretly cursed himself, nervousness in his heart slowly receded a little. Although he had the ability, his strength was too weak to face that group of terrifying zombies.

Venturing deeper into the enemy’s lair, even if there existed huge potential benefits before, it was also inevitable to feel nervous and scared. But on the other hand, it also brought a strange stimulus to Ling Mo, he even felt that his spirit was focused unlike before, every nerve seemed to tense up. Sure enough, there will be power if there is pressure, and also more likely to invoke his potential….

And the focus of the spiritual power brought Ling Mo great observant ability and stronger zombie puppet control.

Although he had not yet attacked zombies, Ling Mo already discovered that the contact between himself and Shana seemed to have some breakthroughs because of this opportunity.

Before his tentacles seemed to just stay on the surface of Shana’s spiritual ball, but now they seemed to have forcibly broken into it. As for the sense of obstruction that came deeply within Shana’s spiritual power, it did not seem to be a great obstacle to Ling Mo like before.

“This was quite some unexpected fortune.” Ling Mo was secretly delighted, although this level was not enough to control Shana, but when Ling Mo looked at Shana, he clearly saw that at first, Shana looked at him with a confused look, but then revealed a hint of a friendlier look.

Sure enough, strengthening the links, he could make Shana become even closer to him like Ye Lian.

Is this not favorability? Ling Mo’s mind suddenly flashed with this kind of thought. When favorability reached a certain level, he could successfully conquer that charming body…

There were much less zombies inside the safe passage than outside, but in order to not disturb those zombies at the hall, Ling Mo still spent a lot of time.

The closer you were to the prosperous place, the harder it was to survive. Ling Mo experienced this first hand.

A big shopping mall like this could be said as being very crowded in the past, but right now, it had become an off-limit area. If it wasn’t for employee safe passage, even Ling Mo would not dare to come in.

After all, adventure and death were two entirely different concepts.

Right now Ling Mo and his trio had entered the third floor, obviously the number of zombies were greatly reduced here, as a result their movements became bolder. But to Ling Mo’s annoyance, Shana and Ye Lian did not sense the existence of any mutated zombies. Yet that feeling of uneasiness has been shrouding over Ling Mo’s mind, and even made him feel a little irritated.

“Could it there really are no mutated zombies? Oh no, we might return empty handed.”

The more they went up, the less the number of zombies, Ling Mo already had no hope.

He did not think that while taking the risks of entering this shopping mall, he did not even touch a hair of mutated zombies. This was really bad luck!

Would he just return like this? Ling Mo did not want to retreat. He thought a little more and decided to walk further inside.

The third floor were mostly jewelry stores, and the other half of the store had been designed into a supermarket, but all were selling goods such as home appliances, not worth collecting.

There were less zombies wandering here, and most of them were sandwiched in the middle. Plus, there were a lot of obstruction in between, therefore as long as you don’t exhibit any sounds, it would not be easy to attract their attention.

To avoid falling within the zombies’ encirclement, Ling Mo deliberately walked slowly inside against the wall. His goal was the washroom ahead, and that was right at the middle of the third floor.

He thought very clearly, if he walked there, and still Ye Lian and Shana exhibited no response, then he could only admit his own defeat and return.

Fortunately this was the downtown area, even if there were no mutated zombies in this shopping mall, there were always other places to search for.

But as they got closer to the washroom, Ling Mo was becoming more disappointed. It seemed like he really would return home empty handed….

But to Ling Mo’s expectation, the moment when he stopped walking and the instant he was about to return, Shana suddenly stopped, spoke in a low voice: ‘I….I feel bad….”

Just as she finished her sentence, a shadow suddenly jumped out from the bathroom, and right under Ling Mo’s eyes, directly dragged Shana back into the washroom!


Ling Mo’s heart suddenly stopped, that black shadow just passed with him, he did not even have the time to recognize the appearance! After an upgrade, Ling Mo thought that his speed was already very fast, but this shadow of course seemed to be even faster, and faster than Ye Lian!

If his goal was not Shana, but him…

But no matter what the identity of this black shadow, Ling Mo only knew that, he was on fire! Grabbing people right under his eye, and he didn’t even have the chance of stopping him!

At the same time when Shana was dragged away, Ling Mo has already followed over! And Ye Lian under his control, also followed him tightly like an agile cheetah.

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