My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 57


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 57 – Big sister zombie, your underwear fell off

It was a blink of an eye from the moment when the shadow appeared to the moment when Shana was dragged away.

But when Ling Mo and Ye Lian rushed in one after another, the black shadow had completely dragged Shana into the female washroom.

The door of this female washroom had already been broken down, the original clean inside looked just like a ripped zombie belly. Walls, floors, and even the ceiling all were covered in dark brown blood.

The dazzling sun shone through the open window, but did not bring the slightest warmth. Instead, it made it even more eerie.

Right now Shana was pressed to the floor by the shadow, but after been attacked, her zombie instinct has also completely activated, eyes becoming bloody red, that long knife has already been used to withstand the shadow.

But looking at Shana’s shaking arm, you knew that she could not compete with the shadow’s strength, she simply could not take it for too long.

Speed, extremely tyrannical power, Ling Mo quickly made a judgment on the black shadow when he saw the scene.

No need for Ling Mo to manipulate Ye Lian, she had already rushed forward under her zombie instincts. Her eyes were also covered with a layer of bloody redness. The instant she approached the shadow, the scimitar in hand also raised high slashing across.

But to Ling Mo’s surprise, Ye Lian’s fierce attack actually came down to nothing!

The black shadow had such a fast reaction speed, movements also hardly seen by the naked eye, when Ye Lian’s scimitar was slashing down, this shadow actually immediately dodged, sliding to the corner.

A zombie that knew how to dodge…. Even mutated zombies would not know how to dodge any attack, that was zombies’ nature.

Could it be this shadow, was not an ordinary mutated zombie?!

After been shocked, seeing Shana finally breaking free, Ling Mo immediately dragged her over, at the same time also manipulated Ye Lian to step backwards, and put on a defensive posture.

This was not a simple zombie, he could not let Ye Lian attack crazily, or else she will suffer greatly!

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Right now Ling Mo finally understood why he had this uneasy feeling the moment he stepped into the shopping mall, the source was mostly like this zombie.

His mental strength was much stronger than ordinary people, senses have also become rather sharp, and that kind of uneasy feeling, should be the instinctive intuition when he got close to a strong enemy.

Connecting to the fact there were no other mutated zombies in this big shopping mall, Ling Mo had already faintly guessed this zombie’s roots.

A zombie that hunted down all mutated zombies in this shopping mall, at last turned into this kind of terrible monster…. much stronger than mutated zombies! With more intelligence! Completely on another level!

Understand how to hide, sneak attack, and to dodge when attacked…this was an advanced zombie!

This advanced zombie not only was much smarter than ordinary zombies, but had upgraded to the level of obtaining a reasonable amount of senses!

The flashing bloody red eyes under that hair, from Ling Mo’s perspective was no longer showing off the thirst for blood. He vaguely saw a trace of….viciousness!

That’s right, viciousness!

This was the first time Ling Mo was seeing some other kind of emotional movements besides being violent and crazy. Under Ling Mo’s gaze, this advanced zombie maintained a very strange posture. Body lowered down, knees slightly bent, just like a hungry wolf that could attack any time.

After a few seconds of confrontation, the advanced zombie started to be restless.

As this advanced zombie slowly stepped forward from the corner, Ling Mo finally got a clear look of her.

A messy big wavy curls, traces of heavy make up from the heavily blood stained face, wearing a dress that had long been torn up revealing naked buttocks and thighs. But what made Ling Mo’s eyes jump was that there hung a pair of colorless underwear on the female zombie’s left ankle…..

“Seems that during the outbreak of the disaster, this female zombie did not have the chance to put on underwear, and mutated…”

Ling Mo glanced at the female zombie’s black forest part, then revealed a sneer.

Right now he felt a great deal of pressure from this naked female zombie, but he actually calmed down because of it.

Though she was strong, and had a trace of sanity, but after all, was not unbeatable, just much trickier than ordinary mutated zombies.

If it wasn’t for Ling Mo’s unwillingness of letting Ye Lian and Shana get hurt, he could have let these two mutated zombies rush up, within such small space, this zombie will die for sure. But this was a method of sacrifice, Ling Mo would never use it.

But there were no other zombies to be used inside this bathroom, or else just by using the numbers of zombie puppets, Ling Mo could still kill her.

Taking advantage of the fact that this zombie was still moving forward slowly tentatively, Ling Mo’s pupil suddenly shrink, invisible tentacles formed by spiritual power immediately swept towards her. But just as the tentacles touched her spiritual bulb, a strong rebound came immediately. The tentacles were shocked away, Ling Mo instantly felt a throbbing pain from his head, and he could not help but change his expression.

Sure enough, this mutated zombie regained much more sanity than Ye Lian, with his current level of zombie puppet control, it’s impossible for him to control her.

Ling Mo’s action angered this female zombie not wearing underwear, her throat issued a low hoarse “giggle” sound, her feet slightly stepped back, then suddenly rushed forward, targeting Ling Mo!

“Shoot!” Ling Mo only felt an impact, although he dodged to the side on time, and at the same controlled Ye Lian to block using her machete, and even Shana grabbed her knife slashed forward towards Ling Mo’s direction, but this female zombie’s reaction speed was significantly much faster than him!

Both Ye Lian and Shana’s movement were one step too slow, and just Ling Mo went sideways. He felt a strong force came, this female zombie actually opened her legs, hands pressed his shoulder and pressed him down straight to the floor.

Heavily landing, Ling Mo immediately felt a wave in his stomach, his inner organs seemed to be shattered. Plus, with his head hitting the hard ground, he could not help but to feel dizzy. Even his dagger fell through his hand to the floor.

However, at the brink of life and death, Ling Mo suddenly unleashed a lot of willpower, he forced himself to restrain the urge to vomit, hands smacking the neck of this female zombie, and defending himself from being bitten immediately. At the same time when he forcefully blocked the female zombie, Ye Lian and Shana also rushed up, the two flashing coldness at the same time as they cut towards the female zombie.

This female zombie had a sharp intuition towards danger, but how could Ling Mo let her dodge easily when she almost killed Ling Mo. Although both arms seemed to be broken, Ling Mo did not have the intention of letting her go. Not only that, Ling Mo also bit his teeth and freed one hand, using all his power, and suddenly punched the face of the female zombie.


With the female zombie’s head involuntarily offset a bit by Ling Mo’s powerful punch, a foul bloody spray flew out from her mouth which contained a few teeth.

But this punch did not stun the female zombie, but stimulated greater madness. The hands she used to hold down Ling Mo actually suddenly pressed down much more. If Ling Mo did not struggle to compete against this force, most likely his flesh would have been torn open by her nails.

But even so, that kind of gravity still pressed down on him. The intense pain immediately came through, Ling Mo even heard the sound of “Ka Ka” from his shoulder. At the same time, his arms could not help but soften down. This female zombie seized this gap and suddenly jumped over his head. That naked white butt passed from his eyes, and she escaped the two blades of coldness.

The pain coming from his almost broken bones made Ling Mo’s eyes flash across burst of blackness, but he still bit his teeth and grabbed the distant knife.

But just as he got up, Ling Mo saw Shana rushed past from his side.

Flashing with a trace of bloodiness in her eyes, the long knife in her hands suddenly pushed forward, and at the same time, her slender waist used this torque, actually turned around along the female zombie’s body using a very elegant and graceful posture.

This was the time that reflected the importance of technique, in the case of close distance, although female zombies had fast speed, but did not have diverse attacks, and Shana used her excellent methods, not only dodged the attack from the female zombie, but also got in a strike with her knife!

But the long knife that was supposedly to tear her heart, wiped past through her left armpit when the female zombie dodged on time. Although it brought her a deep wound with blood flowing, it did not hurt her enough.

Most importantly, Shana’s reaction speed was far from this female zombie!

When her footsteps were not yet firm, that female zombie was completely disregarding her own wound, and immediately turned around when the attack fell off, arm waving back casually.


Shana was suddenly knocked away like a broken kite, but as a mutated zombie, she already adjusted her posture in mid-air, lightly falling on the ground, seeming like she did not get hurt.

But to be able to knock away Shana, this meant this mutated zombie was indeed very powerful!

Seeing Shana being sent flying, Ling Mo rushed forward ith Ye Lian, taking the advantage that the female zombie had used all her strength and was slower due to the wound, both waving blades to cut her.

With two streams of blood flowing out, this female zombie’s body was almost cut open. But before her corpse fell on the ground, Ye Lian has already walked behind her, used the machete in her hands and took out her brain viral gel with a thorough, clean cut.


As the body landed, a large volume of blood immediately sprayed out.

“Let’s go!”

With no time to care for his shoulder pain, Ling Mo immediately returned using the way they came from. Just as they rushed into the safe passage, all zombies on the third floor has been alarmed, all flapping towards the bathroom.

These zombies that were just ghostly a moment ago, soon filled up the bathroom, and crazily biting the corpse of the female zombie, at a time flesh and blood flying, blood scattered…..

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